On My Own Two Feet

At the beginning of my blogging journey, I wrote a post about my first encounter with my own feet. How silly I was in those early days! Now that I’m a big girl, I’m well acquainted with my own feet. They are no longer a mystery to me and I know they are mine.

Getting my foot into my mouth is no longer a problem for me. I kick my feet to show that I’m excited, and sometimes just for fun. I know how to use my feet to push daddy away when he goes overboard with the tummy tickles. I am even able to use my feet to nudge obstacles out of my way.

As far as I have come in getting to know my own feet, there is still one area that eludes me. I can see mommy and daddy using their feet to get around. Why do my feet not do that? Do I have lazy feet?

Adorable baby girl looking at her feet.

Are the two of you even trying?

I have been working on getting mobile for a few months now. With tremendous effort I am able to get to a toy I want. I can even chase after mommy if I don’t want to be left alone. However, my mobility doesn’t look the same as mommy’s or daddy’s.

Just getting around isn’t good enough for me anymore. I want to be up there with the grown up people. I am a big girl now, and not a baby anymore. It’s time that these feet of mine smarten up and act their age. It’s time to get up and stand tall.

Unfortunately my feet seem to disagree. As grown up as I am, and as much as I understand my feet, they still have a mind of their own sometimes. I try to stand up as hard as I can but my feet just won’t stay underneath me.

Sometimes mommy sees me struggling and helps me out. She picks me up and puts me on my feet. Then she helps me keep my balance while I practice standing. I’m pretty good at this and I can manage to stand there just by holding mommy’s hands.

That’s fine practice but it’s not the same as doing it on my own. Clearly my feet are capable of holding me up but they won’t do it when I ask them to. I wonder how mommy gets my feet to obey her. Why don’t they listen to me?


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