Appelsin Town Review and Giveaway

I was once a fun loving baby. I enjoyed eye contact, sucking my fists, making funny faces, and watching the lights turn on and off. These days I’m a fun loving toddler. I now find enjoyment in running after our cats, playing with dirt in the yard, finding out how far I can throw things, and amusing myself with the games on my tablet.

Peachy as a baby having fun by making faces.

This used to pass for entertainment.

The world is full of apps that can be downloaded onto my tablet with only a bit of cooperation from mommy. I recently found a new game to play and I’ve been having a lot of fun with it. It’s called Appelsin Town and it’s a cute game that actually consists of three games in one. Each separate game has a unique character and a different activity with certain tasks to perform.

The home screen of Appelsin Town is indeed a town. There you will find three colourful homes along with the characters that live there. The home screen immediately caught my attention as it is colourful and bright. The pictures are large and clear which make them easy to aim at with small hands. Click on a house and be taken to a unique activity.

Appelsin Town

The Appelsin Town

The first home belongs to the tall giraffe. Here you can decorate cupcakes for the giraffe to eat. You begin with three cupcakes and each has a different frosting. You have four toppings to choose from to make the cupcakes special, and of course there are sprinkles. Decorate cupcakes in almost endless combinations.

The next home belongs to the adorable bunny. This bunny has a garden where carrots grow. Water the carrots to help them grow big. When they are ready, feed the carrots to the bunny to make him happy. The bunny also has a mailbox where a truck drops off mysterious packages. Click on the packages to find out what’s inside. Everyone likes to receive a surprise in the mail.

The last home belongs to Juno the lamb. The lamb is having a picnic and he needs your help. Set up the plates and cups, then search in the picnic basket to find the food. The lamb will even eat the food if you feed it to him. Don’t forget to release the balloons!

Each house has a doorbell that you can ring, a laughing sun you can click, and a few surprises for you to discover. I don’t want to give it all away! You’ll just have to explore Appelsin Town for yourself to find all of the fun and interactive features. The exploring is the best part. You just never know what you’ll find.

Appelsin Apps Logo

Appelsin Town is made by Appelsin Apps. Appelsin has several games geared towards preschoolers. I’ve had my eye on a couple of their other apps but I haven’t had a chance to try the others out yet. So many games to play and so little time.

Appelsin is partnering with us to give you an opportunity to get the Appelsin Town game for free. Enter below for your chance to win. We’re giving away one copy from the Apple app store and a second copy from Google play. Make sure you enter the giveaway for your preferred device.

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For the purpose of this review we were given a free copy of the Appelsin Town app. All opinions expressed are honest and our own.


KidloLand Review and Giveaway

Every day mommy tries to teach me new things. Most of the time my lessons consist of learning what different things are called. Mommy teaches me about my body parts, what to call the members of my family, words for the things on my plate, what my toys are called, and all sorts of words for various things around our home and neighbourhood. There are a lot of words to learn!

I’m understanding more each day but it’s hard and tedious work. There is a lot of repetition involved and there are many words that sound similar. It’s hard to remember what each of the words mean and it’s very easy to get confused. I hate feeling confused. It makes me want to give up on learning.

Some days I wish we could just skip our lessons. I don’t have much interest in talking and although it’s nice to know what others are saying, I’m just not sure it’s worth the trouble. I was perfectly happy before I realized all these sounds had any meaning to them. I miss those simpler times.

Now that mommy knows I’m big enough to comprehend the concept of words, she keeps pushing the learning. Sometimes she will push too hard and then I don’t want to learn anything and I pretending that I can’t hear mommy at all. That’s when I refuse to answer mommy’s questions, pay attention to what mommy is doing, or even look at mommy. When I’ve had enough the lesson is over.

Peachy would rather play than study.

Learning over! Lets play!

Rather than spend my time on frustrating learning, I prefer to play. I like to play with my toys, look at my books, go outside, and jump around on mommy and daddy. All these things are much more fun than boring learning. If I’m extra good, mommy even lets me play my apps on the tablet. I love that!

A few weeks ago mommy downloaded a new app for me. It’s called KidloLand and it is amazing. I loved it from the first time mommy opened it for me. There are tonnes of games to choose from and each one has its selling points. Packed full of sounds, colours, and songs, KidloLand is now my favourite app to play.

When mommy opens the KidloLand app for me, we are presented with several categories to choose from. My favourite is the Fruits and Vegetables category, but I also really like the Nursery Rhymes, Stories, Colours and Shapes, and of course the Games categories. There are many others to choose from such as Activities, Numbers, Phonics, and even Christmas. KidloLand has a game for everyone.

The Fruits and Vegetables is the best! When mommy opens it three options pop up. The first is the fruits game, the second is the vegetables game, and the third is additional fruits and vegetables games. All three are good options but my favourite are the fruits.

KidloLand fruits game

We’re going to play the fruits game!

Once mommy presses on the fruits game, we’re taken to the screen of fruits and vegetables so that I can resume where I left off. One click on the fruit of choice and the fun begins. A song begins to play about the selected fruit while several of the fruits are shown engaging in all sorts of activities. The melody is pleasant and the videos are colourful with interactive components.

Mommy and I like to play the fruits game together for extra fun. The last time we played the first song we heard was about limes. I have never tried a lime but I have seen them at the grocery store. I recognized them when they popped up on the screen and I had no trouble pointing one out when mommy asked me to find a lime.

Next came a song about papaya. This is not a fruit I’m familiar with. I watched the papaya on the screen and listened to the song which explained that papaya are tropical fruit that grow on tall trees. As the song pointed out, they look a bit like pears on the outside, but the inside is quite different. Mommy said we will look for the papaya next time we go grocery shopping and if we find it we’ll bring some home for me to try.

The next song was about peaches. I have tried peaches before and as long as mommy peels one for me, I do enjoy them. As mommy and I sat there listening to the song, I suddenly heard my name being called repeatedly. Upon closer investigation I realized it was coming out of the tablet!

Kidloland peachy screenshot

I’m Peachy!

Peaches, peach, Peachy. Of course! It makes perfect sense. I’m mommy’s little peach because I’m fuzzy and sweet just like the fruit. The peach section of the fruits game is now my very favourite part of the entire app. It’s practically about me!

When I’m not listening to the song about peaches and interacting with the video, I’m probably playing with the vegetables game, the shapes game, or the colours game. Each of these are basically the same concept. I like that mommy and I can watch the videos, hear the songs, click on the screen to see the characters react, and talk about what we see.

There are many other kinds of games too. I personally enjoy the popper games and KidloLand has several to choose from. These games consist of various shapes that you have to catch to pop. I also really enjoy the egg surprise games and there are several versions of these as well. The game begins with an egg and after several taps the egg breaks open to reveal the surprise inside.

KidloLand has a lot of other games but many of them I’m not big enough for. There are colouring games, puzzles, tracing games, connect the dots, and many others. I don’t find these games that interesting but mommy says I’ll probably love them when I’m a bit bigger. KidloLand has games for kids of all ages.

Mommy found her own favourite game. She likes the decorating games. KidloLand has a few options for these games too. Mommy likes the cake decorator, beach theme, as well as the Christmas ones. It’s not as great as dancing fruit and vegetables but mommy does manage to come up with some pretty pictures.

KidloLand beach decorating

Mommy made this for you

I’m still exploring the games KidloLand has to offer. I spotted a whole section for musical games that I haven’t explored yet and I am determined to try that next. I know it’s a section that’s going to be musical because the icon for it is a lion playing the piano. Mommy has confirmed that it is a selection of musical games. She says that she doesn’t know how educational those games are but that we can still check them out.

That got me thinking. Educational? Isn’t that like learning? This isn’t a frustrating lesson. Doesn’t mommy know this isn’t about learning. KidloLand is for having fun!

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For the purpose of this review we were given a free subscription to the KidloLand app. All opinions expressed are honest and our own.

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