Halloween: Part Two

My first Halloween is now behind me and I’ve had a day to process everything I’ve experienced. I consider myself a Halloween expert and I am ready to share my experience with the world. Here is my second Halloween post as promised.

The Halloween activities began on Sunday, the day before the main event. After breakfast, mommy bundled me up and we went outside to finish putting up the decorations. It was a bit chilly and I wore my new jacket over a warm sweater and my winter boots.

At first mommy held me while daddy pulled stuff out of a large bin. Then my stroller appeared and I got bundled up in there with my pink blanket. I usually prefer to be held but the blanket kept me warm and the stroller kept the wind off my face. Mommy made sure that I was parked amidst the activity so that I could watch the house be transformed into a spooky Halloween scene.

Later that day, it was time to carve the pumpkins. Mommy and daddy sat at the kitchen table with the pumpkins as I watched from my high chair and picked at bits of cheese that mommy gave me. Pumpkin carving wasn’t as interesting as I had hoped. I was bored and so I decided I would rather have a nap instead.

pumpkins carved for Halloween

So spooky!

When I woke up again, daddy carried me downstairs and I noticed that the kitchen was dimly lit. We came over to the counter and I spotted the pumpkins and they were glowing! I got a good look at them and then daddy brought them out to the porch. I found this puzzling.

The next day began with another busy morning. After breakfast the three of us went shopping. It was a long trip with three stops and I fell asleep in the car. I vaguely remember mommy saying that she found more Halloween candy at the grocery store and that our pumpkin bucket would surely be full now. I remembered that I never did catch the candy thief as I drifted back to sleep.

By the time I woke up, we were almost home and dinner time was quickly approaching. Mommy fed me my dinner while daddy got things ready for the trick-or-treaters. Once I was done eating, it was time for my costume.

Pink bunny infant Halloween costume

I’m a pink bunny!

It was a bit of a cool night and we decided not to go for a walk in case I got cold. Instead daddy set up a bench on the porch where we could sit and give out candy while watching the bigger kids run around. It was a very good idea and it allowed us to enjoy Halloween in comfort.

I wore my costume over my clothes and it kept me surprisingly warm. Only my hands and face would get chilly sometimes. Since we were on our porch, I could go in to warm up whenever I needed to. It was very convenient and comfortable

I got to experience all the excitement from the safety of our porch which turned out to be more important than I thought. At first nothing really happened while I sat with mommy and daddy on our bench. I was starting to think that Halloween would be rather boring. Suddenly a swarm of people arrived right on our doorstep.

I’m generally not a shy baby, but all these people crowding around me made me uncomfortable. They came right up to us and yelled trick-or-treat with sacks and buckets thrust out in our direction. Some of the people even tried to touch me, but mommy sensed my discomfort and she kept the outstretched arms away from me.

I didn’t cry but I wanted the people to leave. Mommy reached into the pumpkin bucket, pulled out some candy, and as she deposited some into the sacks and buckets, their owners ran away. I looked after them in amazement as we once again found ourselves alone on the porch.

I had a few minutes to process what I had just experienced before another group of people arrived. This group was a bit smaller but equally rambunctious. They looked at me but nobody touched me and I felt a bit more comfortable. Once again, candy was deposited into buckets and bags causing their owners to depart. Very puzzling!

Baby in a pink bunny costume giving out Halloween candy

You have to say “Trick-or-treat” if you want candy.

By the time the third group arrived, I knew what to expect. This time I observed the people carefully and that’s when I noticed that they were wearing costumes too! Everyone saw me and commented on how cute I looked. One person reached out and touched my foot, but they let go before it started to bother me. They got their candy and left as expected.

Group after group showed up on our porch and I started to get into the swing of things. The costumes were nice to look at and I met a lot of new people. I even tried my hand at giving out some candy. I had no trouble getting it out of the pumpkin bucket, but getting it into the buckets and bags wasn’t easy.

By the end of the night I was pretty tired. The groups of people got smaller and less frequent. Eventually they stopped altogether and we went back inside for the night. After a good meal I went to bed and I slept very well. Halloween is a lot of fun once you get used to it.


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