Cruising the Crib

I am an explorer. I spend my days trying to go wherever I haven’t been before and I’m making discoveries at every turn. I’m very inquisitive by nature and my curiosity leads me on many adventures. I’m very good at exploring. I’m so good that I even explore in my sleep.

You need certain qualities and traits to be a nighttime explorer. An insatiable desire to travel is a must. You have to posses the drive to experience new things and to discover the undiscovered. It helps if you’re a ball of energy by nature and you need to have a lot of wiggle.

A good wiggle is a necessity. Every night mommy puts me in the center of my crib with my feet near the bottom edge and a lot of open space around my head. This is where I fall asleep most nights. From there I use my wiggle to explore every corner of my crib before the morning sun even thinks about making an appearance.

I start by rolling onto my side. After a while I stretch and rock back and forth a little bit. Then I bring my knees up, roll onto my front, and give my tush a wiggle. I have a little break in this position as I drift into a deeper sleep.

Next I straighten out my legs and roll to my back, then over to the other side. I stretch, wiggle, and flop to my back again. Another break is then required with another period of deep sleep. Exploring while you snooze is hard work.

On my next wiggle the top of my head reaches the top side of my crib. Thank goodness for bumper pads. In my asleep state I try to push past the obstacle but it doesn’t work. I am forced to detour and make a turn following the crib rails.

Peachy on the baby monitor

Just a few of the places I’ve been.

After making that first turn, it doesn’t take much wiggle before I reach the next corner. At this point I find myself trying to fit my big girl body in the short width of the crib. I’ll sleep there all scrunched up for a while, but sooner or later the discomfort will wake me.

I sit up in my crib and take a look around me. My room is still dark and the house is quiet and peaceful. I search around for the pacifier I lost during my wiggle. It doesn’t take long to find it and it’s back in my mouth in no time. I see my fuzzy blanket in the middle of my crib and I lunge towards it, burying my face in its softness. I snuggle it close and within moments I’m asleep again.

This leaves me upside down with my feet on the head end, and my head at the feet end of the crib. I perform another series of rolls, stretches, flops, and wiggles until I find myself at the other short side of the crib. This time I manage to turn both corners without waking up and I begin my journey back up the crib once more.

With all this activity going on every night, you might think that I wake up more tired than when I went to bed. This is not the case. I’m very refreshed once I’m ready to get up. However I do sleep for a solid eleven to twelve hours, and that can certainly leave a person well rested. I highly recommend it.

Once I feel awake and ready for the day, I call mommy with my special morning coo. I never cry as there is no need. Mommy always comes promptly when I call her. When mommy arrives we say our good mornings, mommy tells me she loves me, and after a snuggle we start our day. I love mornings after a good night of crib cruising.

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10 Ways to Cope with Rules

Every day while mommy and daddy are in the kitchen getting things ready for dinner, I get some free time to play and explore. One of my favourite ways to pass the time is to reorganize all of our possessions. I’m unbelievably good at making our home more functional. I keep very busy and work up quite an appetite.

I bring all the books and DVDs from the bookshelf in the living room to the kitchen, because books and movies can be enjoyed anywhere. I pull out all the plastic bags from the kitchen cupboard and leave them in a heap in the corner, because searching for the perfect bag at the back of a cupboard is just not very convenient. I scatter the cat food cans all over the kitchen and living room for easier access. I sprinkle my toys throughout because there is always time to play.

Playing safely in my baby zone is fine, but being free to run around all over the house is infinitely better. I have been getting more opportunities to experience this freedom and it has been incredible! The only downside is that the more freedom I am given, the more rules mommy and daddy have for me. If it wasn’t for all these rules I could be so much more productive.

“The cutlery drawer is not for playing in.” mommy tells me. “Don’t pull the tablecloth off the table.” daddy says. “Get your arms out of the garbage can.” I hear. Why? Nobody was using that garbage. Why can’t I have it? All these rules are really slowing me down.

Peachy doesn't like rules

Rules are meant to be broken

If you feel the rules in your life are proving to be a burden, here are ten ways to cope with those pesky rules and the people who make them.

1. Follow the Rules

The most obvious answer is to follow the rules. The good news is that this strategy is very effective at getting the rule makers off your back. The bad news is that with this option you don’t get to do what you want. If the activity in question didn’t mean that much to you to begin with, you might want to go with this plan.

2. Pretend You Can’t Hear

The secret to this strategy is to make no reaction whatsoever. Don’t look up, don’t hesitate, don’t even blink, and above all, don’t make eye contact. If you play your cards right you can usually get at least a few seconds into an activity before someone comes over to stop you. Plenty of time to pull that tablecloth onto the floor.

3. Ignore and Disobey

If your body betrays you and it becomes clear that you heard, you can always blatantly defy the rules. In this case it’s best to make eye contact and continue with your activity. This gives the rule makers hope that you will listen. Suckers! Chances are that you will hear the rule repeated several times before anyone makes a move to put an end to your fun. Use speed to your advantage and empty out that cutlery drawer as quickly as you can.

4. Scream in Outrage

This isn’t the most effective strategy but it does make me feel good! When I know I have no chance of getting my way, I voice my displeasure loud and clear. To really drive my point home I may even stomp my feet while I scream. I may not get what I want but at least I can take comfort in the knowledge that everyone knows how furious I am.

5. Cry

This strategy is similar to screaming in outrage but has a slightly larger chance of success. When you don’t get your way, simply cry. Make sure you cry loudly so that everyone can hear and squeezing out a few tears can only help your case. It might not work but at the very least you can make people feel guilty for making you so desperately sad.

6. Run Away

If the project you are working on can be picked up, your best bet is to grab it and run. It’s going to be a while before you get caught. You might not be able to put much focus into your project as you race around the room, but the chase itself has its own advantages and can be a lot of fun.

7. Persistence

This strategy is one of my personal favourites and I use it on a daily basis. When you get caught doing something you shouldn’t be doing, pretend you are planning on obeying the rules by promptly ceasing the forbidden activity. Move on to something else until nobody is watching. When you’re sure the attention is on something other than you, quietly go back to what you were doing. You’ll be armpit deep in that garbage can in no time.

8. Whine

Whining can be an effective tool but you have to be determined enough to keep it up for a while. This is not a quick fix, but rather a slow grinding away at the willpower of the rule makers. The party which persists the longest will persevere. If you have time and energy to spare, this might be a good option for you.

9. Have a Fit

This technique combines the screaming in outrage and crying strategies. Combine them with throwing yourself on the ground, kicking, punching, and hyperventilating. Pull out all the stops and make a good show of it and don’t forget to be as loud and animated as possible. This tactic has the greatest chance of success in public spaces.

10. Turn on the Charm

If all else fails put you sweetest and most innocent face on and use your cuteness to break their resolve. Sometimes a snuggle, sad smile, and longing sigh is all you need to get the job done. Nobody can resist a sweet and cuddly baby.

There you have my 10 methods of dealing with rules and the people who make them. Which method is your go to strategy?

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Mommy Worries

My mommy is a worrier and her favourite focus of worry is me. When it comes to my well-being, there isn’t a day when mommy doesn’t feel some sense of worry. Mommy always worries about me. That’s just the way mommy is.

Mommy worries if I’m eating enough, if the food I’m eating is what my body needs, and if I’m eating too fast she is afraid that I’ll choke. She worries if I’m sleeping enough or perhaps too much and if I’m comfortable in my bed. Mommy worries if I’m too hot or too cold and wonders if I’m dressed appropriately for the weather. She worries if I’m getting enough hugs and snuggles and if she told me that she loves me enough times that day.

Sometimes mommy worries that I’m not getting enough exercise. Other times mommy worries that I’m moving around too much and not spending enough time focusing on the books mommy is trying to show me. There are days when mommy is afraid I’m not getting enough activities to keep my mind sharp, and there are other days when mommy feels I’m getting overstimulated and not having enough quiet time.

Mommy spends a great deal of time worrying about all of my ouches. When I fall she worries that I am hurt and rushes over to investigate. When I’m growing teeth she worries that my mouth hurts and she tries to convince me to take it easy when I just want to run around in circles for no reason. If I am sick mommy is constantly sticking a thermometer in my ear and worrying over if and when I should have some medicine.

Mommy likes to worry about my rambunctious activities. She worries when I climb all over the couch or tumble about recklessly in her bed. Mommy worries when I walk around with a blanket over my head, if I run too fast, or if I stop paying attention to what my feet are doing. When I am being loud mommy worries that I’ll give myself a sore throat. When I am quiet, mommy worries that my busy hands are getting me into some sort of trouble.

Peachy thinking about eating a camera lens


The outside world presents a whole new set of worries for mommy. When I’m walking about on my own mommy worries that I’ll fall on the pavement or that I’ll run out in front of a moving swing, the bottom of a busy slide, or out into the road even though there is no road in sight. Mommy worries that someone will cause me harm, hurt my feelings, or even steal me while mommy is blinking.

Mommy worries about my development all the time. Am I growing at an appropriate pace? Should I know more words by now? Are my social skills developing as they should be? Is my self-awareness improving fast enough? Are any of my quirks a sign of an underlying problem that needs professional attention? Mommy has a lot of questions!

Some of mommy’s worries are endearing, others are rather tedious, and some are downright silly. Sometimes mommy worries that someone will break into our house at night to harm me or take me away. There are nights when mommy has nightmares about losing me in one way or another. In moments of weakness mommy worries that I don’t love her. Silly mommy!

My mommy is a bundle of worry and it’s a wonder that she’s even functional at all. Sometimes her worries get in my way of exploring, but mommy says that it’s her job to keep me safe. I know her worries come from a place of love. Although I often defy mommy’s rules and demand my freedom, it’s nice to know that mommy is there to make sure that I am healthy, happy, and unharmed.

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8 Steps to First Steps

For the last few months I have been practicing my walking skills. It has been a difficult journey but an exciting one. There have been many ups and downs both figuratively and in the literal sense. I’m finally mastering this ability and using my feet to my advantage.

Now that I’m an expert in the field of walking, I feel it is my duty to help my fellow babies. For those of you who are ready to expand your world and explore, this guide is for you. Here are my 8 steps to take you from unassisted sitting to unassisted walking. Go forth my fellow babies and explore your world.

1. Discovering Mobility

Before a baby can walk, a baby needs to know that it is possible to get around on one’s own steam. From the time we are born, babies get carried around to wherever they need to be. Mobility is a new concept that needs to be discovered.

Baby doing exercises to learn how to crawl

Now what?

Most babies will crawl before they walk. Luckily I have already covered this topic, so if you have been following along, you already know what to do. If crawling isn’t working for you, don’t worry. Some babies never crawl. We are individuals and it’s the discovery of mobility that is important, not the means of propulsion.

2. Working Those Legs

Unsurprisingly, walking takes a bit of leg strength. Crawling should help with that, but if you’re not into that, standing with a bit of help can get the job done just as well. All you need is someone to help keep you upright while you practice standing on your feet.

Peachy using the Evenflo ExerSaucer Jump and Learn Safari Friends.

I’m working my quads

Once you’re comfortable with that, invest in a jumper or exerciser. These contraptions will hold you upright while you play so that you can stand up whenever you feel like it. This way you won’t have to rely on the fickle attention of adults.

3. Standing 2.0

Once you have those legs in shape, it’s time to try standing on your own. At first, get an adult to help you by holding their hands. Don’t let them lift you to your feet. Instead, use their hands to pull yourself up. Before you know it, you’ll find that you are standing on your own and only using your hands for support.

Baby trying to sit back down from standing position

Here’s where it gets tricky.

Now that you can stand all by yourself, it’s time to practice. Make sure you are surrounded with lots of sturdy objects that you can use to pull yourself to your feet. It’s going to be tricky at first, but soon your technique will improve and it will get easier. Good flooring that is non-skid and preferably cushioned is a must at this stage. A good place to start your journey to walking is in your own baby zone.

4. Cruising

The next step is to combine your new-found ability to stand with the concept of mobility. What you need at this stage are lots of baby height objects such as the coffee table or couch. These pieces need to be sturdy and arranged in such a way that you can move around the space without having to let go. Place lots of small toys on all these surfaces to keep yourself entertained and to encourage yourself to move. Once you have the space set up, cruising will come naturally.

Adorable baby girl in pajamas

This stuff is easy

Don’t be discouraged if at first you can only manage to sway from side to side. You might also find it harder to go in one direction over the other. No need to worry. These issues will resolve themselves with time.

By now you will probably have realized that gravity is a bit of a jerk that’s always trying to keep a good baby down. Don’t let gravity push you around. Keep at it within the safety of your baby zone where the floor is cushioned and there are no sharp corners. You’ll overcome whatever challenges gravity sets out in due time. All you need is a safe place to practice and you’ll be cruising like a pro in no time.

5. Balance

When you’re comfortable cruising about the room while holding onto the furniture, you’re ready to tackle the issue of balance. Standing up with your hands grasping the coffee table is one thing. Standing up all by yourself is a different beast. You will need to work on your sense of balance.

The best way to start is with the help of an adult who can hold your hands up over your head while you stand and walk. If you’re anything like me you will find this strange at first, but give it a fair chance. Have your adult hold you under your arms in the beginning if that’s what you need to feel comfortable about it. Trust me, you will not regret it. Once you discover the freedom of moving about the room without having to look for a handhold, you will be dragging that adult about the place all day.

Once you’re comfortable walking about holding both of your adult’s hands, it’s time to move on to just one hand. This is much harder and you might find that you wobble a lot at first. After a brief period of adjustment, you will be just as confident with the one hand approach as you were with two.

6. The First Steps

Now you’re ready to take your first steps all by yourself. It might feel scary at first to go completely solo but don’t worry, you’ll get there. The best way to start is with two adults sitting on the ground facing each other just a couple of feet apart. Stand in front of one adult with your back to them and their hands holding you about the waist. Take a step towards the other adult and as the first adult let’s go, throw yourself into the arms of the other. Then turn around and repeat.

The distance between the two adults can be gradually increased so that you take two steps before you catapult yourself into those outstretched arms. Make certain your adults are the encouraging kind that will make you want to come to them and that you get lots of praise when you get there. You’re working hard and you deserve to be told what a great job you’re doing.

Peachy is learning how to walk

Ready or not, here I come!

If you only have one adult around, you can improvise. Find a piece of furniture that you find comfortable using to hold yourself up on and place your adult a couple of feet away. When your adult begins to encourage you to come to them, take a step and lunge into their arms. Then turn around and throw yourself back to the furniture. I preferred to use the couch for this because it’s squishy and very good at catching me.

7. Taking Off

As the distance you walk before flinging yourself towards your safe haven increases, you will build up your confidence. At one point you will find that you no longer need to throw yourself to safety. Instead you will simply walk into outstretched arms. The next stage is to venture off on your own and join the world of the walkers.

Nobody can tell you when you’re ready to make that transition or how to take your first independent steps. I can tell you how it happened for me. One day I was practicing my walking between mommy and the couch. I was having a great time of it and the distance between mommy and the couch was a good six feet. We had been at it for a while and then on my journey back to mommy I veered right and went around mommy into the empty space of the room. There I was, standing in the middle of the room and I knew that I walked there all by myself. I decided to walk around some more and so my journey began.

Even if you do head off on your own, it doesn’t mean you can’t run back to the safety of arms or sit down and crawl for a while longer. I went back to mommy’s arms several times that first day, I occasionally insisted on holding a hand for several weeks after I knew I could walk on my own, and I still occasionally choose crawling over walking. Just because you learn something new doesn’t mean you have to abandon the things that have been working all along.

8. Practice Makes Perfect

No matter how long it takes for you to give it a try, sooner or later you will walk and you will fall. Falling down hurts and I recommend that you do all of these steps within the safety of your baby zone. Make sure your adult inspects your baby zone constantly to make sure it is always safe for your changing needs. Falling down hurts and it can be discouraging. You need a safe place to practice where the hurts of those falls will be kept to a minimum.

Peachy found a tennis ball

Exploring on my own

One day you will find that you have become quite stable on your feet and that you rarely fall anymore. When that day comes, you are ready to be released into the rest of the house and perhaps even beyond. These days I have free roam of the downstairs floor of our house for most of the day. When we go out I get to explore places such as the park and playground. Sometimes mommy insists on holding my hand, but other times I get to go off on my own.

Learning to walk is hard, scary, and sometimes a bit painful, but I promise that it’s worth your effort. Don’t give up my fellow babies. Throw caution to the wind and catapult yourselves into toddlerhood with reckless abandon. You won’t regret it.

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Peachy Makes a Trade

Last week mommy, daddy, and I went out to the playground. It was a beautiful sunny day and I was excited to go out and play. As we neared the playground we began to hear the sound of children playing and once we arrived we saw that it was quite busy. Nevertheless, I was confused and disappointed as we passed right by the playground and continued on.

Our favourite playground is situated within a larger park area with grass, trees, and several fields for various sports. We looped around the playground and took one of the paths heading back towards home. I was sad at the thought of giving up on our outdoor adventures when suddenly, my stroller veered off the path and we went right through the grass!

Soon we found ourselves in a nice grassy spot with a hill on one side and a fenced in paved area on the other. It was a nice and sunny day but a little windy. Between the hill and the evergreen trees that surrounded the place, the wind wasn’t very strong in this particular location and the sun soon warmed us up quite nicely.

Mommy pulled a blanket out and placed it on the ground and I was promptly released from my stroller and placed on the blanket between mommy and daddy. The plan was to have a relaxing time sprawled out in the sun followed by a little picnic. I thought that was a terrible idea. I wanted to explore!

I hoisted myself to my feet and I was off. Once I got about halfway up the hill, mommy was in pursuit and I found myself being scooped up and carried back to the blanket. I was plopped back down in the same place with mommy on one side and daddy on the other. I could already tell this would take some persistence.

I was on my feet again within moments and heading for adventure. I was almost up the hill when I turned back to see daddy getting to his feet and heading in my direction. I picked up the pace but it was no use. Daddy had his hands under my arms and I was being lifted up into the air again only to be deposited back on the blanket. I sighed loudly. This was going to be one of those days.

Up again I went and off as fast as I could go when suddenly, I spotted something underneath one of the evergreen trees. I stopped in my tracks and turned to take a closer look. This was definitely something that did not belong here. I walked over to it and got good and close for a thorough investigation.

It was round and brightly coloured so I gave it a little poke with my poking finger. It rolled a little and I followed it until it settled down again. I poked it once more and it rolled again as expected. I picked it up but it was unexpectedly fuzzy causing me to quickly drop it. As it hit the ground it proceeded to roll away.

Peachy found a tennis ball

My fuzzy treasure

I did not anticipate that it would feel that way but I wasn’t about to let its fuzziness deter me. I went after it and picked it up once more. This time I was ready for its strange texture and I held it tightly in both hands. I examined it closely turning it over again and again in my hands. Clearly, I had found treasure.

I brought it over to the blanket where mommy and daddy were still sitting and proudly showed off my discovery. Mommy said it was a tennis ball and that it came from the fenced in paved area behind us where people play tennis. Sadly there was nobody playing tennis at the time so I was not able to observe how this treasure came to be underneath the evergreen tree.

Mommy invited me to join her on the blanket so that we could investigate the tennis ball together. I got comfy between mommy and daddy and the three of us took turns analyzing my treasure. It behaved much like all the other balls that I have except that it was bouncier and much more fuzzy. Mommy said that since nobody was there to claim the tennis ball, I could take it home with us.

Mommy pulled my snack out from the basket under the stroller and I ate happily while petting the strange fuzz on my tennis ball. I had banana pancakes with fruit and some water to wash it down with. I was too busy with my tennis ball to really know if I liked my snack but I was rather thirsty and found the water quite refreshing.

After I ate and quenched my thirst, mommy and daddy let me walk around a bit as long as I didn’t go over the hill. At that point I was more accustomed to the place and the sense of freedom it gave me. I was happy to explore between the blades of grass and underneath the trees in sight of mommy and daddy. Besides, I left my tennis ball in their care and I wasn’t about to lose sight of my treasure.

When it was time to go mommy realized I was missing one of my hair clips. Mommy and daddy searched in the grass for it as I wandered among them trying to figure out what we were looking for. The hair clip was never found. It was too small and the grass was too thick. The missing hair clip did buy me several extra minutes of outdoor time and a tennis ball so I think the trade was in my favour.

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Hearts and Flowers

For the last couple of days I have been cooped up indoors. We have been experiencing daily torrential downpours of rain which have put our daily outings to the park on hold. I have grown to love our playtime at the park and I miss my outdoor play.

After many months of winter, being able to venture out into the warming rays of spring sunshine was initially a bit bewildering to me. After all, last year I was too little to do much and spent most of my outdoor time strapped into my stroller. I still ride in my stroller each time we go out, but when we get to where we’re going mommy lets me out.

This has opened up a world of possibilities for me. It has allowed me to explore, see things I have never seen before, play in brand new way, and even socialize with other kids a little. It’s really not surprising that I’m hooked on our outdoor adventures. It’s even less surprising that all this rain is making me miss the outside world.

On the last nice day before the rain came, mommy and I had a great time at the playground. It was a little cooler than the previous day and the playground was almost deserted. This rarely happens. Most of the time the place is crowded with kids, parents, strollers, and the occasional dog.

It’s difficult for me to play when there are so many people around because most of them are much bigger than I am. They are fast and busy with their games. Mommy keeps me close and insists that I hold her hand so that I don’t wander into their boisterous play. She worries that I’ll get trampled because I’m so small.

It’s hard to explore when mommy doesn’t give me much freedom so when the playground isn’t busy, we take full advantage. Mommy lets me loose and I run around all by myself! I can go wherever I want, touch anything that strikes my fancy, and make use of all the interesting playground equipment. It’s amazing!

The last time we went was the best. I was in an exploring mood and mommy thought it would be good to take some pictures with our cell phone. Although it was a bit cool, it was a bright day and there weren’t many people around to get in the way. It was a great day for park photography and we got some great shots.

Mommy and I have been starting to work on our Instagram presence. It’s been slow going as most of our photos are in the camera and not on our mobile devices. I hope mommy got some good shots to share. There was one that I know mommy was excited about. I hope people like it.

We posted that photo on Instagram as soon as we got home. Mommy said she hopes it will get us a lot of hearts. When people like an image on Instagram they have to press the heart icon. When mommy and I get a like we say we got a heart from someone. It’s a bit of an inside joke.

Peachy's Instagram feed

I’m on Instagram!

That day at the park I found something very pretty on the ground. It was yellow and fluffy and I couldn’t help but pick it up. I can’t believe such treasure was just sitting there on the floor. I just knew it was a very special find.

After giving it a good look and petting it’s fluff a little, I turned to mommy and offered it to her in an outstretched hand. Mommy always accepts my gifts graciously but she was particularly pleased with the pretty, yellow, fluffy thing. She called it a flower and thanked me profusely. I think I’ve heard that word before but I’m not sure when or where.

After posting our latest photo on Instagram, mommy put the flower between two pieces of paper and placed a heavy book on it. She said she would save it to put in the book that mommy is making for me. The book is all about me, my firsts, special moments, and fun memories. Mommy has been working on since before I was born.

When daddy came home mommy showed him the flower and she told him that she is saving it because it’s the first flower I ever gave her. Daddy said the flower’s name is dandelion and he said it might not count as a true flower. Mommy disagreed and carefully put the flower back under the heavy book. I suspect daddy is jealous of mommy’s flower. I’ll have to find him one of his own just as soon as this rain lets up.

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A Peachy Year

Today is a very special day. Mommy and I are celebrating an event that comes around only once and today happens to be the big day. Today marks our one year anniversary of our blogging journey here at Diary of Little Peach. It was on April 28th 2016 when our very first post was published. Happy first birthday Diary of a Little Peach!

Mommy and I are super excited to celebrate this blogging milestone. It has been an amazing year and definitely a learning experience. To commemorate this event, we thought it would be nice to take a look at the past year to remember, reminisce, and celebrate some of our achievements. Let’s start at the beginning with our very first step on this blogging adventure.

April 2016

Our first blog post was appropriately named Introducing….Me and with it the blogging baby was born. With a total of a staggering 4 views for the month it was our most viewed post in April. Maybe not a great start but we had only been at it for 3 days.

Peachy the blogging baby

The blogging baby!

May 2016

If you’re Canadian like us, you celebrate Mother’s Day in May. Last year was very special because it was my mommy’s very first Mother’s Day. I couldn’t let the occasion pass by without a Mother’s Day blog post to my mommy. I already have an idea for this year’s Mother’s Day post but you’ll have to wait to read it.

By May I was already eating solid foods and I found some footage on our camera of my first taste of the stuff. The only sensible thing to do was to create my first YouTube video and share the experience with the world. The most viewed post for May was about the adventures mommy and I had on one of our outings around the neighbourhood.

Happy baby in a stroller

I love adventures!

June 2016

June brought us Father’s Day and I couldn’t let daddy go without his own post to celebrate his first Father’s Day. I discovered another baby in our house! Or at least that’s what I believed at the time. I also started spending some time in the kitchen with mommy that month and I published my very first baby food recipe.

Around this time I started sharing more parenting tips based on my own experiences. I wrote about improving bath time for babies and I created a post with my tips for sleeping through the night. The latter has been my all time most viewed post to date and it was my most popular post for June, July, August, and October. I also managed to create my most watched YouTube video so I guess I was on a roll in June.

Infant sitting propped up by a pillow

Did I do all that?

July 2016

In July I began developing the section of my blog dedicated to all my baby food recipes. I continued to add to it over the next several months but since I left baby food behind, there have been no new recipes. This will be changing in the coming weeks as I am working on some big girl recipes that I will be sharing very soon.

When I wasn’t working on my new recipes, I was busy having adventures like the one in mommy’s closet. My blog post about sleeping from June remained at the top of the most viewed list and June’s post about my bath time tips came in second. It took a while but it seems that people were finally realizing that a baby is the expert in all things baby related.

Baby in yellow shirt

I am the baby expert.

August 2016

My post about sleep continued to be my top viewed post in August. I continued creating posts that I felt would be useful to babies and parents. I was particularity proud of my steps to better tummy time. I always struggled with tummy time and I was excited to share how I overcame my issues. I also wrote about all the activities I enjoyed as a newborn.

This month I invented a new game to play with daddy. I still love this game but daddy seems rather annoyed by it. I suspect it’s because I’m really good at it now and he feels discouraged. I also tried my hand at working the spoon. I still haven’t mastered that. My second most viewed post was one of my favourites about the day mommy and I had a photo shoot.

Baby girl poses in a red dress and flower headband

I’m so pretty!

September 2016

September was an exciting month. Mommy and I were featured on The Baby Spot. We did an interview and had our pictures published on this respected website. This gave us a little boost and we made it to 100 Twitter followers. We celebrated the event with our first ever Twitter party which we called #APeachyParty. This is also the month that I first launched my Zazzle store.

That summer daddy took some vacation time and I wrote a post about the fun stuff we did. While doing some research I discovered a large amount of abandoned and discarded parenting blogs and that made me sad. Then I decided to give a behind the scenes account of what is involved in being a blogging baby. My most viewed post for that month turned out to be an unsolicited review I did for my favourite snack.

Blogging baby using a keyboard

Blogging is hard work.

October 2016

This was such an exciting month for us. For the first time ever we were solicited to do a review! It was an unpaid review that didn’t even involve any product samples but it was the first time a company contacted us and we were thrilled about it. My sleep post from June jumped back into first place in terms of views, but this review was a close second.

Our friends Stephanie and Morgan at #PoCoLo featured us in their blogger showcase. We spent some time in the backyard soaking up the last bit of warm weather. I discovered birds and I had a great time with magic bubbles. This is the month I started getting frustrated with my lazy feet. We celebrated my first Thanksgiving with a post about our preparations and a second post about my impressions of the holiday. At the end of the month I was getting ready for Halloween.

Baby catching a soap bubble.

The bubbles were the best!

November 2016

November began with the conclusion of my two-part Halloween post. The work I did on my first unsolicited review was paying off and that post remained at most read while my post about sleep dropped to number two. The third most popular post was one of my baby food recipes.

I did a review all by myself with no influence from mommy. I started being more mobile and discovered that getting around on my own didn’t give me as much freedom as I hoped. I wrote about being wrongly imprisoned and about the time mommy tried to teach me a few things to do with my hands.

Baby with a whisk

The thing I reviewed.

December 2016

December started with my very first birthday. I wrote about our preparations and then about the big day. I blogged about the robot I discovered and the mysterious objects in my mouth. I also realized that standing up was the easy part which sometimes led to sticky situations.

Then something amazing happened and we were offered some free goodies to do another review. That post became my most read for the month. Shortly after that we celebrated Christmas with a two-part post beginning with the anticipation of Christmas and concluding after the holidays. At the end of December we prepared for the new year with our anticipation of New Year’s post.

Baby watches Roomba vacuum

That’s the robot!

January 2017

With the new year came the conclusion of our New Year’s post. Then it was time for mommy to go back to work but things didn’t go quite as planned. In January I created another YouTube video but my most viewed post this month was about my favourite books.

I had a breakthrough and learned a word which I shared with the world. I wrote about my love of fruit. Somehow I managed to touch music although it didn’t feel quite as I expected it would. I also wrote my very first poem.

Baby girl in a Fisher Price swing

I love books!

February 2017

In February we celebrated Valentine’s day. Since it is the month of love, I decided to talk about my love of cheese which became my most viewed post of the month. Then another social media milestone! I reached 500 Twitter followers and of course we had to have a second Twitter party. Once again, our #APeachyParty went live.

I shared a moment in my life that was less than perfect. Mommy and daddy left me with my grandparents for the first time ever so that daddy could get a trophy. This left me wondering why mommy didn’t get a trophy of her own. February was concluded with a surprising snowfall which I took full advantage of.

Baby going sledding in the winter


March 2017

I was very excited about March because I did another review and this time I included a giveaway for some baby products. That turned out to be my most read post for the entire month. Before January was over I squeezed in another review with a second giveaway.

I wrote about the game I found in every box of chocolate. I finally made some progress in my attempts at befriending the cats. In an effort to be useful, I made a shopping list for expecting parents so that they have an idea of what their newborn baby will need. I also shared some new developments in allergy prevention and best practices for weaning.

Baby with Aleva Naturals skin care products

My first giveaway!

April 2017

Since I enjoyed hosting the two giveaways in March, I decided to launch a giveaways section on my blog which quickly filled with new giveaways. One of the giveaways is for a charitable organization which I decided to support. Their goal is to empower girls and women in impoverished places. I am very proud to report that this has been my most read post this month.

I was nominated for the Blogger Recognition Award which was a lot of fun to take part in. I prepared for Easter and then searched for chocolate from the Easter Bunny. I co-hosted the #KCACOLS linky run by the fabulous Franca. I wrote a post about a serious issue concerning rice and baby food products that contain it. I shared an unpleasant experience that I had at the playground. Finally, I celebrated my one year blogging anniversary and wrote this post.

Baby dressed as the Easter Bunny with an Easter basket full of eggs.

That’s me doing Easter.

There you have it. Highlights from my first year as the blogging baby.

What’s Next?

Looking back on the first year of Diary of a Little Peach, I realize how much I have learned. I feel like I accomplished a lot but there are some areas that I think I could have done better. I’m going to put that behind me and call my first year as the blogging baby the learning curve. To make sure that I stay on track for year two, I’m going to set some goals for myself.

I’m going to set an aggressive goal of reaching 300 Facebook likes. That’s just about five times what I managed to accomplish in my first year. I didn’t do much on Facebook for the majority of my first year and I really want to work on this. You can help! I made it super easy for you by including my Facebook widget right there in my sidebar. All you have to do is press the like button.

For Twitter I’m going to set a goal of 3000. My first year got me to about 850. I think this is doable because I didn’t know what I was doing for at least the first six months. You can help with that too! See my Twitter widget in the sidebar?

I want to get more familiar with Pinterest and Instagram. I’m not going to set numeric goals for these just yet as I’m new to these two platforms and I don’t know what’s reasonable. For now I just want to know what I’m doing and become more engaged with the people who use them.

I really enjoyed co-hosting the #KCACOLS. It was my first attempt at co-hosting a linky party and I loved it. I don’t know how much time I’ll have with my high social media goals so I’m going to set a conservative goal of co-hosting at least six linky parties in the next year.

I discovered that I love hosting giveaways. I’m going to search high and low and aim for at least one new giveaway every month. Hopefully more.

Mommy and I would like to get Diary of a Little Peach included in more features. We would also like to get involved in some guest posting. This area needs more research.

Diary of a Little Peach needs a little makeover and some TLC. First order of business is to update my About page. It hasn’t been changed since it went live a year ago. I learned a lot about myself as a blogger and as a person and this page needs to reflect that.

Soon we will need to update our banner since I do look quite different now. I’m becoming a pretty little lady. I certainly have more hair!

Perhaps most importantly, we need to go self-hosted and this needs to happen sooner rather than later. I’m sure it’s going to be a lot of anxiety inducing work. We can only avoid the inevitable for so long.

Diary of a Little Peach first birthday

Happy Birthday!

Whether you’ve been following us for a year, or if this is the first post you’ve ever read, thank you for being here and sharing our one year blogging birthday with us. We hope you’ll stick around and read about the life of this little peach.

Happy Birthday Diary of a Little Peach!

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