Beauty of Rwanda Giveaway

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Here you will find all of the giveaways I’m currently hosting along with any restrictions, and links to the reviews in case you are looking for more information. I will be updating this page regularly so make sure you check back often. There are some fabulous giveaways happening right now, so why not head over now and get started?

Adorable baby girl in pajamas

You do like free stuff, don’t you?

The latest giveaway has been added today. These items are generously being donated by Beauty of Rwanda. This organization has a powerful message with a great vision and solid core values. Diary of a Little Peach is pleased to partner with Beauty of Rwanda and we want to take this moment to thank them for allowing us to host this giveaway on their behalf. We are honoured to be involved in raising awareness about the issues women are facing in Rwanda and we sincerely hope that we can inspire others to get involved in any way they can.

Beauty of Rwanda is a not-for-profit organization empowering the girls and women in rural areas of Rwanda by facilitating the acquisition of skills in order to establish an alternative form of sustainable income. Investing in these ladies helps these women as well as those around them by providing financial stability and driving change. Beauty of Rwanda seeks to empower the female population in a place where they are still part of a disadvantaged group.

Beauty of Rwanda is a member of The British Association of Fair Trade Shops and Suppliers. They specialize in jewelry and unique home decor items. Their products are hand-woven and environmentally friendly. Each piece is crafted by hand with care and attention to quality. These unique items are sure to draw the eye while empowering and inspiring.

By supporting this organization you are helping to evolve alternative strategies of education and enabling the disadvantaged girls and women of Rwanda to participate as equal citizens. Check out their website to purchase some of these unique products, or donate to the cause, and help these ladies invest in the development of themselves, their families, and their communities.

Beauty of Rwanda has put together this generous prize for our readers. Head over to the giveaway and you can win yourself a beautiful set of handmade jewelry and a pretty bowl to store it in. This giveaway consists of a set of spiral disc earnings made from banana fibre, one checkers necklace made from recycled paper and beads, one Rwanda bracelet, and a decorative zigzag bowl made from grass and sisal. Don’t they look lovely? Click the link or the image below to be taken to the giveaway for your chance to win.

Beauty of Rwanda jewelry and bowl

Beauty of Rwanda Jewelry Set and Bowl

Contest open to UK residents only. Must be 18 years of age or older. Winner will be notified by email. Accepting entries until May 31, 2017.

Looking for an easy way to get involved in this very worthwhile cause? Help spread the word about the Beauty of Rwanda by entering the giveaway and sharing the link with all your friends. Raise awareness and get a chance at some free stuff. That’s what I call a win-win situation.

More of a hands on kind of person? Click here to find what you can do to help. You can host a party, run a fundraiser, or suggest your own way of getting involved. Here’s your chance to use your own unique skills to support impoverished women and change their world.

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A Pleasant Surprise

Mommy and I love free samples. We are such big fans of free stuff that we even made a special section on our blog for free sample resources. You can find the link in the ribbon bar at the top of the page, or you can click here and go there directly.

The first time I told you about these samples was in April when I blogged about the free samples of baby products that mommy and I received from our 3 favourite freebie resources. In May Nestle sent us an additional sample and I told you all about that. Since then, there have been no updates and no further freebies being sent. We received the odd coupon but no free products.

Last week we picked up our mail and there was a little surprise waiting for us. It seems that the people at Enfamil haven’t forgotten about me. They sent us a little box with writing in big letters on the outside promising to contain samples. We bundled up our mail and rushed home excited to open the box.

Baby girl sitting on a couch

What’s in the box?

We brought the mail home and laid it out on the table. After a quick sort of the envelopes and advertisements, it was time to turn our attention to the much-anticipated small box sitting on the corner of the table. Opening boxes of mysterious goodies is so exciting!

Inside the little box were 4 single serve pouches of Enfagrow A+ toddler drink powder. Two pouches contain the milk flavour drink, and two have the vanilla flavour drink. There was also a $5 off coupon for more of this product.

According to the packaging, this toddler drink is formulated for little people between 12 and 36 months old. I’m not quite there yet but my first birthday is only a few months away. Mommy said she will keep this sample in my kitchen cupboard until I am big enough to try it. I can’t wait. I hope I like it!

For Newborn Eyes

I’m a big girl! At my age, I have fairly well-developed vision. I can see for some distance now, and I can see mommy all the way on the other side of the room. My eyes can focus very well and I even have some depth perception. This is very helpful for when I’m trying to grab something, which these days is just about all the time. These abilities took months to develop.

When I was born, my vision wasn’t anywhere near what it is now. I could only see about ten inches in front of myself. Everything else was a blur. I couldn’t even distinguish what was close and what was far. I wasn’t an unusual baby with worse eyesight than most. Not at all! Newborn babies just don’t see very well. Our eyes need further development at the time of birth.

Infant in a bassinet

Brand new me!

Limited sight doesn’t mean newborn babies don’t enjoy looking at things. At that age, we enjoy looking at faces, but other things are interesting to us as well. My mommy engaged my eyes from the first week with simple high contrast images. It is easiest for newborn babies to see black, white, and red. Bold shapes in these colours are the most interesting to us at that stage of life and development.

Not only did I find these pictures interesting, they also helped me develop my eyesight by giving me something to practice focusing my eyes on. I’m very glad that mommy took the time to find those pictures for me. Mommy taped them up in places that I could see them. My favourite spot is above the changing table. To this day, there are some of those pictures up there, and I still like to look at them. Mommy says she will put new, more advanced pictures up there soon, but for now it’s still the original ones that I see.

I want to do my part for all the newborn babies out there. I used my personal experiences to come up with some designs of my own. I used high contrast patterns and bold colours to make it easy for new eyes to focus on them. Here are a few of my favourite ones.

The first two are basic images for beginners. The second two are slightly more complex for the second stage of development. Feel free to use these images. You can click on the gallery, scroll through them, save them, and print them for future use.

The Rumours are True

In April I told you about some of the awesome free samples that mommy and I got in the mail. Did you sign up for yours yet? Here’s a quick recap. Don’t miss out on these great offers.


This is the best one that we got. Nestle sent us a diaper bag, a change pad, 2 Huggies diapers, 1 NUK pacifier, 4 pack of liquid Good Start Stage 1 formula, and a can of the Good Start Stage 1 powder.


This was a good freebie as well. Similac sent us a box of formula which included their ready to go liquid version, and two types of powder; Similac Advance and Partially Broken Down Protein.


The people at Enfamil were less generous but it was still worth the time. They sent us some of their single serve tubes of powder formula. There were two kinds of formula included; Enfamil A+ and Gentlease

I also told you that I heard rumours about Nestle. Apparently, once you sign up for their freebies, they keep sending out more samples that are age appropriate for a growing baby. We received our initial sample pack months ago and I was starting to doubt that anything more would be coming. I am a whole 5 months old now, and that’s a long time to wait for a little person like me.

Ooh! Have you heard?

Ooh! More freebies.

Last week my daddy picked up the mail, and guess what! There was a little package for us. Mommy and I just love those little surprises that show up in our mailbox. It’s so exciting. What could be inside?

It was our next free sample from Nestle! This time we got a pouch of Gerber Rice Cereal. I can’t wait to try it out. So the rumours are true. I wonder if they’ll send us anything else. I’m anxious to find out.


Freebies for Me?

Mommy likes a good deal, and I like to have lots of stuff. Free samples work well for both of us. Besides, who among us doesn’t like free stuff? Nobody, that’s who.

Freebies for Me

Would you like some free stuff?

Mommy found some decent freebies that she wanted me to share with you. While there are many minor freebies out there, I’m only going to tell you about the really good ones that you definitely don’t want to miss out on.


This is the best one that we got. Nestle sent us a diaper bag, a change pad, 2 Huggies diapers, 1 NUK pacifier, 4 pack of liquid Good Start Stage 1 formula, and a can of the Good Start Stage 1 powder.


This was a good freebie as well. Similac sent us a box of formula which included their ready to go liquid version, and two types of powder; Similac Advance and Partially Broken Down Protein.


The people at Enfamil were less generous but it was still worth the time. They sent us some of their single serve tubes of powder formula. There were two kinds of formula included; Enfamil A+ and Gentlease

All three of these sample packs came with coupons, pamphlets, or magazines. Similac continues to send us coupons for their products. I’ve overheard rumours that Nestle will periodically send samples as I grow, but nothing beyond the original sample pack has arrived yet.

There you have it. Three very worthwhile freebies. Mommy is always searching for more free stuff. I’ll let you know if she finds anything else worth getting excited about.