Lizzie Vintage Review and Giveaway

I’m not a typical girly girl. I like cars, playing in the mud, and all sports that involve a ball. That doesn’t mean that I don’t enjoy girly things. I like to play with my dolls, and I love to dress up in pretty clothes. A nice outfit with well chosen accessories just makes me feel good.

A little while ago I was contacted by Lizzie from Lizzie Vintage with a review collaboration proposal. Lizzie makes handmade custom items for babies and toddlers. I was quite excited to have some new clothes. Every fashionista would love to have an outfit made just for her.

Lizzie’s store has a number of patterns to chose from. Mommy and I took some time browsing through the options. There were several items that caught our eye but in the end we chose the reversible crossover dress with a matching hat to complete the outfit. We settled on the dress because it was adorable and weather appropriate for the time of year.

The next step was to submit our choice to Lizzie along with my size. Then we discussed fabrics and our colour and pattern preferences. We decided to go with blue and since the dress we chose is reversible it would be blue on one side and a delicate blue floral print on the other. With all the important decisions made there was nothing left to do but wait.

We received our notification that the outfit was ready and we began to anxiously wait by the mailbox. It didn’t take long for a pretty package to arrive and we rushed home to open it. It’s always so exciting to bring a parcel home not knowing exactly what we will find inside.

The packaging was really very pretty and thoughtful. The outfit was wrapped in tissue paper and placed in a fancy plastic film envelope to keep it safe. There was even a sweet card included written by Lizzie herself. The attention to detail and care in putting the package together was apparent.

Peachy in her new outfit from Lizzie Vintage

My new outfit

The outfit itself was equally impressive. Good quality fabrics stitched with care to produce a one of a kind piece. The overall quality of the garment is what you might expect to find in a high end store. The look and feel of the dress and hat that we received speaks of carefully crafted items by someone who cares. There was only one thing left to do, try it on!

The dress has snap buttons on the front of the shoulder straps. The back consists of two pieces the cross over each other without actually being joined. The section that overlaps is quite generous and the design allows for a lot of movement and flexibility without showing too much skin.

The hat is reversible too and it comes with generous straps that tie under the chin. If I wear it on the floral side it is a plain bonnet, but if I wear it on the blue side it has adorable ears with the floral fabric accents. The fabrics match the dress and I can wear the outfit several ways.

Peachy in her new outfit from Lizzie Vintage

I look extra cute!

After trying several variations, I settled on wearing the dress with the floral pattern showing and the hat with the blue side that has the ears. The little floral details pull the outfit together and the ears are too cute to hide. I added a pair of white shorts for modesty and comfort, plus my white ruffle socks to pull the outfit together. Adorable, isn’t it?

Lizzie and I want to give you the chance to win some custom items of your own. The winner of this giveaway will get to choose the same reversible crossover dress and hat that I picked out, a reversible romper with matching hat, or a garland for the nursery. Each option comes with your choice of fabrics and the clothing can be made in sizes to fit up to 3 years old.

Click here to enter.

Open worldwide. Must be 18 years of age or older. Winner will be notified by email. Accepting entries until October 31, 2017.

We were given the described outfit for the purpose of this review. All opinions are honest and our own.


Winter Outdoor Fun

Fresh air is good for babies and big girls like me. Last summer mommy and I spent a lot of time outdoors. It was my very first summer and we made a lot of great memories. We even managed to get daddy to join us on some of our outdoor adventures.

We took many walks around our neighbourhood with no real destination. There were many days spent at the park watching the big kids play. We hit the trails at the larger park down the street. Some days mommy and I even did our errands without bringing the car.

Outdoor fun doesn’t have to be complicated. You don’t even have to go very far. Some of our best adventures happened right in our back yard on lazy days when we didn’t feel like going anywhere. I even enjoy simply sitting on the porch and observing what the neighbourhood is up to.

When we’re on the move, I ride in my stroller. I like to watch the changing scenery and I really like to go fast. When we’re not moving, I prefer to be out of my stroller so that I can get a better look around me. Last summer I wasn’t big enough to really get involved but I still prefer to watch from mommy’s lap.

The winter makes it more difficult to have outdoor adventures when you live in a cold climate like we do. Some people say you should go out no matter what the weather, but we tend to choose indoor activities when it’s cold. These days many of our outings involve a car ride to some indoor location.

Last summer I wasn’t very mobile yet but these days I’m getting into all sorts of mischief. I can’t wait to see what I can get into outdoors. I do have a snowsuit that mommy and daddy bought me so that we can go sledding but there hasn’t been any opportunity to use it. We happened to be sick on the good sledding days and since then snow and dreadful cold seem to come together.

This winter we have had bouts of unseasonably warm weather among the dreadfully cold spells. Although there wasn’t any snow on these occasions, we did manage to get some fresh air by squeezing in some walks. It’s important to dress appropriately for the weather in order to be comfortable out there.

Baby wearing a jacket ready for outdoor winter fun

I’m feeling warm and stylish

I have been getting some good use out of my faux suede coat made by George. I have been using it since the fall and it still works on those warmer winter days. It’s not as thick as my snowsuit jacket but the faux shearing lining does keep me quite warm. The hood is nice too as it keeps the wind out of my ears.

Mommy likes to dress me in layers when we head out. Underneath my jacket I wear a long-sleeved shirt and a sweater with a hood. Warm socks are a must and a pair of my thicker pants to keep my legs warm. To finish things off I have a blanket over my legs and feet to make sure I don’t catch a chill.

My jacket has been keeping me quite comfortable on our walks. It’s also great for car rides as it keeps me warm for the short trips to and from the car. Once in the car it’s easy to unbutton the front so that I don’t get overly warm.

I have been getting a lot of compliments on my coat and I must say that I do feel pretty in it. It’s soft and fuzzy both inside and out. There are two cute pockets on the front and nice detailing around the waist. It comes in two colours options. Pink with cream shearing or tan with pink shearing. I opted for the tan and I don’t regret it.

If I feel like accessorizing, or when mommy thinks it’s necessary, I wear my matching faux suede winter boots with the fur trim. I generally prefer to not wear shoes of any kind but I’ll occasionally put up with shoes for a little while. Mommy tells me I look extra cute when I wear my coat and boots. I do like to look good so it’s hard to argue with that.

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Furry Feet

Warm summer days have been replaced by cold days of autumn. No more playing in the sun on my blanket in the backyard. No more watching the big kids splash around at the water park. Our walks to the store have been replaced by drives to the store.

The effects of the changing weather don’t stop at our activities. With colder weather comes a brand new wardrobe. My sleeveless one piece suits and strappy sandals have been replaced with long-sleeved tops, pants, and fuzzy slippers. That’s what this post is all about. My brand new fuzzy slippers.

Does anyone like having cold feet and toes? I doubt that anyone does and neither do I. On those really chilly days when socks alone won’t do the job, I wear my favourite fuzzy slippers. They keep me toasty warm in comfort and style.

Baby wearing Claw Boot Style Slippers by George

I have furry feet!

My favourite slippers are the Claw Boot Style Slippers by George. They are white and super fuzzy with adorable brown felt claws. They transform my tiny feet into big and fluffy paws. Mommy tells me they look very cute on me. I rather like them too.

My slippers have a loose elastic around the ankle which makes them really easy to slide onto my feet. Mommy doesn’t have to wrestle my kicking limbs into these slippers. They go on easier than socks. That’s a feature that both mommy and I enjoy.

These slippers have several others nice features. They are quite roomy with ample space for all of my toes. Nobody likes to have their feet squished. They are just as soft on the inside as they are on the outside which I certainly appreciate. The soles have clever non-skid grip which comes in very handy for me these days. Perhaps most importantly, these slippers really do keep my feet very warm.

Mommy bought my slippers at Walmart for less than $10. I don’t know if that’s a lot but mommy tells me that it’s a fairly good deal for a slipper that I can get some good use out of. I do use them quite often these days. Mommy likes that these slippers can withstand machine washing. I have a talent for making things grimy.

Love My Loungewear

I like to lounge around the house on lazy Sunday mornings. Those relaxing times with my mommy and daddy are the best! We play, laugh, and watch tv from the comfort of our living room couches. It’s fun, laid back, and the three of us are together. It’s my favourite part of the week.

There are three things you need for a successful lazy Sunday morning. The first and most important requirement are people who you love. Second, you need comfy couches to lounge on. The third requirement is loungewear. You don’t want to ruin relaxing lounge time by wearing something uncomfortable.

One of my favourite outfits for lounging around is this cute romper made by George. The cotton and polyester blend is so comfortable. This light weight fabric is perfect for around the house activities. The smart tagless design means there is nothing poking me in the back of the neck and that’s something I really appreciate.

Baby in swing wearing romper by George baby

Ready for couch time!

Comfort is important but when you’re a stylish baby like me, you want to make sure you look good too. The ruffles at the top of the sleeves add to my natural cuteness and I love the adorable owl on the front. I’m a big fan of the colour. It’s pink but not over the top, for that soft girlish look.

Along with comfort, and looking adorable, a winning outfit must be practical and this romper is exactly that. The inseam has snaps for quick and easy diaper changes. The long sleeves and longer pant legs are perfect for this time of year. It keeps me warm without making me sweaty. On cooler days mommy puts a pair of comfy slippers on my feet and I’m ready for cushy couch time.

Mommy bought this romper at Walmart for under $10. This romper is such a great find that mommy bought several in different sizes so that I’ll be able to keep this outfit as part of my wardrobe for the next year. That’s thinking ahead!

Rattle Booties

Check out my booties. Aren’t they cute? I think they’re awesome. These are one of my favourite accessories. Plus, they make my feet look huge, which I find immensely funny. Mommy says that’s because they’re a bit too big. But that’s not a problem. I’ll grow into them.

I have funny booties on my feet.

I have funny booties on my feet.

They may be too big but they stay on my feet very well. Mommy pulls them up my calves and the stretchy, elastic fabric makes them stay put. They keep my feet, and a good portion of my legs, toasty warm. Because the elastic is built into the fabric, there are no pressure points to dig into my skin. My booties stay on without making me uncomfortable,

These booties are made by Baby Fehn and mommy bought mine at Walmart. They don’t seem to be in stock at the moment. Baby Fehn might have discontinued these particular booties. But they do make rattlebooties of other varieties which I imagine would work just as well.

Mommy likes that these booties are machine washable. I like that they are bright orange and fuzzy. Baby Fehn makes these booties with different characters. Mine have mice on them. They are fun to look at and they make it easier to grab my feet. I like to tug at them.

Now we get to the best part. My booties rattle when I kick my feet! The first time I wore them, I couldn’t figure out where the sound was coming from. But now I know how the sound is made and I can make it on purpose. The more vigorously I kick, the louder they go.

I love my rattle booties. They are a stylish accessory to any outfit. My booties keep my feet from getting cold. They have fun faces to look at. And if all that wasn’t enough, the rattles provide hours of entertainment. A cute and functional addition to my wardrobe, and a built in toy too!

Snuggly Pajamas

It may be spring but we’re still getting some cold nights over here. When it gets chilly, there is only one thing I need for a cozy night….My purple fleece footie pajamas!

Pink Elephant likes my purple pajamas.

Pink Elephant likes my purple pajamas.

I just love the colour and everyone tells me I look amazing in purple. The white polka dots are a nice touch too. There are also white bows down the front and a cute penguin appliqué on the left side. Sorry that the photo doesn’t show you the penguin, but you can see it if you click on this link.

My purple pajamas are super comfortable. The fabric is a very soft micro fleece that keeps me toasty warm. They are also very functional and easy to put on with snaps all the way to the bottom. On cool days I wear my pajamas all day long. Good for sleep and play.

My favourite pajamas are another Carter’s product. Mommy bought mine at Sears. This time mommy thought ahead and bought several sizes before they ran out of stock. We don’t want a repeat of the disappointment we had with my strawberry romper. I’m all set with my favourite pajamas for the next year!

My Strawberry Romper

It finally feels like summer is on it’s way. I have been waiting for this my entire life! I can’t wait to get outdoors and play in the sun. And with warmer weather comes a wardrobe change. I have been exploring the left side of my closet where my rompers, bodysuits, and short-sleeved shirts are kept.

Take a look at this cute romper I found. It’s so comfy and mommy tells me I look super cute in it. It’s navy blue with white polka dots. It has short flutter sleeves and pink bows down the front. Best of all, it has a strawberry appliqué on the rump. I would show you, but I’m a lady.

How cute am I in my Strawberry Romper?

How cute am I in my Strawberry Romper?

The smart design has snaps all the way up, so Mommy doesn’t have to squeeze my melon through it. Mommy likes that and it makes me happy too. The appliqué snap-up romper is made by Carter’s and it’s my favourite summer outfit.

Sadly, I went through a growth spurt since this photo was taken, and my favourite romper no longer fits. Mommy has been trying to get me another one in a bigger size, but it seems that Carter’s doesn’t make them any more. Summer just won’t be the same without my strawberry romper.