A Family of Clappers

Once upon a time I shared with you mommy’s attempt at teaching me how to clap my hands. The outcome was not quite what mommy had expected. Instead of clapping my hands, I grabbed onto mommy’s hands and clapped those instead. I have been clapping other people’s hands ever since.

Now that I’m such a big girl, I know how to clap my own hands. I love clapping my hands! That doesn’t mean that I have abandoned the notion of clapping other people’s hands. I still love doing that. The ability to clap my own hands has simply given me more clapping options.

Clapping is a lot of fun. It feels funny, it makes a sound, and people pay attention to me when I do it. The only thing better than clapping my hands, or the hands of other people, is when we all clap together at the same time. That’s the best!

Most evenings after we clean up the mess we made at dinner mommy, daddy, and I spend some relaxing time together in the living room. Sometimes we watch TV, other times we play a game together with or without my toys, we might just sit around and talk, or we could do any combination of those things. I think I like the games best of all.

Lately one of my favourite games to play is the clapping game. I walk over to mommy, pick up her hands, and start clapping them. Eventually mommy catches on and continues the clapping on her own. I then go over to daddy, find his hands, and get them clapping until daddy takes over on his own. Then I stand in the middle and clap my hands too.

Baby girl looking to play with mommy

Where are your hands?

I love it when the three of us are clapping at the same time. I get all excited about it. It makes me so giggly! It’s such a great family activity and I do love family time.

Mommy and daddy have short attention spans and they often need a little reminder. When one of them stops clapping I come over and get their hands going again. Sometimes it’s difficult as there are two of them and only one of me. I can’t be everywhere at once!

There are times when I find myself running from one to the other and then back again trying to get both mommy and daddy clapping at the same time. It can take a little while and it can be an exhausting process. If mommy and daddy are unusually uncooperative I sometimes get frustrated about it. I yell and that often gets mommy and daddy to smarten up and pay attention.

After a particularly difficult time of getting mommy and daddy on the same page, once I do succeed the rewards are even sweeter. I run back to the middle and start clapping with a grin. Then I giggle and stomp my feet in excitement. I just love the sound of six hands clapping!

Sometimes my feet get so excited that I have to do a lap or two around the baby zone just to get some of that exhilaration out. I race around clapping and laughing as I go. Sometimes I get so carried away that I go plunkers but I just pick myself back up and run around some more.

The problem with mommies and daddies is that they get tired pretty easily. They don’t have boundless energy like I do. After a while their clapping begins to get sluggish and half-hearted. I always try to get them motivated again and sometimes I succeed for a while, but there is a point when I know I’m pushing them too far.

It’s always a bit sad when the game comes to an end. Sometimes it makes me a little upset but a cuddle, a toy, and the promise of playing the game again real soon help me get over it. I wish we could just clap our hands forever but I know that I have to be realistic. There is more to life than clapping.

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The Pitter-Patter of Peachy Feet

Yesterday I had an extraordinary adventure. Not only was I permitted outside of the confines of my baby zone, I was actually allowed to roam around with only limited supervision. Usually when I’m roaming free, mommy or daddy follow me around closely. Yesterday both mommy and daddy were busy and could only keep an eye on me as I walked around among them.

The downstairs floor of our home consists of a living room which has been transformed into the baby zone, a small dining area behind the couch, and a large eat in kitchen. Mommy was in the kitchen putting dishes into the dishwasher, while daddy was sitting on the stairs and talking on the phone. I’m not allowed to go on the stairs and I suspect daddy was sitting there to make sure I didn’t get any idea.

Between mommy and daddy they were able to see the entire downstairs of our house and I knew they could see me wherever I went. It was still good to have a bit of freedom and I made the most of it. I ran around the kitchen island for a while and then pushed my high chair around. Then I headed into the other room and explored there for a bit.

By the time I got back into the kitchen mommy had the dishwasher open and I was eager to get involved. First I helped mommy take everything out of the dishwasher. Mommy seemed a bit concerned when I started reaching for the glasses but I didn’t drop a single one even though mommy was snatching them out of my hands. Mommy worries too much.

Once we were done and the dishwasher was nice and empty, mommy started putting things back in there! I proceeded to empty the dishwasher again. Mommy told me not to do that and she rolled the bottom rack into the dishwasher and out of my reach. I tried to climb in there after it but mommy stopped me.

I gave up on the dishwasher. Clearly mommy didn’t know if she wanted dishes in there or not. I left mommy alone to sort out her thoughts on the matter. There was still plenty more to explore and a lot of things that I wanted to get my hands on.

toddler with questioning expresision

Do you need help with the dishes today?

While I was exploring our kitchen table, something caught my eye. Sitting there by the patio door was some sort of bowl-shaped object. I walked over to it and got down on all fours to take a look. There was something in there and I suspected that I knew what it was.

I reached my hand into the bowl and splashed it around real good. It turned out to be water just as I suspected. Then I noticed an identical bowl sitting next to it so I put my other hand in there and gave it an equally good splash. Right around the time that I noticed the second bowl mommy started getting excited about something and tried to get daddy’s attention.

Daddy jumped up and ran for the paper towels while mommy attempted to find a safe place for a stack of dishes she was holding. I don’t know what mommy and daddy were up to. I was way too busy discovering and experimenting.

While mommy and daddy were causing their own commotion a thought occurred to me. There were two bowls and I have two hands. Of course! They must be hand bowls! I plunged a hand into each bowl and splashed with as much vigour as I could muster.

Suddenly daddy’s hands were under my arms and I was being hoisted up into the air. I got handed to mommy and carried off to the washroom where my hands were thoroughly washed. By the time we got back to the kitchen daddy had most of the water mopped up and the hand bowls were on the counter and out of my reach.

This morning at breakfast I noticed that the hand bowls were back on the floor again and there were two other bowl as well. Imagine my surprise when Daisy came over and drank from one of the hand bowls. Silly Daisy doesn’t know a hand bowl from a sippy cup. Next time I’m let loose in the kitchen I’ll have to show Daisy how to use a hand bowl correctly.

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Young and Modern

Wooden blocks and pull along toys are fine, but I’m a baby of the 21st century. I have to stay on top of advancements in technology to remain competitive and relevant in this world. A modern baby simply can’t afford to fall behind. These are not simple times.

When mommy needs to take care of mommy related activities, she brings me my tablet. As soon as I see it coming, I get impatient to get to work. I run over and yell while mommy pokes at the device. After what seems like an eternity I get my hands on the tablet and I get to work.

Mommy goes about her business leaving me to concentrate. This is a sophisticated piece of technology and it requires my full attention. I hold it carefully in both hands as I place it flat on the ground before me. I get comfortable next to my tablet and I give it an intense look.

I see nothing but a matte grey surface. I immediately realize that something isn’t right. I flip the tablet over and with a thump the screen is revealed. That’s much better. Now I can get down to business.

The screen is covered in colourful shapes with silly faces. I touch one and it dances about while a cheerful tune plays. I smile and clap my hands. I do like music. I listen and watch the shapes jump around on the screen.

As the melody fades I tap another shape and a new song begins. This is followed by more clapping. I repeat this process several times to test for consistency. Every time I touch a shape, a brand new tune begins just as I expected. So far, so good.

Next I deploy my pincer at one of the shapes and I try to pick it up. The shape jumps out of the way and dances around. I follow after it and try to pincer it again but it darts away for a second time. I abandon the pincer and go for a full on grab.

Baby playing a game on a Samsung tablet

I’ve got you!

I look at my now closed fist with high hopes. I turn my hand over and slowly open my fist, but it turns out to be empty. Even though I’ve had the same result every time, I still feel a pang of disappointment. I keep hoping for the day when I find a smiling shape sitting in the palm of my hand.

I look at the happy shapes dancing on the screen, and I pounce on them with both hands. Nothing. I pounce again! Still nothing. I smack the screen repeatedly with both hands and it explodes with lights, sounds, and dancing shapes. I watch all the animated activity with satisfaction.

As the music stops and the shapes go back to their more relaxed state, I repeat the two-handed smacking procedure. The results are the same and the shapes dance around in the midst of lights and sounds. I wait for the show to end and I try it again, but this time I get one foot in there with a few kicks.

All the sounds stop and the screen goes dark. I give the tablet a tap with my hand. No effect. I try a little nudge with my foot. Nothing changes and the screen remains dark. I do a double slap and kick combo. No change.

I shriek at it a little but still there is no reaction from the tablet. Then I shriek at it a lot but that has no effect either. Getting upset now, I howl in mommy’s general direction. Mommy is significantly more responsive and arrives promptly to assist.

Mommy picks up the tablet while I look on with concern. She works her magic and within seconds I see the illuminating glow reflect off mommy’s face. I immediately get impatient that I don’t have the tablet in my hands yet. Mommy ignores my grumbles and fidgets with the tablet while I grumble louder.

Then I hear the music of the dancing shapes come on again as mommy hands the tablet back to me. There they are on the screen just as colourful as I remember and they’re all smiling at me. I put the tablet back on the ground and prepare my pincer for deployment. I think I’ll catch one of these shapes this time. I have a really good feeling about this.

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Better Than Chocolate

Did you know that inside of every box of chocolate there is a toy? I wouldn’t joke about something as serious as playtime. There really is a toy inside every box! I discovered this only recently when we finished off one of our many boxes of chocolate left over from Christmas.

For the last three months I have watched countless boxes of chocolate be opened, consumed, and then thrown away. So many lost opportunities to play. Luckily there is still a small stack of Christmas chocolate left and I have high hopes for those boxes. No box of chocolate will be tossed on my watch.

The toy inside each box is a game. Before you can play with the toy, someone needs to get rid of the chocolate. Most of this task goes to mommy and daddy but I have been known to help on occasion. I think it would be faster if we just dumped the chocolate out on the floor but mommy and daddy disagree. They never want to try things my way.

Once the chocolate gets removed, the playing surface is revealed. What you are looking at is actually the underside of the game board. The next step is to pop the toy out of the box and shake out all the chocolate crumbs. When you accomplish this, your game is ready to play.

Next you will need a flat surface to place the game board upon. I like to use the tray of my high chair. It’s big enough and I can sit comfortably while I play. I’m sure you could use a table or even the floor if you prefer. Any surface that is firm, flat, and big enough for your entire game board will work.

Place your toy on the flat surface with the bubbles pointing upwards. Now you’re all set to have some fun. Ready to play? The object of the game is to press down all the bubbles. Try to make the game board as flat as possible. Don’t worry. It’s not as hard as it sounds.

Baby playing with packaging from a box of chocolates

It takes a bit of concentration

You can take your time and press each bubble carefully with your preferred pressing finger. Or you can speed things along by mashing the bubbles down with the palm of your hand. You could use both hands if you’re feeling adventurous. Or you could even use another object by holding it tightly and smashing it down on those bubbles. A wooden block works great for this.

Whatever method you decide on, each attempt to flatten the bubbles will be rewarded with a delightful crinkling sound. That’s how you know you’re playing the game correctly. If it crinkles you’re on the right track and you should keep up the excellent job. If it doesn’t crinkle you might need to reevaluate your strategy and try a different approach. Don’t give up.

Once your game board is thoroughly flattened, you might think that the game is over and playtime is finished. No need to worry. Simply ask either your mommy or your daddy to pop the bubbles out for you and the game is reset back to the beginning. You can play forever! Or until you get bored. Whatever comes first.

Every box has a different game board inside. Collect them all or swap with friends. With a stack of boxes you could get the whole family involved. Smash your bubbles and then trade game boards and smash bubbles some more. It would make a great family night.

The next time you have a box of chocolate lying around, hurry up and get rid of that chocolate. Before long you will be able to give this fantastic game a try. You won’t be disappointed. It’s a great game and is sure to provide hours of fun. You’ll like it even more than the chocolate.

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Peachy’s Scientific Method

Although I am very much an expert on a great deal of subjects, the truth is that I haven’t been around all that long. So how did I manage to gain so much wisdom in such a short amount of time? Through scientific research and careful experimentation. My nature is to question everything and leave no stone unturned.

My quest for knowledge is a lot of work and takes up a good deal of my time. It takes a certain type of person with the determination and tenacity necessary for the pursuit of science. Here a calm demeanour and an open mind are indispensable.

The greatest tools at my disposal are my five senses. They allow me to gather data, formulate a hypothesis, and test my theory. These are all critically important steps in the pursuit of knowledge. Allow me to share with you a breakdown of my scientific method.

Baby with a Alex Busy Ball

Here I am applying the scientific method.


The first thing I do when I encounter an object, is take a good look. This is a very important step and should never be omitted. Taking a close look allows me to determine if the object in question is a dangerous monster. If I determine that it is not, then I know it’s safe to proceed with the investigation.


The next step is to pick up the object. Holding the object allows me to turn it around and get a better look at it from all angles. I turn it this way and that way multiple times to make sure I haven’t missed anything.

While I use my hands to manipulate the object, I use both my sense of touch and my sense of sight to gather information. This is called multitasking and it is very useful. I asses things such as colour, shape, temperature, weight, and texture.

During this step I keep an eye out for any buttons, levers, or moving parts. If I find any I make a note of their precise location. These might be relevant in the next step.


The first thing I do at this stage is shake the object to see if it makes a sound. I make sure to shake it in various directions and with each hand in turn as some objects can be crafty. Then I move on to any buttons or interesting bits that may have been discovered in the previous stage.

If my efforts yield no results, I move on to banging the object on the nearest hard surface. I have learned that most objects will produce a sound at this point. Only my stuffed animals continue to be stubbornly mute at this phase of testing.

When the object does make a sound, the most important thing to note is how loud the sound is. I want to remember which objects make particularly loud sounds so that I can come back to them later. Other important factors include how silly the sound is, and how musical it might be.


The next sense I employ is my sense of smell. For this I use my nose. I simply bring the object up to my face and give it a good sniff. Many objects have no scent at all but some can be surprisingly pungent.

This step doesn’t require much testing. I simply assess if the object has an odour. Then I contemplate if I want to smell it again. Usually I do not, but on occasion I have felt the need to go in for a second sniff.

Baby girl putting her foot in her mouth

This tastes suspiciously like slipper.


I utilize my mouth to apply my sense of taste. It is perhaps the most important of all and every object ends up in my mouth sooner or later. It is the only way to truly understand what an object is about.

Some objects taste good, others taste bad, and some don’t taste like anything at all. The flavour of an object is not the only information I look for. I also analyze the texture, shape, and composition of the object.

I get so much information by exploring an object with my mouth that even if the flavour is awful, I will probably taste it again. Science requires a thorough investigation. I can’t place my personal preferences above the demands of my research.

This outline of my scientific method is a simplified version of the research I do every day. It can be exciting to make discoveries, but it is also exhausting business. Next time you’re at work and you feel like you can’t go on, remember that it could be worse. You could have a toy bin full of objects to taste.

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Catch Me If You Can

I have invented a new game. It’s really quite an ingenious game and I’m very proud of myself for coming up with the idea. I’m such a clever Peach. I’m also a generous Peach and I want to share my invention with the world.

The game is called Catch Me If You Can and the rules are simple. It’s a two person game with two distinct roles to play. One person runs away and the second person chases them. I like to play the part of the person doing the running away and I am very good at it.

Daddy and I have played this game a few times, but usually I play it with mommy. Since I’m not that sturdy on my feet yet, I run away on all fours. To be fair, mommy chases me on all fours too. Mommy makes it more fun by calling out “I’m going to get the baby” while she chases me and I giggle as I run away.

Mommy is a very good at chasing me and sometimes I even let mommy catch me. When I’m caught, mommy gives me kisses, snuggles, and tickles. Then she lets me go, or I escape, and the chase resumes. We race around the baby zone until mommy gets tired.

I originally invented this game in my crib. One morning when I was feeling particularly silly, mommy came to get me out of bed and I decided it would be fun to run away to the far end of the crib. I made my move just as mommy leaned in to grab me. It was funny and it made me giggle.

Mommy was clearly surprised and she repositioned herself to pick me up from my new location. As mommy leaned in to grab me, I ran to the other end of the crib. I kept dodging mommy’s grasp while mommy chased me until she finally managed to grab me. It was hilarious!

Baby sitting in a crib

I won’t run away. Honest.

I still play this trick on mommy sometimes but the game is really a lot more fun to play in the baby zone. There is a lot more room for me to really pick up some speed and I like to go fast. My crib limits me quite a bit but in the crib, I know mommy will chase me.

Today I discovered that it’s also possible to play my game in the bathtub. A few months ago this wouldn’t be possible as I was still using my baby bathtub and there is no room to run around in there. Since then I graduated to the big girl tub and I love it. I can splash around and as much as I want. It’s amazing!

Today I was having my routine bath until mommy went to wash my feet. I’m a bit ticklish and having my feet washed makes me kick and giggle. That’s when I decided to be silly and I ran to the far end of the tub as fast as I could. I sat there giggling while mommy looked at me with disapproval.

I don’t understand why mommy doesn’t approve of the Catch Me If You Can game in the bathtub. We have a nonskid mat in there. We had to install it when I realized that I like to stand in the tub and smack the wall with my wet hands. So what’s mommy worried about?

Mommy probably needs some time for the idea to grow on her. I’ll just keep trying until mommy sees how much fun it is. Don’t worry mommy. I’ll show you how much fun bath time can be. I won’t give up on you.
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The Case of the Empty Toy Bin

I didn’t notice it at first, but a strange thing has been happening lately. Gradually my toys have been disappearing. One by one they have vanished. I have observed my toy bin get a little emptier every day. At this rate I’ll soon have nothing to play with.

The other day while I was playing in my baby zone, I was thinking about this phenomenon. I began to miss some of the toys that I haven’t seen in a while. I set down the toy I was playing with and sat there pondering for a minute. All that pondering made me a bit tired so I decided to lay down right there on the floor where I sat.

As I lay there feeling nostalgic about the days when I had toys to spare, I spotted something out of the corner of my eye. I turned my head to get a better look, and that’s when I realized that something was wedged underneath the couch. Quickly I rolled onto my hands and knees and crawled over to take a closer look.

As I got to the couch I crouched down to peek underneath. There was definitely some sort of mysterious object hiding under there. I deployed an arm and sent it exploring in the darkness under the couch. I could feel something there. I was sure of it.

I wiggled myself closer to the couch in order to improve my reach, and deployed an arm again. This time I managed to wrap my fingers around the mysterious object and pull it towards me. I almost managed to pull it out into the light, when my fingers slipped and I lost my grip.

Baby reaching underneath the couch.

What’s under there?

I crouched down again to take another look. The mysterious object was definitely closer this time. I realized that this was going to take a bit of finesse. I reached in carefully and gave the mysterious object a wiggle. It began to move towards me. I wiggled and pulled at the same time and after a moment, the mysterious object emerged from underneath the couch.

Feeling proud of myself I took a close look at my new treasure. Somehow, it seemed very familiar but at first I couldn’t quite figure out why. Where I have seen this object before? That’s when I realized that this was one of the toys that recently went missing. After a moment of thinking, I recalled shoving it under the couch in the first place.

It all came back to me in a flood of memories. I remembered stashing all sorts of things under both of the couches. I crouched down again to take another look in the darkness of this space. Sure enough, it was stuffed full of lost treasures. Long lost objects that I have been missing.

I worked diligently to rescue my lost toys and I managed to save many of them. Too many more were still trapped under the couch and out of my reach. No matter how hard I tried, I just couldn’t wrap my fingers around them. I didn’t know what to do. That’s when mommy came to the rescue with the broom.

Mommy crouched down beside me and, after taking a good look under the couch, stuffed the broom in there. With a sweeping motion, mommy moved the broom from one end to the other and a pile of toys popped out. My lost playthings! I have missed you!

I am so happy to have my toys back safely in my toy bin. I have so many things to play with and explore. Playtime is so much fun again. I do hope that I remember the next time that I stash a toy some place. I better do a regular inspection of the dark space underneath the couch. I’ll put that on my to-do list.

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