Peachy Makes a Friend

Regular readers of my blog will know that I share my home with mommy, daddy, and two cats. Some of you may also know that it has been one of my goals to befriend the cats so that I may touch them. They have been most illusive for as long as I have been aware of their existence.

I have made every attempt to be their friend. Whenever I see them I smile and attempt to engage them in conversation. If one happens to be within the borders of my baby zone, or if I see one while I have free roam of the downstairs, I always make it a point to come over and say hello.

These efforts to befriend them seem to be less than productive. In fact, I would say they have been counterproductive. I lavish attention upon them but my attention seems to cause the cats to flee. I don’t understand it and I’m not sure how to remedy the situation.

After months of constant rejection, I was beginning to feel discouraged. Not to the point that I would give up, I am not a quitter, but I couldn’t ignore the possibility that they would never trust me enough to feel their soft fur. These thoughts were very disheartening and I was feeling rather disappointed.

Then fate intervened and gave me a glimmer of hope. It seems that one of the cats has taken a liking to napping on the footstool in my room. I became aware of this during my diaper changes when mommy pointed to the ball of fur and said “Daisy”. I giggled and shrieked causing Daisy to run away as usual.

The next day, I spotted Daisy on the footstool all by myself as soon as we came into the room. Mommy congratulated me on finding her so quickly. I observed her carefully throughout my diaper change and she watched me with tense suspicion. Once mommy picked me up again, we talked about Daisy for a while and then we left the room with her still on the footstool.

Excited baby

It’s Daisy!

The following day Daisy was there again at the same time of day. Once again I watched her, and I talked to her, but she didn’t run away and she remained on the footstool when we left the room. It didn’t end there because when we returned for another diaper change, Daisy was still there. She remained there until mommy and I sat in the chair next to her to get ready for my nap. That was too much for Daisy and she quickly left the room.

This continued for several days. She became a regular fixture in our routine and I even began practicing how to say her name. Daisy would remain as long as I was having a diaper change or when I was in mommy’s arms. When we sat down to get ready for nap time, she would run away almost immediately. Then one day, Daisy stayed!

My feelings of excitement were contained by my overwhelming sense of awe. I had never been this close to a cat before. Daisy was within arms reach right there in front of me. “Daiyyy” I whispered as she watched me with unblinking eyes.

All the times I dreamed of touching that soft fur were forgotten. She had her spell on me and I sat frozen. I was motionless, lost in the moment, completely drawn in by her presence. Then Daisy blinked, got up, and jumped down off the footstool breaking the spell. She strolled out of the room in the way only a cat can.

The next day our encounter was repeated and this time I was a bit more prepared. I reached out an eager hand but mommy pulled me back a little. “You have to be gentle with Daisy” she said. Mommy let me hold out my hand and touch the soft fur with my fingertips. It was soft, fluffy, and it tickled. I pulled back my hand in surprise but I quickly went in for a second feel. Shortly afterwards Daisy decided she had enough and she left us to our nap time routine.

I wasn’t even disappointed. I had finally touched a cat! This is what I had been waiting for. Ever since then I touch Daisy almost every day. Mommy even lets me get my hands right into her fur now. I’m still practicing being gentle, and Daisy has been most patient with me.

She will only trust me touching her under mommy’s close supervision, but we have had a breakthrough. I know it’s just a matter of time before we’re good friends. Then Daisy will come and play with me even when I’m not in mommy’s arms. Now I just have to show the other cat how feline friendly I am. Then the tree of us can be the best of friends.

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12 thoughts on “Peachy Makes a Friend

  1. the bond between kids and pets is such a magical one to see growing. Ben loves our two cats and although one really doesnt like human interaction unless its hubby, she now frequently sits guarding his room at night. it truely is so lovely to see! #stayclassymama & #PoCoLo

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    • That’s so sweet. I’ve had so many great relationships with animals growing up and I want the same for Peachy. It really is a very special relationship and I think it teaches great lessons. Thanks for visiting.


  2. This is so sweet! My kids were never this respectful of my inlaw’s cats. They would pull their hair and tail all the time… You are a very nice and gentle little girl. Thank you for sharing with #StayClassyMama

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    • Mommy is always reminding me to be gentle. If I forget the cats leave. They are much faster than I am and can easily get away. I only recently discovered the tail section of the cat. It’s all wiggly!

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  3. Aw so cute. I remember when my boys were little and wanted to play with their Nanny’s dogs. Luckily the dogs were very friendly. I hope the other cat warms to you soon Peachy. x
    Thanks for linking to #pocolo

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    • The other cat wants nothing to do with me. It doesn’t help that seeing him makes me so excited that I yell as I come running at him. Thanks for reading.


    • Daisy has been very good lately and is slowly overcoming her fear of Peachy. She correctly realizes that Peachy is not to be trusted with ears, tails, or eyes, but she will let her get close to her now, especially if I’m holding Peachy. I guess she knows I can control her somewhat. Our other cat still insists on having nothing to do with Peachy. But I’m not going to push his boundaries. If he’s unsure it’s better that he stay away. Thanks for reading.


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