Generation Alpha or Generation Glass?

As a daughter of parents belonging to Generation Y, I am a part of Generation Alpha. My generation consists of babies born between 2011 and 2025. Many of us haven’t been born yet but we are estimated to reach almost 2 billion by the time we’re all here. Make way for Generation Alpha!

The parents of my generation tend to be older by the time their first baby is born, and our families will generally be smaller than the majority of families from the past. Many of our parents will live longer lives than their parents, and will enjoy a slightly higher standard of living. Our parents are more open to switch careers and look for alternative work arrangements. The best feature of Generation Y is that they are much more likely to lavish upon their children both love and material possessions.

Generation Alpha will continue in the footsteps of our parents by becoming the most educated generation to date. In order to be successful, we will need to be adaptable and creative in response to a changing and highly competitive marketplace. With high levels of education and an ingenuity when it comes to career choices, my generation is likely to be wealthier than its predecessors. We will certainly have our share of challenges but plenty of opportunities too.

Unsurprisingly, my generation is, and will be much more technologically supplied. While our parents may remember a world where having an internet capable computer in their home was a luxury, or at least slow dial-up modems that made surfing the net a headache, the world of my generation has free WiFi at every corner. We are being raised in a world of cell phones, tablets, and internet access for all.

However controversial, Generation Alpha is getting a lot more screen time. There are shows and apps made for even the youngest members of Generation Alpha. Some offer exhilarating entertainment and others are brilliantly educational. Some of us are practically being raised by technology and even parents who limit screen time will still allow us more than they had when they were our age. Because of this some people are labelling us Generation Glass.

I have never hidden the fact that I love my screen time and that mommy allows me to play games and watch shows. Some may criticize our family but we have to find the right mix of activities that works for us. Each of our days consist of outdoor activities (weather permitting), indoor play, reading, social time, learning, and screen time. In our family we aim for a healthy mix of activities for well-rounded fun and education.

Peachy with mommy's cell phone

Practicing my screen time

During the week TV is reserved for evenings when we relax after supper. I usually play with my toys while the TV plays in the background but I might watch it if something good comes on. On weekends I love to watch TV first thing in the morning on those lazy days, but if we have a family activity planned we might not watch any TV at all. Weekends are spontaneous and less structured days. They’re full of surprises.

Most days I watch one of my shows on the tablet while I’m eating breakfast. Mommy likes to use that time to empty and reload the dishwasher, and get us ready for the outdoor activity we have planned for that day. The tablet does a good job of keeping me entertained while I eat my fruit. It also comes in very handy if I get impatient on long car rides.

The tablet is where I keep my apps. Mommy likes to get me apps that have some educational component, but a few are just for fun. Some apps I play by myself when I don’t feel like playing with my toys during indoor play time. Other apps mommy and I play together as part of my learning time. These usually consist of pictures which depict common objects and mommy and I talk about the things we see on the screen.

No post about screen time can be complete without a mention of mommy’s cell phone. I never watch shows on it and there are virtually no apps on there, but I love playing with it. Whenever I see it, which is often, I pick it up and play with it. There was a time when I would have to ask mommy to turn it on for me whenever the screen went dark, but after watching mommy do it so many times I can now turn it on by myself.

Mommy’s cell phone looks just like a mini tablet and it functions very much like one too. Sometimes it works more like the house phone. The cell phone rings and a voice comes out of it. A few times mommy put it up to my ear and I could hear daddy’s voice! I try doing that on my own from time to time but daddy’s voice is never there when I do it.

Overall I do spend a good deal of time in front of a screen of some sort. Maybe mine really is the Glass Generation. Some people might see this as a problem but in our family our screens are tools like any other. Sometimes we use them to sit back, relax, and waste time. Other times we use them as aids in our daily lives. Would I be better off with no screen time? It’s hard to say.

What we can be sure of is that screens are not going away and there will be a lot more screen time in my future. Technology has revolutionized the way we work, how we have fun, and the means by which we keep in touch with those we care about. As technology infiltrates our lives further it’s sure to become even more of a necessity. I have many things to learn and skills to acquire and I have to make time for those things, but screens are going to be just as much a part of my life and I need to know how to use them too.

Laying the Groundwork

Now that I’m a big girl I get a lot more freedom to explore the house on my own. I no longer spend all my time trapped within the confines of my baby zone. However that doesn’t mean I don’t use my baby zone anymore. In fact, I use it every day.

The baby zone is where most of my toys are stored. With it’s cushioned floors and central location in the living room, it’s the best place to play. I love playing in my baby zone and those cushioned floors are a major selling point. What makes them so cushy are my interlocking foam floor tiles. These would be a great feature in any baby zone.

The existence of the foam tiles has established a bit of a routine for mommy and I. Every night the foam tiles need to be pulled apart and stacked neatly in the corner, and every morning they need to be set up on the floor again. This has become as much a part of our day as breakfast and playtime.

I know what you’re thinking. You’re wondering why we don’t just leave the foam tiles in place all the time. The reason is that our cats have decided that foam makes an ideal scratching post. If we’re not there to keep an eye on things, the foam tiles get destroyed rather quickly. Foam doesn’t stand much of a chance against sharp claws.

I’m a very good girl and a super helpful peach. For as long as I have been able to walk on my own, I have been helping mommy set up the foam tiles every morning. I bring the tiles over to mommy, one at a time, and mommy sets them in place. Then I help lock the tiles together by pressing on the interlocking teeth with my trusty poking finger until they are joined snugly.

Peachy helping to set up the foam floor tiles


Mommy and I have become very proficient at getting the foam floor tiles set up and it takes us no time at all to get the job done. We work very well together and the process is so finely tuned that there is never any confusion and we don’t get in each other’s way. Two heads are better than one, four hands are better than two, and work feels less tedious when you’re in good company.

Lately I have been trying my hand at helping mommy take the foam tiles apart at the end of the day. This is a bit more tricky as they lock together very well and it’s not that easy to pull them apart. It’s probably because I do such a good job of poking the interlocking teeth together.

In order to pull the tiles apart, you have to hold two of them in your hands. They are large and unruly and two are difficult for me to handle. Mommy has been showing me a technique where she uses her foot to hold down one tile and then pulls up the adjoining tile with her hands, separating them with one smooth pull. Mommy makes it look so easy.

I have been trying the one foot technique but it’s not as simple as it looks. You have to know where to put your foot and where to pull. It’s not as obvious as it sounds. Then you need to apply just enough pull to get the tiles apart, but not so much that you knock yourself off balance.

Keeping your balance during this procedure is deceptively difficult. Placing one foot on the foam tiles throws off your center of gravity. Pulling on the tile you’re stepping on can quickly cause a problem. It’s easy to go plunkers if you’re not being careful.

I’ve been getting better at pulling those foam tiles apart but they still give me trouble sometimes. I’m much better at helping mommy stack them in the corner. Things go more smoothly if mommy separates the tiles and hands them to me one at a time. I then carry them over to the corner and stand them on end next to each other in a somewhat neat fashion.

There’s a bit of room for improvement but mommy and I are starting to find our groove for the end of day tear down routine. It’s not as smooth as the morning set up routine yet, but we’re getting there. I’m sure we’ll be just as efficient with it in no time. It is something we practice every day.

On the Trail of the Missing Pets Review and Giveaway

This week mommy and I travelled back in time and helped solve a mystery! It was a great adventure. How often do you get to solve a mystery, let alone time travel? It was very exciting and I have been looking forward to telling you all about it.

It all began last week when our copy of On the Trail of the Missing Pets arrived in the mail. Mommy and I didn’t have much information on this book and we had no idea what to expect. Excited to find out more, we flipped through the pages and quickly realized that this book is full of beautiful illustrations. Clearly this is a book any child would enjoy.

I was eager to get started on this book, but we were in the middle of another story and mommy likes to finish one book before starting another. We finished off our reading over the weekend and as of Monday we started On the Trail of the Missing Pets. It was worth the wait!

I am super excited to tell you about this book. The last several book reviews I did were for books that are written for grown-ups. While I am very mature and an advanced reader, I do prefer books with cute stories and pretty pictures. I finally get to tell you about a book written not for mommy, but for me!

On the Trail of the Missing Pets is a book for kids of all ages. I have already mentioned the illustrations, but I am so enamoured with these lovely pictures that I just have to tell you more. Every page of this story is covered in large and colourful illustrations that bring so much life to the story. The pictures are my favourite part!

Mommy and I were surprised to find out that this book is written in rhyming verse. I enjoy that because rhyme adds a certain rhythm and melody to the words. It really brings another facet to reading. It’s strange and I can’t really explain it, but stories that rhyme feel magical to me.

The story itself is very good too and both mommy and I were swept away by it. The main character is a lady by the name of Violet Vintage. I found her pleasant but somewhat unremarkable. I was much more charmed by Spike, her assistant and companion.

Spike is a dog and I have been learning about dogs at the park. We don’t have dogs, but we do have two cats. Dogs are a bit like cats except that they seem to come in a large assortment of shapes and sizes. Spike is a large dog with brown fur. I like Spike!

Peachy looking for Spike the dog

Spike! Is that you?

Violet and Spike travel through time with the help of Violet’s wardrobe. It doesn’t take long before they find themselves transported to 1944. The story takes place in London during World War II. There are all sorts of scary but exciting things going on while Spike and Violet try to figure out where they are.

Things move along at a good pace and we quickly discover our mission. With all the chaos of war going on within the city, pets have been going missing. The kindhearted Violet and her trusty assistant Spike eagerly agree to help and we all set off in search of the missing pets.

Soon a mysterious figure appears from the shadows. He seems to be the one responsible for the pets’ disappearance. Spike and Violet are in pursuit but will they find the man in time? Can they save the pets before it’s too late? Is Spike in danger of being abducted himself? You’ll have to read the story to find out!

At the end of the book are a few pages of facts about life during World War II. I have actually never heard about World War II before, so this was an enlightening read for me. It has made me much more appreciative of being born in 2015. We don’t have to worry about getting enough food to eat, or finding clothes to wear.

Reading On the Trail of the Missing Pets was fun, exciting, and informative. One question remains. Will Violet and Spike have more adventures? If Violet’s wardrobe has the potential of transporting them to any place in history, there could be endless adventures in store for them. I can’t wait to find out where they go next!

On the Trail of the Missing Pets was both written and illustrated by Marianne Su Yin. Marianne is the mother of two boys and the owner of the real Spike. They live on the Isle of Wight where Marianne spends her time writing and creating historical fashion pieces. Please take a moment to visit Marianne’s website and say hello. I’m sure she would love to hear from you.

Time for the best part! Enter our giveaway for a chance to win your own copy of On the Trail of the Missing Pets and find out what happens to Violet, Spike, and all the missing pets. Click below to enter.

Click here to enter

Open worldwide. Must be 18 years of age or older. Winner will be notified by email. Accepting entries until July 31, 2017.

* We were given a free copy of this book for the purpose of this review. All views and opinions are honest and our own.

Up Close With Magic

Last summer mommy introduced me to the magic of bubbles. I was amazed by the strange orbs which seemed to float in the air as if guided by invisible strings. That was one of my favourite days with mommy and I have been eager to recreate that experience. It’s been a long wait.

All winter long I have been waiting for the bubble orbs to reappear but they did not. Mommy insists that magic bubble time is an outdoor activity. In the winter the only outdoor activities we’ve had involved the snow. Those were fun days too, but there were no magic bubbles.

As the days have been warming up, mommy and I have been spending a lot more time outside. We go on outings, to the park, and we even have days in the backyard where the magic bubbles were sighted last year. This year in our backyard I’ve seen lots of birds, a couple of squirrels, and a few bugs, but no bubbles.

A couple of months ago mommy, daddy, and I went out to the park and we sat on the grass. I noticed a few bubbles that day but it was a bit windy. The bubbles were swept away before I could get a good look at them, let alone catch any. It just wasn’t a good day for bubble watching.

I was starting to think that I would never get to play with those magic bubbles again. Maybe bubbles are usually too shy to play and that one time last summer was a once in a lifetime sort of encounter. I was almost ready to give up hope, and then last weekend it happened.

On weekends the park is very busy and it’s hard for a small person like me to play when there is so much going on. If the weather is nice on weekends, we either have a family outing to a new place, or we spend time playing in our backyard. Last weekend the weather was perfect. Not too hot and not too cold with only a slight breeze.

Mommy set out a blanket on the patio and brought out some of my toys. Usually when we go out in our yard I don’t just sit and play with my toys. I either play in my pool, we do an activity together, or we explore the yard to see what unusual things we can find. It was not a typical way to spend time in the backyard but it was nice to play in the fresh air and I could tell mommy was enjoying herself too.

For a while nothing strange happened. I sat on the blanket and played with my doll and my car for a while. Then I got up and brought all my blocks over to the chair where I organized them. Next I moved my blocks from the chair to the table. There are many blocks and I can only carry two at a time, so it took several trips to get all the blocks to their new location.

I think I was on my second trip when it happened. First mommy got up and tinkered with the new contraption that had been sitting in our living room for a couple of days. Then the contraption began to make a strange humming noise. I looked in that direction just in time to see small bubbles being blown out of the now humming contraption.

Toddler surrounded by bubbles

Are you seeing this?

Mommy went back to her chair and appeared unconcerned that the contraption continued to hum and spit out bubbles. It took no time at all for the entire patio area to be filled with small bubbles which swirled and danced around me. I was so surprised that I couldn’t even move. I just stood there frozen as I was, and watched the bubbles float by.

I turned on the spot to follow the trail of bubbles with my eyes. Some went up and over the fence disappearing from my view. Some swirled around or hovered almost motionless in the air around me. Some sank to the ground where they seemed to disappear upon contact with the ground. It was all very hypnotizing.

While I watched the bubbles I realized that although the ones that landed on the patio vanished immediately, the ones that landed on my blanket were more inclined to stick around for a bit. They settled on the fibres of the fabric and wobbled there for a while. Sometimes they vanished after a moment, but other times they appeared to be quite comfortable.

It took a little while but I managed to shake off the trance and I sprang into action. First, I ditched the two blocks that I was still holding. I would need my hands for this. Next, I rushed over to the blanket and threw myself down upon it. Then I crawled over to where several bubbles were wobbling there in the sun.

With no hesitation I reached out my hand and grabbed at a bubble. With the bubble firmly in my fist, I made myself comfortable on the blanket and prepared to examine my treasure. I opened my hand and was very disappointed to find it empty. Where did the bubble go?

Quickly I reached for another bubble but it vanished before I could get a good grip. A third bubble produced the same results. Next I lunged with both hands at a group of bubbles but they were gone as soon as I got there. My hands were starting to feel strangely slippery but I didn’t have time to give it much thought. There were bubbles to be captured all around me!

On my next attempt at a group of bubbles, something strange happened. One of the bubbles attached itself to the back of my finger. I was amazed. Not wanting to frighten it away, I slowly brought it up to my face to take a closer look.

The bubble was beautiful. Perfectly round and wobbly with just a thin membrane separating it from the air. The sun shimmered off its surface where brilliant rainbows danced. It weighed nothing at all and I aside from a slight dampness, I couldn’t really feel it at all.

I was ecstatic to have my first close encounter with a magic bubble. It was worth the wait. A few moments later the bubble disappearing off my finger leaving nothing more than a droplet on the back of my finger. If it wasn’t for that droplet, I wouldn’t even have been sure if the experience was real.

Shopping Made Easy

We’ve had a lot of holidays and celebrations lately which required presents to be purchased. Mommy and I do most of the present shopping and it is generally a tedious process. We never really know what we’re shopping for and we end up wandering around the aisles looking for inspiration. By the end we’re both exhausted and somewhat fussy.

I’ve been on a mission to find a better way of finding unique gifts for all those special occasions. I came across a website called UncommonGoods. This store is packed with unique and unusual gift ideas for everyone. They have gift that can be personalized for a wedding, interesting items for your anniversary, unusual baby themed gifts that I wouldn’t mind getting for myself, and gifts for anyone you could think of.

I did a bit of research and UncommonGoods is pretty amazing. This company has a focus on sustainability. Their policies include environmentally friendly initiatives, social responsibility, and high employee morale. They believe in treating people fairly and offer their employees great benefits and competitive wages. The products are made by artists and small manufacturers and UncommonGoods ensures that every product they sell does no harm to humans of animals.

In the last two months we celebrated both Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. These two holidays have brought me to a revelation. Mommy and daddy are hard to shop for! They already have me. What else could they possibly want?

Peachy is gift enough

Can’t I just give the gift of me?

I decided to take the proactive approach and create my shopping list for mommy and daddy now. When the next special occasion comes along, I’ll be ready. Here are a few ideas I came up with while browsing UncommonGoods. I’m sure mommy and daddy would love to get any one of these!

Gifts for Mommy

Mommy is impossible to surprise. She is always with me. So I’ll have to be extra crafty if I want to surprise her with an unexpected present. I might need daddy to help me with this. I’ll be sure to bring these gift ideas to daddy’s attention.

UncommonGoods gifts for mommy

Shattered Glass Ceiling Necklace

I know that mommy would love the symbolism behind this necklace. The glass ceiling represents the barriers that women face in the advancement of their careers. Before I came along, mommy spent many years trying to break those barriers and shatter that ceiling.

Personalized Family Print

Now that mommy has me in her life, family has taken on an even more important role in mommy’s life. I’m sure she would love a decorative piece to represent our family that she could display with pride. This unusual print allows you to customize the characters to depict your family.

Blossom Earrings

I just love the idea of these earrings. Not only is this a piece of jewellery, each earring is also a vase! A splash of water and a tiny plant transforms these earrings into wearable floral arrangements. Even the woman who has everything probably doesn’t have these.

Gifts for Daddy

Daddy is not as difficult to surprise but very hard to shop for. Much to mommy’s relief, my daddy doesn’t follow any sports. That does however narrow our selection of gift ideas. So many gifts for men are centred around sports and teams. Most are adorned with logos that I know nothing about. There are things that daddy does like and after rummaging around the website, it turned out that coming up with gift ideas for daddy was not as difficult as I thought.

UncommonGoods gifts for daddy

Pizza Grow Kit

One thing that daddy does love is pizza. Daddy also likes to dabble with homegrown vegetables. As soon as I spotted this gift, I knew daddy would love it. This handy kit contains everything daddy would need to grow his own organic pizza toppings! Such a great idea and cute too.

Handmade Razor Blade Sharpener

Daddy seems to shave his face an awful lot and he really dislikes a dull razor. We spend a fortune on disposable razor cartridges. That’s money that could be spent on presents for me! What daddy needs is a razor blade sharpener.

Owl Eyeglass Holder

You may recall from a previous post I wrote that my daddy wears glasses. For reasons I don’t fully understand, daddy always takes his glasses off when he goes to bed at night. I just love this clever night owl and I think he would do an excellent job of holding on to daddy’s glasses while he sleeps.

Gifts for Me

Shopping for other people makes me want to buy things for myself. I just couldn’t navigate away from this website without making a little list of items for me. If anyone is looking to buy me a present, here are a few gift ideas. Just in case you were wondering.

UncommonGoods gifts for baby

Bamboo Suction Toddler Plate Set

I love the compartments on this cute plate and I appreciate that it is made out of bamboo. We toddlers can’t be trusted with glass and therefore most of our dishes tend to be made of plastic. That’s not something we’re a fan of at our house. I’m sure mommy would also appreciate the suction cup at the bottom of this plate which helps to keep it in place.

DNA Art Portrait

This is the most unusual piece of art I have ever come across. Each one is as unique as the person it is made for. From a simple and painless cheek swab, a sample of DNA is collected. It is then turned into this graphic representation of your very own DNA. As a bonus, the colours can be customized too.

Indestructible Baby Book Set

I love books with their words and pretty pictures. What I don’t love is how fragile they are. It’s very upsetting when your favourite book comes apart in your mouth. That’s why I love these books. They are designed to withstand anything a baby or toddler can throw at them, and they can survive the dishwasher too.

Why not take a quick look around UncommonGoods the next time you find yourself in need of a gift? Or maybe treat yourself to a little present. I’m sure it won’t take long before you find something you can’t help but want.

*This post was sponsored by All opinions expressed in this post are honest and our own.

#DreamTeam Linky Roundup

Last week I was co-hosting the #DreamTeam linky along with Bridget from Bridie By The Sea, Nicola from All Things Spiced, and Helen from Talking Mums. My fabulous co-hosts and I were stepping in for Annette from 3 Little Buttons, and Dawn from Rhyming with Wine, who were enjoying a well deserved vacation. I hope they had a marvellous time!

This week Annette and Dawn are back with Bridget and the #DreamTeam linky has its hosts again. The world is back in order and things are as they should be. The #DreamTeam is back! Welcome home!

#DreamTeam badge

A big thank you to the #DreamTeam for giving me the chance to help out and be a part of this fabulous community. Co-hosting the linky was an amazing experience and I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to be involved. It was an honour to be a guest co-host and I am thrilled to have had this chance to see the #DreamTeam linky from the other side of the fence.

Last week we had a total of 55 posts linked up and, as always, they were of the highest quality. There were many familiar faces, and a few blogs that I had never visited before. It’s always nice to visit old friends and make new ones at the same time. Thank you to all who joined in last week. You make this linky the awesome thing that it is and without you there would be no #DreamTeam.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank my fellow co-hosts for being so friendly and kind. Everyone was always willing to jump in with answers to any questions and the desire to make the linky run smoothly was clearly apparent at every turn. You made this experience that much more enjoyable for me.

As co-host, I have one more job to do and it’s probably the best part of all. I get to choose two of my favourite posts and name my featured bloggers! Blogging is hard work and I just love to give encouragement and recognition for a job well done, so this task is close to my heart.

There were so many great posts last week and it was not easy to pick just two favourites. Blogging is an art and judging art is subjective. There is no right or wrong way to write a blog post. All I can do is pick two posts that caught my eye and resonated with me. So without further ado, here are my two featured bloggers.

My Featured Bloggers

My first post is 5 Reasons Why The End Of Nap Time Isn’t The End Of The World by Alana from Burnished Chaos. With a “before” and “now” comparison, Alana has done a great job of putting a positive spin on something most parents dread. I’m not quite ready to give up my naps just yet, but this is a topic that mommy and I talk about every once in a while.

My second post is A Canvas for Daddy by Katie from Mummy Snowy Owl. Katie wrote about a DIY project that is just right for little hands. Mommy and I love this idea and it’s perfect for kids of all ages. Just because you’re small doesn’t mean you can’t create art.

Well done Alana and Katie! Thanks for sharing your fabulous posts with the #DreamTeam. Don’t forget to grab your featured blogger badge and display it with pride!

3 Little Buttons
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A brand new instalment of the #DreamTeam linky went live this morning. Make sure you visit Bridget, Annette, and Dawn to join the party and link up. You wouldn’t want to miss out on being a part of this amazing community. Besides, you can’t be a #DreamTeam featured blogger if you don’t link up!

Father’s Day 2.0

Today is Father’s Day, or as I like to call it, Daddy’s Day. My daddy is the best! We have so much fun together and daddy is the best at making me laugh. He is full of surprises and always thinks up some way to put a smile on my face. I love my daddy.

This year is my daddy’s second Father’s Day. Last year I got daddy a card and mommy ordered a custom printed photo collage. We framed it and hung it up in the hallway to commemorate daddy’s first ever Father’s Day. It’s still there now and when I see it I’m amazed by how much I have grown.

When I think about what daddy was like a year ago, he’s not all that different. Daddy was always the silly one that brought out the giggles in me. That’s what daddy and I have always been about. The things that bring out my biggest giggles might have changed, but daddy’s ability to get those giggles out is the same.

I on the other hand have changed so much over the past year. I am much bigger and my sense of humour is very different. I still like being tossed in the air, and daddy’s tickles get me every time, but my other comedy preferences have matured. It’s a good thing that daddy is willing to put in the effort to figure out how to tickle my funny bone.

I have changed in other ways too. Not only do I no longer struggle with sitting upright by myself, I can actually walk and even run all over the house. I am much more aware of how my family works and I understand our routines. I get excited when daddy comes home and I run to him when he comes through the door. I can even say a few words and of course, dada is among them.

Peachy and her daddy in 2016

Father’s Day 2016

This year I got daddy a card for Father’s Day. Mommy made a few suggestions on which cards we should get but I knew which one was made for daddy the moment I saw it. We also picked up some chocolate because daddy loves chocolate, along with some new shirts, and a pretty gift bag to put it all in. Daddy was so surprised when he opened his presents!

Mommy and I also ordered a few photos of my favourite moments with daddy from the last year. There was also a custom card from me with my picture on the front and another picture of daddy and I taken last year on Father’s Day. Unfortunately, these items have not arrived in time for Father’s Day. Daddy will have to be patient.

Most weekends mommy and I convince daddy to join us on some sort of adventure, or we give him a project to work on. This weekend we’re letting daddy take it easy. We’ve been having a relaxing day at home as a family just the way daddy likes it. Daddy works hard all week and there is nothing he likes more than having a weekend to relax. It’s part of his Father’s Day present.

I know that daddy sometimes feels like he takes a second place to mommy since mommy and I spend so much time together, but that’s not true. Daddy has his own special place in my heart and it is no smaller than the place I have for mommy. We may have less time together but the time we do have is very precious to me. I hope daddy knows how much he means to me and what a huge part he plays in my life. I love you daddy!

Happy Father’s Day