Daddy’s Removable Parts

I found a removable part on my daddy! It is located on his face and it makes daddy that much more fun to play with. He was already fun to begin with, and now there’s a brand new way for us to play. We have invented a game centered around daddy’s removable part.

The object of the game is to snatch daddy’s removable part off his face, while daddy pretends that he doesn’t want me to have it. Which of course is silly because if he didn’t want me to have it, he wouldn’t display it so prominently on his face. It is a game of skill, strategy, and quick reflexes.

Infant holding a pair of glasses

I win!

One strategy that I employ, is to simply stretch out my arms as far as they will go. This is usually unsuccessful as daddy is crafty in keeping his face just beyond my reach. Sometimes I manage to get daddy in a situation where he can’t get away far enough, and then I grab the removable part and win the game.

I have had more success with my second strategy. I call it, waiting until daddy isn’t paying attention. The best time to attempt this is while we’re watching cartoons together. I wait patiently until daddy’s attention is focused on the tv. Then, when he least expects it, my hand comes up in daddy’s face and yoink, I win again!

I have a third strategy which often gets results. It’s the sneak attack method. For this to work, I have to act like my attention is on something other than the removable part. For example, when daddy and I are playing the tickle game. I pretend that I’m fully engrossed in the game until daddy comes in to blow raspberries on my tummy. That’s when I pounce and win again.

If one removable part brings us so much fun, imagine what two removable parts would do. I just know another one of these parts comes off somehow. It looks like daddy’s facial scruff should come off too, but no matter how hard I tug it just won’t budge. It appears to be stuck somehow.


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29 thoughts on “Daddy’s Removable Parts

    • Oh yes! Peachy loves hair. I generally have mine tied up around her. But she still manages to get little bits free and she loves to tug on those. Thanks for visiting.


    • That’s so funny. It reminds me of when I was about 3 an my father shaved off his beard. I was convinced that he was an imposter. Recently Peachy’s daddy got a haircut and I was worried how Peachy would react. She didn’t mind at all. She knows that’s still daddy. Let’s see how she feels about such things when she gets a bit older.


    • Peachy’s new fascination is watches. When any of our watch wearing relatives come over and want to hold her, she ignores them completely and spends the entire time picking at their watch. Thanks for reading.


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