Hand Gestures

Mommy can do some amazing things with her hands. Mommy’s hands bathe me, feed me, soothe me, carry me, and do all the things that mommy hands are supposed to do. That stuff is boring. I am much more interested in mommy’s ability to wave her hands in the air to say hello or goodbye. What’s even more fabulous is that she can get her hands to make noise!

Mommy has been showing me how to do these things when we sit on the couch together. First, mommy waves her hand at me.

“Hello Peachy. Here is mommy waving her hand. Does Peachy want to wave her hand?” Mommy looks at me and continues waving.

I look at mommy, I look at my hand, and then I look at mommy again. Mommy smiles at me.

“Where is Peachy’s hand? Would Peachy like to wave her hand like mommy?” She says.

I take another look at my hand. It’s just sitting there doing nothing. I lift it up in the air and look at mommy.

“That’s right sweet Peach. Just like that. Now wave it around like this.” Mommy makes her hand move slowly so that I can get a good look.

I think for a moment and I give my hand another look. It’s up in the air motionless. I flap it around a little. It doesn’t look quite right to me but at least something is happening.

Baby waving her hand

Am I doing it right?

“That’s a good girl Peachy. You’re waving your hand at mommy.” Mommy stops waving and brings her hands together with a smack. She does this a few times while I stare in amazement.

“This is mommy clapping her hands.” Mommy tells me while she continues to bring her hands together again and again.

“Clap, clap, clap. Mommy is clapping her hands. Where are Peachy’s hands?” Mommy asks.

I look for my hands. One is at my side and the other is still hovering in the air. I bring it back down and take a look at my hands. They are not clapping like mommy’s hands. I look back at mommy.

“Does Peachy need some help?” Mommy asks.

I sit and stare in confusion. How is mommy making that sound with her hands? My hands don’t make sounds like that. I look at my hands again to make sure they aren’t up to anything funny. Nope. They’re still motionless at my sides. I look at mommy again and watch her hands.

“Here is mommy clapping her hands, clap, clap, clap.” Mommy stops clapping her hands and picks up mine.

“Here is Peachy clapping her hands, clap, clap, clap.” Mommy says while she brings my hands together.

My small hands make a slight clapping sound but not as loud as mommy’s. I stare at them in awe while mommy continues the clapping motion. I notice that the sound they make gets a little louder if I relax them and let them flap about more. Mommy gives me back my hands and goes back to her own.

“Mommy’s hands go clap, clap, clap.” Mommy tells me as she claps her hands again.

“And Peachy’s hands go clap, clap, clap.” Mommy claps my hands for me once more.

“Would Peachy like to try that on her own?” Mommy asks and gives me back my hands.

I sit and think for a moment. Would I like to try that by myself? Yes I would! I suddenly spring into action. I grab mommy by the thumbs and smack her hands together. Clap, clap, clap go mommy’s hands.

Mommy laughs and I give her a big grin. Then I go back to clapping mommy’s hands. I like to make noise and now I found a new way to do exactly that. I wonder what else mommy’s hands can do.

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12 thoughts on “Hand Gestures

    • The day Peachy first clapped my hands is a memory I’ll treasure for the rest of my life. She still loves doing it but now she has figured out how to clap her own hands too. Thanks for reading.


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