Young and Modern

Wooden blocks and pull along toys are fine, but I’m a baby of the 21st century. I have to stay on top of advancements in technology to remain competitive and relevant in this world. A modern baby simply can’t afford to fall behind. These are not simple times.

When mommy needs to take care of mommy related activities, she brings me my tablet. As soon as I see it coming, I get impatient to get to work. I run over and yell while mommy pokes at the device. After what seems like an eternity I get my hands on the tablet and I get to work.

Mommy goes about her business leaving me to concentrate. This is a sophisticated piece of technology and it requires my full attention. I hold it carefully in both hands as I place it flat on the ground before me. I get comfortable next to my tablet and I give it an intense look.

I see nothing but a matte grey surface. I immediately realize that something isn’t right. I flip the tablet over and with a thump the screen is revealed. That’s much better. Now I can get down to business.

The screen is covered in colourful shapes with silly faces. I touch one and it dances about while a cheerful tune plays. I smile and clap my hands. I do like music. I listen and watch the shapes jump around on the screen.

As the melody fades I tap another shape and a new song begins. This is followed by more clapping. I repeat this process several times to test for consistency. Every time I touch a shape, a brand new tune begins just as I expected. So far, so good.

Next I deploy my pincer at one of the shapes and I try to pick it up. The shape jumps out of the way and dances around. I follow after it and try to pincer it again but it darts away for a second time. I abandon the pincer and go for a full on grab.

Baby playing a game on a Samsung tablet

I’ve got you!

I look at my now closed fist with high hopes. I turn my hand over and slowly open my fist, but it turns out to be empty. Even though I’ve had the same result every time, I still feel a pang of disappointment. I keep hoping for the day when I find a smiling shape sitting in the palm of my hand.

I look at the happy shapes dancing on the screen, and I pounce on them with both hands. Nothing. I pounce again! Still nothing. I smack the screen repeatedly with both hands and it explodes with lights, sounds, and dancing shapes. I watch all the animated activity with satisfaction.

As the music stops and the shapes go back to their more relaxed state, I repeat the two-handed smacking procedure. The results are the same and the shapes dance around in the midst of lights and sounds. I wait for the show to end and I try it again, but this time I get one foot in there with a few kicks.

All the sounds stop and the screen goes dark. I give the tablet a tap with my hand. No effect. I try a little nudge with my foot. Nothing changes and the screen remains dark. I do a double slap and kick combo. No change.

I shriek at it a little but still there is no reaction from the tablet. Then I shriek at it a lot but that has no effect either. Getting upset now, I howl in mommy’s general direction. Mommy is significantly more responsive and arrives promptly to assist.

Mommy picks up the tablet while I look on with concern. She works her magic and within seconds I see the illuminating glow reflect off mommy’s face. I immediately get impatient that I don’t have the tablet in my hands yet. Mommy ignores my grumbles and fidgets with the tablet while I grumble louder.

Then I hear the music of the dancing shapes come on again as mommy hands the tablet back to me. There they are on the screen just as colourful as I remember and they’re all smiling at me. I put the tablet back on the ground and prepare my pincer for deployment. I think I’ll catch one of these shapes this time. I have a really good feeling about this.

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It’s Ruined!

I told myself that I would never write a negative review. My mommy tells me that if you don’t have anything nice to say, you shouldn’t say anything at all. I have been applying this principle to my reviews. However, there is a matter that has been on my mind and I can’t stay silent any longer.

I feel that this complaint is justified simply because it pertains to a review I already did. Since posting my original review, something has changed and I no longer endorse this product. I don’t want to lead people astray. I must set the record straight.

The product in question is an app. It was my favourite game to play and I am bitterly disappointed that Edujoy Appquiz has made these changes. My beloved Baby Balloons is ruined! We spent many wonderful morning together. I rarely play it now. I will miss you Baby Balloons.

Baby Balloons game by Edujoy Appquiz.

Goodbye Baby Balloons. I will miss you.

What makes it even more heartbreaking is that the game itself is still the same. The change is that there are now ads that pop up while I’m trying to play. They pop up often and cover the entire screen. These ads pop us so frequently that they make it hard to get into the game.

Popping balloons is serious business and I don’t like it when an ad pops up just as I’m focusing on my important balloon popping. I don’t know how to close them to get back to my balloons either. I have to fuss until mommy understands and comes to fix it. Mommy doesn’t like the ads either because she has to keep coming over to make them go away.

I don’t understand why these ads have been added. Mommy tells me that the game is free and the people who worked very hard on it have to make money somehow. That’s fair enough, but don’t they know that babies have no money? Mommy has money but she spends no time looking at these ads. She is too busy desperately trying to get them off the screen as quickly as she can to make me happy again.

Puzzled baby

I don’t have any money.

There must be better ways for the hard-working folks to make their money. Maybe they should consider placing their ads at the beginning, when mommy can pay attention to them while she sets up my game for me. Wouldn’t that make more sense?

There could be paid upgrades and extra features. Right now there are the plain balloons and the letters and numbers mode. If there were other ones that could teach me thing like colours or shapes, I am sure that mommy would buy them for me. Mommy buys me all sorts of things to help me learn. Then money could be made and I could keep playing my favourite game.  I don’t want to say goodbye to Baby Balloons.

I Love That Spider

I’m a couch potato. That’s what mommy tells me. I like to sit on the couch and watch TV. Apparently, that’s what potatoes do. You would suppose that I would love to eat potatoes since I have so much in common with them. You would suppose incorrectly. Potatoes in my mouth make me cry.

Infant sitting on the couch propped up by pillows

I am a couch potato

I like to watch The Price is Right, but that only comes on once per day. I often miss it because I’m still sleeping. A growing baby needs a good night’s sleep. I’m also not very good at telling time.

Mommy came up with a great alternative that is quickly becoming a new favourite of mine. Mommy found this on YouTube so I watch it on the tablet. A tablet is like a baby sized TV. A TV made just for me! I like the tablet. Not only can I watch my new show on it, I can also play my favourite app.

This video is a collection of nursery rhymes made by Little Baby Bum. The colourful animation and cute songs make me smile. Mommy lets me watch it after breakfast. There are several versions on YouTube but I like this one best.

Some of my favourites parts are the 5 Little Ducks, BINGO, and Itsy Bitsy Spider. When those songs come on I just can’t stop the grin on my face. Mommy likes the ones with numbers, letters, colours, and shapes. She says they are educational. I think they’re pretty good too, but they’re no Itsy Bitsy Spider.

Most days mommy gets one of the songs stuck in her head. Then she sings the song over and over all afternoon. It’s funny. Mommy especially likes to sing the songs while she’s cleaning in the kitchen. Sometimes I recognize what mommy is singing and I try to join in. It never sounds quite the same when I do it.

There’s an App for That

We live in an astonishing age. Technology is so advanced these days that it has been incorporated into our daily lives. There is no way to avoid it and it’s bound to become even more integrated into our routines. A baby needs to stay on top of technological advances. Wooden blocks and dollies alone aren’t going to cut it for a baby that wants to be ahead of the game.

I have a favourite app! It’s called Baby Balloons and it’s made by Edujoy Appquiz. I’ve been playing it for a couple of months now and I’m really getting the hang of it. The more I play it, the more I like it.

It's Baby Balloons!

It’s Baby Balloons!

In the morning after I eat my breakfast, mommy lets me play games or watch shows on the tablet. That’s our routine. Baby Balloons is a great app and it’s one of my favourite morning activities. This game is packed full of colours and sounds. If you’ve been following my blog, you know how important colours and sound effects are to me.

I make the balloons. I pop the balloons.

I make the balloons. I pop the balloons.

It starts as an empty blue sky. Mommy touches the sky and a balloon appears. I only need one balloon to get started. I try to grab the balloon but I miss. More balloons appear and all in different colours. I try to grab another one but it pops and disappears! I get my other hand in there and more balloons show up and a couple of bubbles too. Then pop, pop, pop, and I shriek in excitement!

Look at all those colours!

Look at all those colours!

Baby Balloons isn’t just fun and games. There is important learning too. Mommy presses some buttons and the balloons I create have letters and numbers in them. A voice tells me what each letter and number is called as I make them appear. The voice can speak different languages too!

Letters and numbers for learning.

Letters and numbers for learning.

If there is one issue I have with the Baby Balloons app, it’s that the buttons on the bottom of the tablet don’t lock. I keep pressing them by accident! But mommy solved that problem by flipping the tablet upside down. It works much better that way.

I highly recommend the Baby Balloons app to babies everywhere. It’s the best game! You’ll have tonnes of fun. Make sure to tell your mommies how educational it is to help convince them that you need this app.

Hosting The Price is Right

My favourite show

My favourite show

If you’ve been reading my blog, you know that my favourite show is The Price is Right. You might also know that mommy and I have a disagreement about the host of The Price is Right. Mommy thinks Bob Barker was a better host, and I like the show with Drew Carey. You can read about our disagreement here. Don’t forget to share your opinion by casting your vote on our poll.

Mommy and I have finally found some common ground on this issue. We think we’ve found the perfect host for The Price is Right. Tom Bergeron! We both agree that Tom would be a perfect addition to the show.

Tom Bergeron

I like Tom Bergeron from AFV. That show has all sorts of colours and sound effects too. Maybe not as many as The Price is Right, but it’s a fairly decent show. I also like looking at faces I’ve never seen before and AFV definitely has that. Tom’s face is the only one I know.

Mommy likes Tom Bergeron from Dancing with the Stars. That’s a pretty good show too. All the music is nice, but it has a bit too much boring talking for my liking. And it’s mainly the same faces doing all the talking. What were they thinking?

As a host, Tom Bergeron is calm and collected. Mommy points out that Dancing with the Stars is a live show. Unexpected things happen on live shows and Tom has proven his ability to think on his feet. We both agree that Tom Bergeron could do a great job on The Price is Right.

What do you think? Should The Price is Right give Tom Bergeron a chance? Are you a Drew Carey fan? Are you a strict Bob Barker fan and nobody else will do? Or is there someone else you think should take over? Here’s another poll for you to share your thoughts with us. 

What’s a Bob Barker?

The Price is Right Logo

I like to watch TV and one of my favourite shows is The Price is Right. I love the colours, the excitement, and the sound effects. The Price is Right has it all. It even has a big wheel that makes a bloop, bloop, bloop sound. Such fun!

Mommy tells me that she has been watching The Price is Right since she was a little girl. That’s a long time! Mommy says the show has gone through some changes over the years. The biggest change has been the retirement of Bob Barker. I don’t know what a Bob Barker is, but mommy tells me that Drew Carey has replaced Bob Barker.

Drew CareyBob Barker

Mommy says she liked Bob Barker better than Drew Carey because Bob was a polished and refined host. Drew looks uncomfortable, often seems rushed, and pays more attention to the cameras than the people in front of him. Mommy thinks Drew Carey is not a good fit for the show.

What do you think?

As for me, I don’t mind Drew Carey. I don’t notice the things Mommy does. I just like the colours, lights, and sounds. For now, that’s more than enough to keep me happy.