#DreamTeam Linky Roundup

Last week I was co-hosting the #DreamTeam linky along with Bridget from Bridie By The Sea, Nicola from All Things Spiced, and Helen from Talking Mums. My fabulous co-hosts and I were stepping in for Annette from 3 Little Buttons, and Dawn from Rhyming with Wine, who were enjoying a well deserved vacation. I hope they had a marvellous time!

This week Annette and Dawn are back with Bridget and the #DreamTeam linky has its hosts again. The world is back in order and things are as they should be. The #DreamTeam is back! Welcome home!

#DreamTeam badge

A big thank you to the #DreamTeam for giving me the chance to help out and be a part of this fabulous community. Co-hosting the linky was an amazing experience and I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to be involved. It was an honour to be a guest co-host and I am thrilled to have had this chance to see the #DreamTeam linky from the other side of the fence.

Last week we had a total of 55 posts linked up and, as always, they were of the highest quality. There were many familiar faces, and a few blogs that I had never visited before. It’s always nice to visit old friends and make new ones at the same time. Thank you to all who joined in last week. You make this linky the awesome thing that it is and without you there would be no #DreamTeam.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank my fellow co-hosts for being so friendly and kind. Everyone was always willing to jump in with answers to any questions and the desire to make the linky run smoothly was clearly apparent at every turn. You made this experience that much more enjoyable for me.

As co-host, I have one more job to do and it’s probably the best part of all. I get to choose two of my favourite posts and name my featured bloggers! Blogging is hard work and I just love to give encouragement and recognition for a job well done, so this task is close to my heart.

There were so many great posts last week and it was not easy to pick just two favourites. Blogging is an art and judging art is subjective. There is no right or wrong way to write a blog post. All I can do is pick two posts that caught my eye and resonated with me. So without further ado, here are my two featured bloggers.

My Featured Bloggers

My first post is 5 Reasons Why The End Of Nap Time Isn’t The End Of The World by Alana from Burnished Chaos. With a “before” and “now” comparison, Alana has done a great job of putting a positive spin on something most parents dread. I’m not quite ready to give up my naps just yet, but this is a topic that mommy and I talk about every once in a while.

My second post is A Canvas for Daddy by Katie from Mummy Snowy Owl. Katie wrote about a DIY project that is just right for little hands. Mommy and I love this idea and it’s perfect for kids of all ages. Just because you’re small doesn’t mean you can’t create art.

Well done Alana and Katie! Thanks for sharing your fabulous posts with the #DreamTeam. Don’t forget to grab your featured blogger badge and display it with pride!

3 Little Buttons
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A brand new instalment of the #DreamTeam linky went live this morning. Make sure you visit Bridget, Annette, and Dawn to join the party and link up. You wouldn’t want to miss out on being a part of this amazing community. Besides, you can’t be a #DreamTeam featured blogger if you don’t link up!

Father’s Day 2.0

Today is Father’s Day, or as I like to call it, Daddy’s Day. My daddy is the best! We have so much fun together and daddy is the best at making me laugh. He is full of surprises and always thinks up some way to put a smile on my face. I love my daddy.

This year is my daddy’s second Father’s Day. Last year I got daddy a card and mommy ordered a custom printed photo collage. We framed it and hung it up in the hallway to commemorate daddy’s first ever Father’s Day. It’s still there now and when I see it I’m amazed by how much I have grown.

When I think about what daddy was like a year ago, he’s not all that different. Daddy was always the silly one that brought out the giggles in me. That’s what daddy and I have always been about. The things that bring out my biggest giggles might have changed, but daddy’s ability to get those giggles out is the same.

I on the other hand have changed so much over the past year. I am much bigger and my sense of humour is very different. I still like being tossed in the air, and daddy’s tickles get me every time, but my other comedy preferences have matured. It’s a good thing that daddy is willing to put in the effort to figure out how to tickle my funny bone.

I have changed in other ways too. Not only do I no longer struggle with sitting upright by myself, I can actually walk and even run all over the house. I am much more aware of how my family works and I understand our routines. I get excited when daddy comes home and I run to him when he comes through the door. I can even say a few words and of course, dada is among them.

Peachy and her daddy in 2016

Father’s Day 2016

This year I got daddy a card for Father’s Day. Mommy made a few suggestions on which cards we should get but I knew which one was made for daddy the moment I saw it. We also picked up some chocolate because daddy loves chocolate, along with some new shirts, and a pretty gift bag to put it all in. Daddy was so surprised when he opened his presents!

Mommy and I also ordered a few photos of my favourite moments with daddy from the last year. There was also a custom card from me with my picture on the front and another picture of daddy and I taken last year on Father’s Day. Unfortunately, these items have not arrived in time for Father’s Day. Daddy will have to be patient.

Most weekends mommy and I convince daddy to join us on some sort of adventure, or we give him a project to work on. This weekend we’re letting daddy take it easy. We’ve been having a relaxing day at home as a family just the way daddy likes it. Daddy works hard all week and there is nothing he likes more than having a weekend to relax. It’s part of his Father’s Day present.

I know that daddy sometimes feels like he takes a second place to mommy since mommy and I spend so much time together, but that’s not true. Daddy has his own special place in my heart and it is no smaller than the place I have for mommy. We may have less time together but the time we do have is very precious to me. I hope daddy knows how much he means to me and what a huge part he plays in my life. I love you daddy!

Happy Father’s Day

Peachy the Backyard Birdwatcher

Last autumn mommy bought a bird feeder. Daddy installed it in the backyard. It was conveniently attached to the deck just outside our patio door. We filled it with seeds and waited patiently for feathered friends to arrive. Nobody came.

The winter arrived and our hopes of watching birds enjoy our seeds got buried beneath the snow. Our seeds failed to attract a single bird. The bird feeder was left out there forgotten with the seeds untouched. It seemed that our efforts were wasted.

The spring came and the snow melted revealing our shiny bird feeder. Full of seeds and ready for business, the sight of the bird feeder reignited our hopes of seeing birds frolic on our deck. Surely hungry birds were bound to notice our bird feeder. We watched and waited while the bird feeder hung on its post. Nothing happened and no birds arrived.

Daddy wondered if we chose a poor spot for the bird feeder. Perhaps the birds didn’t feel safe there? Mommy thought that maybe there was something wrong with the seeds. Were they too old? The wrong kind? I started to think that birds might simply not exist in our backyard.

As the days got longer and warmer, and birds continued to avoid our bird feeder like the plague, we began to lose interest. For whatever reason the birds were not coming. Unable to figure out what we had done wrong, we began to move on and forget about our bird feeder once again.

Every night when the sun sets, mommy closes the curtains that hang above the patio door. Each morning at breakfast, mommy opens them again so that I can look outside while I eat. One morning I sat in my high chair looking out the window while mommy spooned yogurt into my mouth. All of a sudden, a bird appeared on the railing of our deck.

I froze and stared in awe drawing mommy’s attention to our little visitor. It was a tiny bird. A common sparrow of below average size. Possibly a young one born in the spring. As unimpressive as he might sound, he was a true bird and he was at our bird feeder eating our seeds. In our eyes, he was the greatest bird ever!

That morning the little sparrow and I ate our breakfast together. Once he ate his fill, he spread his wings and flew away leaving me amazed. I had seen birds many times but I had never observed a bird so closely before. He was beautiful and awe-inspiring.

In the days that followed I watched the bird feeder diligently. From the time those curtains opened at breakfast, until the sun went down each evening, I observed our bird feeder. Mommy and daddy helped keep watch as we waited and hoped. A week went by and nothing. Then two weeks and still nothing.

Peachy the birdwatcher can't find her birds

Where did he go?

We began to let our guard down and we watched the bird feeder less and less with each day. Eventually we would only cast an occasional glance in that direction never really expecting to see anything. Was our encounter with the bird a fluke that wouldn’t be repeated again? It was beginning to look that way.

One morning as I waited in my high chair for my breakfast, mommy opened the curtains to a fluttering of feathers. It was surprising and startling but once the dust settled, there was nobody there. Mommy stepped away from the window and began feeding me my breakfast as if nothing had happened. I followed mommy’s lead. Maybe I had imagined the strange fluttering.

After a few minutes my eye was drawn to some movement and as I directed my gaze in that direction I spotted a red coloured finch sitting on the deck. He jumped up to the bird feeder and proceeded to eat. Moments later a second finch arrived, followed by a sparrow. They ate and frolicked together, fluttering and chattering in bird-like fashion.

Since that morning, birds have been visiting us every day. They eat, chase each other, sing to one another, and chirp insults at our cats. I have lots of company at breakfast now and often throughout the day. Sometimes I accidentally spook them when I run at the door and come to a stop with a thump on the glass, but the birds always come back again.

I like the birds so much that I don’t even mind the fact that mommy has been using them to teach me a few new things. Learning is hard and I don’t really like to be pushed to learn but when it comes to birds, I don’t mind. I have even successfully learned a few of the things mommy has been showing me.

I know they’re called birds and when I hear mommy say “bird”, I look for it. I try to say “bird” when I see one at the bird feeder or even at the park. It doesn’t sound quite right but most of the sounds are there. It’s a hard word to say! When the birds flutter away I wave goodbye to them. Sometimes I throw an uh-oh in there for good measure. That’s my favourite word of all.

It seems that our bird feeder has become very popular and lately we’ve been having visitors of a different kind. For about a week I’ve observed furry creatures eating out of our bird feeder. Birds are supposed to have feathers! Mommy tells me these creatures are called squirrels. I don’t know anything about them yet but I do hope they stick around.

I love our bird feeder! It has brought so many friends right to our door. They keep me company and put on a good show. Now it’s hard to imagine that just a couple of months ago our bird feeder was a desolate place, barren and devoid of any life. Now it’s the fashionable place to be!

Fun in the Sun

This year the warm weather has been rather slow to assert itself. We’ve had unseasonably cool temperatures with grey skies and rain. The summer solstice is a week away but it has barely felt like summer at all. More like a slow spring after a long winter.

It has been such a cold summer that the heat wave which dropped down upon us late last week was a welcome surprise. We finally had several days of truly hot weather and nobody complained about it. Over the weekend it seemed that everyone was out enjoying the unbearable heat and humid air.

My family was no exception. We left the comfort of our air-conditioned home and set out in search of some fun in the sun. What we found were crowds of people. The park was too busy for me to play safely and there wasn’t even an empty bench in sight.

Much to my dismay, we retreated back to the safety of our house. I was looking forward to adventures! I was even perfectly willing to battle crowds if it meant having some fun. Sadly, mommy didn’t think it was safe for me to do so. Mommy thinks I’m too small to run around in a crowd.

I was feeling disappointed as mommy carried me upstairs to my room and got me ready for a diaper change. Then something strange happened. Mommy put a weird diaper on me. It didn’t feel like my usual diapers and it didn’t go on the same way either. Instead of being fastened at the front like every diaper I have ever worn, I had to put my feet into it like pants.

Next mommy brought out an outfit for me that I had never seen before. It was one piece like a bodysuit but the fabric felt strange and it had funny straps at the top. Unlike all my other bodysuits, this one didn’t go on over my head. I had to put my feet into it first and then mommy pulled it up, got my arms through the straps, and pulled the straps up onto my shoulders.

I was somewhat confused by this process but once I was in there, the outfit felt quite comfortable. Next mommy put me in the crib while she searched for something in my closet, and then my dresser. I’m not sure what was going on. I was too busy investigating the strange outfit I was wearing.

When mommy and I went back downstairs, I realized daddy was missing. Mommy didn’t even slow down. She simply carried me to the patio door and before I knew it we were outside on our deck. Mommy carried me down the stairs to the backyard and set me down on the patio.

Moments later daddy popped out from the shed carrying two patio chairs and the large umbrella with its stand. That’s when I noticed the blue circular thing behind me. I’ve been on the patio before and I am sure that wasn’t there before. Mommy called it a kiddie pool, but nobody explained where it came from.

I didn’t have much time to investigate. Mommy scooped me up and put me inside it! I was very surprised to find that it was full of water. Having suddenly found myself waist deep in water, I did the only sensible thing I could think of. I began frantically slapping my hands down on the surface of the water.

Peachy is having fun in the sun

It’s like having a bath outside

Splashing is fun! After a good ten minutes of furious splashing, I began to calm down. Mommy brought out a few of my waterproof toys and deployed them around me. Daddy set up the umbrella above me and a chair on either side. The three of us spent a fair bit of time relaxing and playing in this configuration.

After a while I decided I wanted to get out of the pool and do some exploring around the yard. Mommy helped me out and dried me off with a towel. Shoes were put on my feet and I was set free. While I was busy running around mommy placed a blanket on the grass underneath our tree and she sat down on it.

Once I was done stretching my legs, I came over to see what mommy was up to. She was just sitting there. I got onto the blanket with mommy to keep her company. We played with leaves and pieces of grass for a while. It was very interesting. I had never really looked at grass that way before.

I started feeling a bit warm and I though I nice dip in the pool would refresh me. Mommy helped me get back in the water and it was indeed very refreshing. Daddy adjusted the umbrella to keep me in the shade and we spent a while longer on the patio together. It felt so good to be splashing around in the water on such a hot day.

When I got bored with the pool for a second time, we decided to pack things up and go back inside. I was starting to get a bit hungry and mommy promised me a snack, so I didn’t fuss about it. After my snack I had a great nap. It was such an amazing day.

The best part was that the following day was another hot and humid one and we did the same thing all over again. It was just as much fun as the first time. Maybe it was even more fun because I knew what to expect and I wasted no time jumping into my pool.

The three of us ended up spending a good portion of our weekend in our own backyard and every one of us felt great about that. It turns out, you don’t have to go very far for a good time. Sometimes the best place to go is just outside the door.

#DreamTeam Linky

A little while ago I tried my hand at co-hosting a linky and I was hooked! It was a lot of fun and a wonderful experience. I love the blogging community and visiting these blogs is like visiting old friends.

In April Diary of a Little Peach celebrated its one year anniversary. I thought it would be a good idea to recap some of the successes of our first year and set some goals for our second year. Co-hosting more linkies obviously became one of my goals.

Recently I heard that Annette from 3 Little Buttons, and Dawn from Rhyming with Wine were going on a well earned vacation. This left the #DreamTeam linky in need of co-hosts to help out. I knew this was the opportunity I had been waiting for and quickly jumped on the chance to get involved.

This week the #DreamTeam linky will be hosted by Bridget from Bridie By The Sea, Nicola from All Things Spiced, Helen from Talking Mums, and me! I’m so excited to be involved. Let’s get this linky party started!


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Our Weaning Journey

I am eighteen months old and it has been four months since I’ve had breast milk. I’m a big girl now and it’s whole cow’s milk for me. I like my milk and my favourite way to drink it is from a bottle. I prefer drinking water and juice from a sippy cup but milk is different somehow.

I get one bottle of milk in the morning before breakfast, and another one at the end of my day. That works out to anywhere between 10 and 12 ounces per day and my doctor said that was perfect for a girl my age. If I have oatmeal, I have a bit more milk that day and that’s not a problem.

Before I weaned off breast milk, I drank half of it from a bottle too. Mommy always fed me half of my milk directly from her, and the other half she prepared for me ahead of time and served it in a bottle. That system always worked well for us. Although I prefered the bottle, nursing was a nice bonding time with mommy.

For us, weaning happened very organically. When I was around twelve months old I began eating more solid food and drinking less milk. As a result, mommy started producing less milk. In the past, if mommy noticed her supply dwindling she would have pumped more often to get her supply back up again. This time she just let it happen.

At my twelve month doctor’s appointment we discussed weaning with my doctor. She said there wasn’t much evidence supporting the need for continuing to breastfeed and that I was more than ready for cow’s milk. My doctor also said that the drawback to continuing to breastfeed much longer is that older babies become more attached to nursing and have a harder time weaning when the time comes.

Since our weaning journey was already happening of its own accord, and continuing as we were would require us to fight against nature, mommy decided it was a good time to begin our weaning journey. The plan was that over the next few months I would gradually transition to cow’s milk alone and leave breast milk behind. We figured we would be done by my next appointment at fifteen months.

The first phase was easy. Mommy began to cut back on the number of times she pumped milk during the day. This was never something that mommy enjoyed doing and it took up a lot of time. Getting rid of that was a relief to mommy, more convenient for all of us, and nobody missed it.

Mommy always liked to give me some milk in a bottle so that she could be sure that I was getting a fair amount of milk every day. As mommy began to pump less, she started adding cow’s milk to top up my bottles every day. By the time mommy was done pumping milk altogether, I was getting pure cow’s milk in my bottles.

The transition to cow’s milk was very easy for me. I always liked the taste, it never upset my stomach, and I had a long period of time to get used to it as the ratio of breast milk to cow’s milk gradually changed. Up until this point our weaning journey was going well but our nursing schedule was unchanged.

I always preferred drinking milk from a bottle. It takes a lot less effort to get the milk out that way. For me, nursing was always more like my pacifier. I liked the bonding time with mommy. It was always in a quiet room and it was a peaceful and relaxing time for us to spend together. It was nice, but I was ready to move on.

Peachy prepares for weaning

This is the face of someone who is ready.

Mommy wasn’t as ready as I was. Between all the solid food and cow’s milk, I didn’t really need mommy’s milk anymore and I wasn’t willing to work for it. Whatever I could get easily I would drink but then I would give up and be content just sitting there and hanging out with mommy.

Mommy’s supply kept getting lower and I continued to give up on nursing sooner. Mommy started cutting back on the number of times we had our nursing sessions. Instead, we did other things together. This worked well because when I did nurse, there was more milk and I would keep drinking longer.

Soon we were down to just one nursing time per day. It was the one before my daytime nap. The one that helped me get to sleep. At first things went well and this moment of our day continued as it always was. Then the milk supply started being insufficient again and I would give up on it before I was ready to sleep.

It became clear that we would have to find a replacement for my nap time routine. After nursing, mommy began giving me my pacifier and reading me a story. I liked that a lot. It was just as good as nursing. Maybe even better as there was no effort involved on my part. I was ready to give up on nursing altogether and complete my weaning journey.

Mommy was not ready to let go. She continued to insist that I at least try nursing for a bit before story time. Even when I made it clear that it was time to let it go by turning away after just two or three minutes, mommy still made me at least try every day. I guess I can understand her point of view. This had been a huge part of our routine for fourteen months.

In some ways it was an even bigger part of mommy’s life than it had been mine. She was pumping milk and making sure the milk she was making was of sufficient quantity and quality for me. Making milk and thinking about milk was at the center of mommy’s world. Second only to me. It was hard for mommy to reprogram her brain.

Not only did weaning mean a change in mommy’s routine, and letting go of something she worked very hard for, it was also closely linked to our bonding time. For me, bonding time was just as nice with a cuddle and a story. For mommy, it was different. It took her longer to adapt to our new routine and to appreciate this big girl bonding time the same way that I did.

Perhaps most significantly, weaning was the end of something. When it comes to me, mommy doesn’t like it when things change and the truth is that I am a bundle of constant change. I outgrow clothes at an alarming rate. I learn new skills just about every day. I grow new teeth and my hair gets thicker as well as longer all the time. Mommy struggles to keep up and weaning was just another change that mommy wasn’t quite ready for.

Time waits for no one. Mommy put up a good fight but she couldn’t keep it up forever. One day in February, we skipped our nursing time. I barely noticed but I could tell mommy was upset. The next day we were back at it and again the following day. Then another dry day, followed by one more.

It was time for mommy to accept the truth. I wasn’t a baby anymore. Somewhere along the way I had grown into a big girl and I didn’t need mommy’s milk anymore. Physically mommy was feeling fine but emotionally she was hurting. It was the end of an era and there was no going back.

I knew mommy was sad and I had to make her feel better. One day while mommy was resting on the couch, I climbed up on top of her, pressed myself close to her heart and fell asleep with mommy’s arms wrapped around me. I woke up to find mommy looking at me. In that moment I knew mommy was going to be ok. All she needed was a good snuggle.

Four Digits is Better Than Three

Yesterday was a great day. Mommy and I sat glued to the computer screen as we anxiously watched our Twitter following grow. For a while it stalled at 996, and then paused briefly at 999. The suspense was at an all time high when it happened. 1000! Quadruple digits!

That set the tone for the rest of the day and put mommy and I in a great mood. We want to share the good vibes with all of you by hosting a Twitter party. Our third #APeachyParty will be held on Friday June 23rd at 1:00 pm Eastern Time. This party is meant to celebrate all of our fans and the blogging community that we are so proud to be a part of.

Mommy and I want you all to know how much it means to us when people visit our blog, like one of our posts, or take the time to leave a comment. We value everyone who follows us on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, or Google+. Every time someone reaches out to us through email or social media, it brightens our day. It’s these interactions that make blogging worthwhile for us.

We want to thank each and every one of you for being a part of our journey. That was the purpose behind #APeachyParty from the day we first created it when we hosted our first Twitter party in September of 2016. Please join us on the June 23rd and let us thank you for being the amazing group of people you are.


You’re invited!

We know we have an international audience spanning different time zones. If you need a bit of help figuring out what time the party starts in your time zone, click here.

Every time we host a Twitter party, we learn something new. One of the things we learned the last time is that some people stay away from Twitter parties because they can be hard to follow. We searched for a solution and we think we found a tool that’s great at solving this problem.

We would like to introduce you to TweetChat. Just enter the #APeachyParty hashtag and be taken to the party room. TweetChat will show you only the relevant conversations and filter out all of the noise. You can also join in the conversation directly through TweetChat and it even adds the #APeachyParty hashtag to your tweet automatically.

Another thing we learned last time, is that people are busy and appreciate a reminder. We really should have known that but for some reason we didn’t prepare for this ahead of time. The result was an incomplete list of reminder requests that didn’t get sent out until much too late. This time, we’re prepared and we even have an official reminder request form. Just fill in the following three fields and you will receive a reminder as the party approaches.

We have a lot of fun stuff planned for the party but we’re not going to reveal all the details just yet. To find out more, watch for updates on Twitter and visit the #APeachyParty page. You can find the link in the ribbon at the top. Check back often for insider information as we will be revealing details in stages.

The #APeachyParty page will remain active until the end of July. As soon as the party is over, the #APeachyParty page will convert to the after party. You will be able to find links to all of the fun activities we have planned, as well as party highlights, and party favours. Don’t forget to check back after the party!

Mommy and I do hope you join us on June 23rd, 2017 at 1:00pm Eastern Time for #APeachyParty. We would love to see you there.

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