Where the Big Kids Play

Over the course of the summer, mommy and I developed a bit of a tradition. On nice sunny days, we walk to the mailbox. Mommy picks up the mail and then we go to the park. We find a nice bench, preferably in the shade, and mommy sorts and reads the mail while I observe from my stroller.

I like this time as it gives me a chance to take in what I’m seeing at my own pace. Sometimes it’s nice to be able to look around without being told what to pay attention or having things pointed out. Mommy is always talking about things we see and that’s fine, but sometimes it’s nice to just watch the world and be amazed by whatever catches my eye.

There are several parks around our neighbourhood, but on mail days we always go to m favourite one. The reason I like this park is because it has a large play area for the big kids. There are swings, slides, jungle gyms, and so much more. My favourite part is the large water park. I’m too small to play at the park but I love to observe from my stroller or from mommy’s lap.

Baby in a stroller enjoying the outdoors

So this is what fun looks like.

If we go to the park later in the afternoon, it is very busy and noisy. I don’t mind the noise so much and sometimes I even like to join in and make some noise of my own. However I find it difficult to focus on one thing when there is a lot going on around me. We also have to sit further away because the closer benches are always full. I prefer to be in the center of things.

The best time to go is in the late morning or early afternoon. It’s still busy and there is plenty to see, but it’s not to the point that it overwhelms me. That’s when we get a good seat right next to the water park area. It’s the best place for watching the big kids splashing around.

Now that the really big kids are back in school, it’s even better! Durring the day, the park is scattered with kids only a little bit bigger than me. I really like to watch them play. They look only slightly larger than I am, but they do run around on their feet and that’s something I haven’t figured out yet.

We also see other strollers in the park and the last time we were there, I spotted a baby in one of them. Mommy tells me that next summer it will be me that’s running around in the park and I’ll probably be playing with the babies in those strollers. Can you imagine that? Me, the little peach, on my feet and running around with other kids? Seems too incredible to believe.


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