Sticks and Stones

I am a treasure hunter and I’m really good at it too. All I need is the freedom to explore my surroundings and I’m sure to find something amazing. My collection of treasures has been growing steadily and I plan on continuing to build my stash.

My new-found hobby began with the arrival of the warmer weather. Now that it’s not as cold, mommy and I get out of the house almost every day. Since I’m a big girl now, I get released from the confines of my stroller whenever we arrive at a destination that mommy considers baby friendly. As soon as my feet touch the ground, I set off in search of treasure.

I didn’t always have this freedom. It all began at the park only a short while ago. While taking my first steps outside, I discovered that the ground is littered with all sorts of fascinating things. On my first outing, I was surprised to find some pretty rocks right at my feet. Sadly I was an inexperienced treasure hunter then. I didn’t take the time to secure my find and so I lost my beautiful rocks before I could get them home safely.

Baby bundled up and ready to to outside

I’m ready to hunt treasure

The second time around I was better prepared. That’s the day that I discovered the beauty of sticks. It didn’t take long before I had both hands full of treasure and there was plenty more just lying around. I knew I needed to free up some space in my hands and I began searching for a solution. The answer wasn’t far away.

Every time I get to explore the outdoors, mommy follows me like a shadow. Sometimes mommy insists that I hold her hand and I’m alright with that as long as I have a hand available. I figured that if mommy was going to insist on sticking to me like glue, she might as well make herself useful. I reached up my overstuffed fists towards her and deposited my treasure into her outstretched hands.

Now we have a system. I search for treasure, pick it up, and give it a look. Then I turn to mommy and pass her my finds. Mommy then proceeds to put the treasure safely into her coat pockets while I resume my search. When daddy comes home I get mommy to show him all of the neat stuff I found.

My pile of treasures has been accumulating on the table behind the couch. It’s beginning to look like an impressive collection. There are rocks of various shapes, sizes, and colours. Some are sparkly, others are smooth, and a few are rather plain. There are sticks of varied lengths and dimensions. Some are straight, others are oddly shaped, and some may not be sticks at all.

For now my treasure trove is limited to sticks and stones but I’m hoping to build on this. I know there are other forms of treasure to find. I have noticed some other interesting objects scattered around the park. They may not be as common as sticks and stones, but they are still rather plentiful. I just need to expand my search beyond my immediate surroundings.

The other day, I spotted an unusual object on the ground before me and began to stoop in its direction with my pincer aimed towards it. Mommy sprang into action with an unusual sense of urgency and snatched it up before me. She tossed it beyond the playground area where I am not allowed to go. Mommy called it a cigarette butt and said it wasn’t for babies. I haven’t been able to find another one like it yet.

The life of a treasure hunter is an exciting one. The world is covered in riches just waiting to be discovered. I’m going to rescue every bit of treasure out there and give it a home. I think we’re going to need a much bigger table to house my collection.

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Blogger Recognition Award

I have been nominated for an award! The lovely Lucy from Lucy at Home has selected me for the Blogger Recognition Award. Thank you Lucy!

Even though blogging is something that both mommy and I love to do, it’s nice to be recognized. Running our blog may be a labour of love but it’s still a lot of hard work. As fellow bloggers we need to encourage each other and reward that effort.

Happy baby girl sitting unassisted

It’s nice to be recognized!

Blogger Recognition Award: Rules

  1. Thank the blogger who nominated you and provide a link to their blog.
  2. Write a post to show your award.
  3. Give a brief story of how your blog started.
  4. Give two pieces of advice to new bloggers.
  5. Select 15 other bloggers you want to give this award to.
  6. Comment on each blog and let them know you have nominated them and provide the link to the post you created.

How the Diary of a Little Peach got started

It all began just about a year ago. This month we will celebrate our one year blog anniversary! Sometimes it seems like only yesterday, but when I look through the posts that we have published over the year, I see how much time has really passed.

I’m a first born, and currently only child, and mommy was always looking for information and advice on how to take care of me. We discovered so many parenting blogs and that’s when it dawned on me. All of this parenting advice but not a single bit of input from the babies themselves. I felt that I had to represent my fellow babies and give a voice to those who express themselves without words.

Mommy liked the idea of chronicling my adventures and quickly jumped on board. With mommy as my assistant, and a lot on my mind, I was ready to become a blogger. That is how the Diary of a Little Peach came to be and mommy and I have been loving the journey.

My Blogging Advice

When mommy and I first entered the world of blogging, we were both shocked at how much of our time would be devoted to promoting our blog. As a blogger you have to find readers. My first piece of advice to new bloggers would be to think about marketing and places to advertise your blog. Social media is an excellent place to start, as are linkys, and the occasional guest post on another blogger’s site.

My second piece of advice would be to read a lot of blogs. There are so many benefits to this. You meet new people who share the same blogging passion and you can begin to build a community. Visiting other blogs is a great way to see how other people do it, find advice on what to do, and get inspiration for your own blog.

My Nominees

There are so many wonderful bloggers out there. It’s difficult to narrow it down to only 15. I decided to select some of those that caught my eye this past week.

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You’re doing a great job. I made this for you.

Diary of a Little Peach
Diary of a Little Peach


My Favourite Linkys

Is Your Baby Eating Poison?

I’m a big girl, and big girls eat grown up food. I have been eating solid foods for almost a year now. With that much experience, I’m pretty much an expert in this area. There have been bumps along the way, but overall it has been a pleasant journey.

When I began this adventure, mommy wanted to introduce me to an easy to digest food that would replenish my iron supply. Babies are born with about 6 months worth of iron. After that the supply needs to be replenished through an iron rich diet.

My very first big girl meal was infant oatmeal. Cereals made for babies are fortified with iron and they make an excellent staple food for a baby’s diet. I still eat oatmeal almost every day and I love it. It’s especially good with a bit of fruit mixed in. Sweet and creamy. Occasionally I’ll have a multigrain cereal instead just to keep things interesting.

There are many different baby cereal options out there. They can be made with various grains and come in a variety of flavours. Because iron fortified infant cereal tends to become a cornerstone of a baby’s diet, it’s important to choose the right one.

Believe it or not, we’re all consuming poisonous elements just about every time we eat. Should we be concerned? Maybe. The question to ask is not whether or not we’re eating poison. The question is, how much of it are we eating?

There are several toxic elements which can be found in common foods. Cyanide is found in the seeds and pits of fruits such as apples, apricots, and pears. The amount of cyanide these fruits contain is very small and it’s just about impossible to eat enough seeds to succumb to cyanide poisoning.

Cyanide is unlikely to be present in your infant cereal. What is more likely to be lurking there is arsenic. This element is naturally occurring and it exists in two forms. There is the organic arsenic which tends to be found in plant and animal tissues. There is also the far more toxic inorganic arsenic found in rocks, soil, and water.

Arsenic is found in nearly all of the things we eat but in very small quantities. Trace amounts of arsenic can’t harm us. There are some foods which tend to contain more arsenic than others. The food with the highest concentration of inorganic arsenic happens to be rice. It is unfortunate that many infant cereals and snacks are made primarily with rice.

Baby in a high chair with a quizzical expression

Are they trying to poison me?

Why does rice contain so much arsenic? There are three main factors that cause this to happen. The majority of rice is grown in parts of the world where large amounts of arsenic exist in both the soil and the water. Rice grows in flooded fields which require lots of water. Rice plants absorb more arsenic than other plants.

While arsenic does occur naturally, human activities such as pollution, mining activities, and the use of certain fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides can significantly increase the presence of arsenic in both the soil and the water. These activities release more arsenic into the soil which contaminates the ground water that is used for field irrigation. Furthermore, flooding fields with arsenic-contaminated water only increases the amount of arsenic in the soil.

Eating rice once in a while is not a problem. I enjoy the occasional rice cracker or puffed rice treat and I even have a side of rice with dinner from time to time. However, mommy is very cautious when it comes to my overall intake of rice. We little people are especially vulnerable because we are small and the amount of arsenic we ingest is proportionally larger.

Rice hides in many popular baby and toddler foods. There are the rice cereals, puffed rice treats, crackers, rice milk, and some puddings. Some infant formulas are rice-based and some formulas are sweetened with brown rice syrup. It’s a good idea to read product labels in order to have a good handle on the overall intake of rice in any person’s diet.

Inorganic arsenic can cause a number of health problems and make it more likely that an individual may develop a chronic disease. It has been linked to cancer, heart disease, hypertension, vascular disease, and type 2 diabetes. Because arsenic affects brain functions, it is especially harmful to babies, children, and teenagers. It may impair memory and concentration leading to reduced intelligence.

Some sources of rice are better than others but as a consumer, it is impossible to know how much arsenic a particular rice product may have. The best way to safeguard against overexposure to arsenic is to simply limit the amount of rice that is being consumed. This is true for everyone, but it is especially important for those of us who haven’t yet finished growing and developing.

If your baby is relying on that rice cereal, perhaps it’s time to consider switching to a cereal made from a different grain. May I suggest oatmeal? Try it with pureed pear or banana. That’s my favourite.

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Becoming One of Them

Last summer I told you about my outings with mommy to the park down the street. That’s where the big kids play and I’ve always enjoyed watching them run around. I was always too little to join in. I was always in the stroller or on mommy’s lap, quietly observing and waiting to grow.

In the fall mommy said that I would be big enough this summer. We’ve had a bit of a cool spring but we have ventured to the park a few of times already. It’s still quite cool and as a result, the park hasn’t been as busy as it is during the summer months. It gets a lot more visitors once the water park is open.

Each time we’ve gone there have been only a couple of families sitting on a few benches. I don’t mind that it’s quiet. It makes it easier for me to keep track of things and we get a great bench every time. I have also noticed that when it’s not so busy is when the smaller kids tend to be there.

I can’t help but notice that even the smallest kids are still a bit bigger than me. They are not that much taller but they are stronger and much more stable on their feet. I can walk on my own now but I still go plunkers sometimes. These kids rarely fall down at all.

Most of them seem to be further along with their words too. I only know how to say a couple of words but these kids know how to make their needs and feelings known with words alone. I like watching them play but I have been hesitant to join in. It’s a bit intimidating.

Baby in a stroller enjoying the outdoors

Me at the park last summer

This week has been a particularly good week and we went out every day except for yesterday because it rained. I was disappointed by the rain because the day before was an extra good day at the park. Mommy took me out of the stroller and carried me around! I actually got to explore the play sets, swings, and slides!

Mommy let me touch stuff and look into things. I really enjoyed myself. At one point mommy set me down on the ground, but I got nervous and I quickly sat down. Mommy let me sit in one of the play sets and together we discovered the activities on the walls. There were letters, numbers, and shapes etched on one panel and a maze game on the other. They were fun to explore.

The last part was the best. Mommy brought me over to the slides and after letting me have a good look, mommy sat me down on it and I slid down. I would have been scared but mommy held me the entire time and I realized it was really fun. It made me giggle.

After a couple more trips down the slide, mommy said it was time to go. I wasn’t ready to leave. I wanted to do the slide some more. I cried when mommy stuffed me back into the stroller. A handful of Cheerios helped me calm down and we went home.

That’s why the rain yesterday was a big disappointment. I wanted to explore the park some more. Today I got my chance. After watching from the stroller for a while mommy let me sit on her lap. This was nice for a bit but I soon began to feel restless.

Mommy set me down on the ground and I stood there a while holding mommy’s hand. I took a cautious step but I didn’t want to go alone. Mommy came with me and she let me hold her hand while I walked around the play sets. There were some bigger kids playing there and I didn’t want to intrude so I stayed on the outside and watched.

Adorable baby girl

I felt a little shy.

Mommy stayed with me as I walked around exploring at my own pace. Then something caught my eye as it moved past me. I let go of mommy’s hand to chase it and I managed to successfully catch it. I suddenly realized I wasn’t holding mommy’s had anymore so I sat down in a hurry.

The object I captured was secure in my hand. I took a good look at it and after a thorough investigation I discovered that it was a dry leaf. I let the wind snatch it out of my hand and carry it away. Mommy gave me her hand again and I stood up for more exploring.

Mommy walked me over to the smaller play set where there were fewer people. I was just about to head for the slide when I spotted something sitting on the ground. I walked over to it and picked it up for further analysis. It turned out to be a rock.

I walked over to where the benches are and I sat down on the ground with my treasure. It was an extraordinary rock and I was fascinated by it. After a while mommy tried to put me back on my feet again but I was perfectly content sitting on the ground with my rock.

Shortly afterwards mommy picked me up and put me back in my stroller. I was very unhappy about that and I cried loudly. Mommy said it was time to go home and have a nap, but I wasn’t done having fun yet. Mommy told me we would come back another day and she offered me some Cheerios. That helped as I had worked up quite an appetite.

On the way home I realized that I had lost my rock somewhere. I think that in the thick of crying, I had forgotten it at the park. I hope we go back tomorrow so that I can go get my rock. Maybe I’ll even work up the courage to interact with one of the other kids. Perhaps they would like to see my rock.

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Preventing Allergies One Meal at a Time

I’m a food explorer and taste adventurer. I like to try new things and even though I don’t always like the taste of what I put in my mouth, I enjoy the experience of finding out how yummy something is, or isn’t. Sometimes the journey is better than the destination.

I eat all sorts of foods and I have been discovering new flavours and textures from a very young age. Mommy doesn’t have many restrictions when it comes to my menu. As long as it can be chopped small enough to not be a choking hazard, I’m allowed to have it. I even have peanut butter, fish, and eggs all of which I have tasted by the time I was 8 months old.

Many parents will tell you that you can’t introduce your baby to eggs, peanuts, and fish until well after their first birthday. Some people may even include milk, wheat, and soy on this list. They will tell you that feeding your baby these things too early will cause allergies. These people have good intentions and they were probably given this advice by their doctor when they were feeding babies of their own.

Around 20 years ago healthcare professionals were told that delaying the introduction of common allergy causing foods will decrease the risk of an allergic reaction. This was based on a theory and there was never any evidence that it worked. Nevertheless, doctors passed this advice on to their patients. We now know that this advice was wrong.

Ten years later food allergies in children were at an all time high. A study done in 2008 has revealed that children who were not introduced to peanuts in infancy are ten times more likely to be allergic to them. Similar studies on other high risk foods came to the same conclusion. Withholding these foods makes it much more likely that an allergy will occur.

Babies are ready for solid foods between 4 and 6 months of age. At my 4 month checkup with my pediatrician we were told that I was ready. I felt ready. I was very interested in what mommy was eating. I was sitting up with only a bit of assistance and I could hold up my own head quite well. I was ready.

Baby girl sitting in high chair putting up her hand

Who’s preventing allergies? I am!

In the first year, babies need to be introduced to foods slowly. One new food at a time with several days without anything new between them. That way, if there is a food allergy it will immediately be clear what the culprit is. Luckily, I haven’t had any reaction to anything I’ve eaten.

The first thing I every tried was oatmeal with breastmilk. It’s good to have a high quality and iron fortified cereal as a staple. It’s easy to digest and the cereal to milk ratio can be adjusted as needed. Next I tried a few different fruits, one at a time of course, and then a couple of vegetables.

Once I had these basics covered, I had my first taste of egg yolk. A few days later, I tried the egg white. I was coming up on five months by then and I already knew I didn’t like eggs. I’m still not a fan although I do like the way mommy makes french toast. I also like scrambled eggs if they are on mommy’s plate.

A month later I was eating peanut butter mixed into my fruit puree. I liked it as long as it didn’t overpower the fruit. These days I enjoy peanut butter on toast with sliced banana on the side. At this point I was also eating yogurt. Babies can have products that contain cow’s milk, but they shouldn’t drink it until at least 9 months of age. Cow’s milk lacks the required nutrients.

Once I passed the six month mark, mommy began feeding me meat. The first thing I tried was fish and it was pretty good when mixed with vegetables. Now I enjoy a nice fish fillet with vegetables and rice on the side. I’m a big girl and I have big girl meals with my family.

By the time I was eight months old I was self feeding with my trusty pincer grip. Mommy gave me cubes of cheese and bits of toast for my snacks. I still like that and will often eat this combination before I have my afternoon nap. It keeps me full until dinner.

In my first year, I have crossed off just about all the high risk foods off my list. My doctor said that the earlier I eat these foods, the better my odds of not having a reaction. It is also important to continue to eat them on a regular basis to prevent an allergy from developing. Early and often is the new recommendation to safeguard against allergies.

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Feeding Peachy

I’m a big girl now and I eat big girl food. Mommy makes sure that I get a good assortment of protein, dairy, grains, fruits, and vegetables. I like variety and it makes mealtimes more fun. Mommy tells me that it’s important to eat a good mixture of foods to make sure that I’m getting all the nutrients that I need. Eating is not just about fun and enjoyment.

Mommy goes to great lengths to make sure I’m eating healthy. We go shopping regularly so that we always have fresh food available. Our family avoids takeout and we prefer homemade meals with wholesome ingredients, using organic food as much as we can. We shop carefully, read labels, and make educated choices at the grocery store.

Good nutrition is important to make sure that I am healthy and strong. Mommy knows this and that’s why she makes sure that I have a good diet. Mommy has been in charge of my meals since before I was born. In those days all of my meals literally went through mommy before coming to me.

Just because I was in mommy’s tummy didn’t mean that my nutritional needs were less important. They were at least as important as they are now. Maybe even more important because I was very busy growing into the fully formed person that I am today. All that growing takes a lot of work and plenty of good quality resources. We are what we eat and that is never more true than when we are developing.

Baby in a crib

It takes a lot of resources to make this face.

While I was growing in mommy’s tummy I had urgent needs and I would sometimes have to be selfish and take all of mommy’s resources and energy. This made it hard for mommy to make sure she was eating well all the time. Healthy eating takes time and effort.

There were days when mommy was so tired she just wanted to sleep all day. On those days mommy and I survived on yogurt and granola bars until daddy came home to make us dinner. Everyone had to pitch in and do their part to make sure I was well cared for. I’m very important!

Mommy and I were recently contacted by a representative for a company called BetterBump. They make convenient bars to support maternal nutrition. As soon as we looked up this company, mommy and I shared a knowing look. This would have been a great product for us during those exhausting days. We were compelled to learn all about it.

BetterBump bars are made in Australia. They were developed by a food scientist and dietitian and are endorsed by an obstetrician. These bars have no added sugar,no artificial colours or flavors, and are made with non-GMO ingredients. They are designed to support pregnancy before, during, and after birth.

The BetterBump bars are made with folic acid which is proven to decrease the risk of neural tube defects when taken before and during pregnancy. The bars contain a prebiotic to support proper digestion. They also contain iodine, calcium, and iron to help a baby develop and grow, along with a blend of vitamins and minerals designed for the health of both mommy and baby.

BetterBump snack bars for maternity

Three yummy flavours

The bars come in three flavours which are apricot and almond, oat berry, and cranberry hazelnut. They are surprising large and are more than enough for a good-sized snack. Each bar consists of grains, seeds, and dried fruit but the best part is that the underside is dipped in dark chocolate.

After a thorough investigation of the ingredients, and a good look at the bars themselves, it was time for the most important step. The time had come for the very important taste test. I am a big girl now and I can eat big girl foods, so I actually got to taste the bars right along with mommy.

The BetterBump bars are sweeter than we expected but not overwhelmingly or unpleasantly sweet. We both thought the chocolate was a nice touch and added a depth to the bars. Each BetterBump bar flavour has a fruity element and the taste of the dried fruit really comes through in each of the bars.

The bars are quite tasty. Both mommy and I enjoyed each of the flavours. I found them a bit hard to chew but I’m working with only six teeth. Mommy didn’t seem to have any trouble. It took me a while to get through each of my pieces but they were yummy and I went back for a second taste of each flavour despite the effort involved in chewing.

The BetterBump bars can be purchased on the BetterBump Australian website, at, and They are also available at BuyBuy Baby, Tjs, and baby boutique stores.

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Peachy Makes a Friend

Regular readers of my blog will know that I share my home with mommy, daddy, and two cats. Some of you may also know that it has been one of my goals to befriend the cats so that I may touch them. They have been most illusive for as long as I have been aware of their existence.

I have made every attempt to be their friend. Whenever I see them I smile and attempt to engage them in conversation. If one happens to be within the borders of my baby zone, or if I see one while I have free roam of the downstairs, I always make it a point to come over and say hello.

These efforts to befriend them seem to be less than productive. In fact, I would say they have been counterproductive. I lavish attention upon them but my attention seems to cause the cats to flee. I don’t understand it and I’m not sure how to remedy the situation.

After months of constant rejection, I was beginning to feel discouraged. Not to the point that I would give up, I am not a quitter, but I couldn’t ignore the possibility that they would never trust me enough to feel their soft fur. These thoughts were very disheartening and I was feeling rather disappointed.

Then fate intervened and gave me a glimmer of hope. It seems that one of the cats has taken a liking to napping on the footstool in my room. I became aware of this during my diaper changes when mommy pointed to the ball of fur and said “Daisy”. I giggled and shrieked causing Daisy to run away as usual.

The next day, I spotted Daisy on the footstool all by myself as soon as we came into the room. Mommy congratulated me on finding her so quickly. I observed her carefully throughout my diaper change and she watched me with tense suspicion. Once mommy picked me up again, we talked about Daisy for a while and then we left the room with her still on the footstool.

Excited baby

It’s Daisy!

The following day Daisy was there again at the same time of day. Once again I watched her, and I talked to her, but she didn’t run away and she remained on the footstool when we left the room. It didn’t end there because when we returned for another diaper change, Daisy was still there. She remained there until mommy and I sat in the chair next to her to get ready for my nap. That was too much for Daisy and she quickly left the room.

This continued for several days. She became a regular fixture in our routine and I even began practicing how to say her name. Daisy would remain as long as I was having a diaper change or when I was in mommy’s arms. When we sat down to get ready for nap time, she would run away almost immediately. Then one day, Daisy stayed!

My feelings of excitement were contained by my overwhelming sense of awe. I had never been this close to a cat before. Daisy was within arms reach right there in front of me. “Daiyyy” I whispered as she watched me with unblinking eyes.

All the times I dreamed of touching that soft fur were forgotten. She had her spell on me and I sat frozen. I was motionless, lost in the moment, completely drawn in by her presence. Then Daisy blinked, got up, and jumped down off the footstool breaking the spell. She strolled out of the room in the way only a cat can.

The next day our encounter was repeated and this time I was a bit more prepared. I reached out an eager hand but mommy pulled me back a little. “You have to be gentle with Daisy” she said. Mommy let me hold out my hand and touch the soft fur with my fingertips. It was soft, fluffy, and it tickled. I pulled back my hand in surprise but I quickly went in for a second feel. Shortly afterwards Daisy decided she had enough and she left us to our nap time routine.

I wasn’t even disappointed. I had finally touched a cat! This is what I had been waiting for. Ever since then I touch Daisy almost every day. Mommy even lets me get my hands right into her fur now. I’m still practicing being gentle, and Daisy has been most patient with me.

She will only trust me touching her under mommy’s close supervision, but we have had a breakthrough. I know it’s just a matter of time before we’re good friends. Then Daisy will come and play with me even when I’m not in mommy’s arms. Now I just have to show the other cat how feline friendly I am. Then the tree of us can be the best of friends.

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