An Amusing Experience

One year ago I went on my very first amusement park ride. It was a carousel and I got to ride on a fancy horse. It was slightly frightening at first, understandable since I wasn’t even two yet, but I quickly got over my fear and by the end of the ride I was enjoying myself thoroughly. Now I understand what all the hype is about.

Toddler on a carousel horse at the Fantasy Fair

Getting over my fears

Although I have been on one other carousel ride since then, that was my only experience with an actual amusement park. It was all very exciting, although somewhat bewildering at the time. The place I went to is called the Fantasy Fair and it is Ontario’s largest indoor amusement park. Mommy promised to take me there again and I think a year is long enough to wait.

The Fantasy Fair is situated inside the Woodbine Shopping Centre. Although it is open to the mall, and there is no admission cost, it does have its own isolated section and you do have to pay for the rides. To get on a ride you will require tickets which can be purchased individually or in bundles. There are also various types of passes available. You can find specific information on the Fantasy Fair website.

The amusement park is not huge but it is packed full of rides and things to look at. In fact, it can be a bit overwhelming to the unsuspecting eye. There are plants, structures, rides, attractions, and a sprinkling of dinosaurs throughout the place. It takes a bit of getting used to but once your senses adjust it can be a very interesting place to visit.

Toddler on a boat ride at the Fantasy Fair

Navigating a sea of stuff

The best thing about an indoor amusement park is that the weather has no effect on the fun. Fantasy Fair is open year round regardless of rain, shine, or even snow. The place is climate controlled so it’s always comfortable. The only time you have to worry about the weather is during your walk between the mall and your car.

While we were planning our first visit, we were a bit concerned because the Fantasy Fair has some negative reviews. Now that we have seen it for ourselves, we know which complaints have merit and which ones do not. Some people simply expect too much from an indoor amusement park that is free to visit. It’s certainly not Disney World.

The fact that Fantasy Fair is located inside a shopping centre is really very convenient. You can purchase just about anything you might need and there are a lot of food options. Fantasy fair has food vendors right within the park where you can purchase a meal or traditional amusement park treats. Alternately, you can take a short walk to the food court of the mall for more options.

Funnel cake at the Fantasy Fair

Funnel Cake with the works!

We planned our visit for a weekday when it wasn’t busy and we are very glad of that. Many complaints were related to long lines and the place being crowded. The somewhat small space and abundance of stuff crammed into it might become very uncomfortable in the presence of large crowds. The park can’t be blamed for being popular and they are making the most of the limited space they have.

The Fantasy Fair can’t compete with the big amusement parks out there but it is just right for little kids like me. There is a lot to explore, several rides I’m big enough for, and plenty of things for me to occupy myself with. It’s the perfect place to get that first amusement park experience and I can’t wait for my second visit.

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Repair Your Lawn in 3 Easy Steps

Over the summer Daddy and I have been busy with a fun outdoor project in our backyard. While Mommy spent the days sitting under the umbrella with my baby sister, Daddy and I did a major overhaul on our lawn. The goal was to replace the struggling grass we had with thick and lush grass.

The past couple of years have not been kind to our lawn. It all began when I was born and Mommy and Daddy found themselves too busy for lawn maintenance. Then the removal of two trees left the ground uneven and unsafe. Weeds began to take over and the lawn started to resemble a wild jungle. It was time for drastic measures.

Tummy time with the use of a nursing pillow.

Would you rather pull weeds or snuggle?

The entire project took several weeks but the end results were well worth the effort. With just a bit of work anyone can have a perfect lawn. Looking back it seems to me that the job can be broken down into three relatively simple phases. It really is quite easy and with the right attitude it can be lots of fun.

1. Prepare the Surface

The first step is to remove what is unwanted. In our case that meant digging up all the weeds and whatever grass managed to grow among them. It just wasn’t worth salvaging. Daddy and I used shovels to remove all plant matter.

This phase took a while to complete and every evening Daddy flopped down on the couch and complained of aches and pains. I felt great and had energy to spare. Daddy has a tendency to be overly dramatic at times.

Toddler digging in the yard

Who knew digging could be so much fun?

Once we were down to bare earth, the area needed some levelling. For this we used shovels and buckets to remove high spots and fill in low spots. There was quite a bit of digging involved but it was great fun. Almost like building sand castles at the beach. At the end we used rakes to smooth everything out.

2. Laying Down Grass

When we decided that we were happy with our work, Daddy arranged for a delivery of new grass. Apparently it comes from a farm where grass is grown specifically for this purpose. They cut out sheets of it, roll it up, and call it sod. A truck arrived and deposited rolls of fresh, thick, and lush grass ready to be installed.

The next part was easy. All you need to do is sprinkle a bit of topsoil on the ground, unroll the sod just like carpet, and put it in place. The edges need to be trimmed to fit the space and you’re done. Daddy said we’re not supposed to walk on it right away and for me the hardest part was staying off the freshly installed grass.

3. Keeping it Wet

This was by far my favourite part of the project. New grass needs to be watered constantly until the roots take hold. If it dries out it turns yellow and dies. We spent weeks keeping the lawn moist which required watering daily, if not multiple time per day depending on the weather.

Toddler playing with a sprinkler

Time to bring out the sprinklers!

We’ve had such a warm summer that most days we had to make use of sprinklers to give the grass a good soaking. This was my first encounter with sprinklers and I never knew how much fun they are. Running through a curtain of cold water is my favourite way to cool off on a hot day. I spent weeks giggling and shrieking as I danced around the sprinklers.

Weeks later our grass is strong enough that it doesn’t need constant watering anymore. It’s rather disappointing but it has freed up a lot of time to go out looking for fun beyond the confines of our fence. The sprinklers are still there for days when our new lawn needs a bit of extra water and I always make sure to remind Daddy to turn the sprinklers on when it gets hot outside.

Our struggling, uneven, weed infested, and sad looking lawn has been transformed into a green paradise. Now I can run and play without tripping over crabgrass or falling into a hole. This project was a lot of work and took a great deal of time but it was fun and rewarding. We now have the greenest grass on the block!

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7 Ways a Toddler Can Keep Busy in the Kitchen

Every day Mommy spends time in the kitchen cooking up food and cleaning up after meals. Much of this happens while Daddy is at work which means that nobody is available to entertain me. Now that I’m a toddler I don’t require as much supervision while Mommy is busy, but that doesn’t mean I necessarily want to be left to my own devices.

Sometimes it’s nice to be able to do my own thing while Mommy is busy in the kitchen. I can play with my toys, watch TV, do some colouring, or play with the tablet. Other times I just can’t seem to think of any way to occupy myself. When that happens I hang out with Mommy and I try to be helpful in any way I can. Here are some ways that I like to keep busy in the kitchen.

Toddler helping in the kitchen

Are we cooking this box for dinner?

1. Parallel Cooking

Because I have shown such a keen interest in cooking, Mommy bought me my own cooking set. It consists of a pot, pan, plates, cups, and various cutlery. It’s brightly coloured, very pretty, and it even comes with a rack just like the one Mommy uses to dry the dishes. I’m very happy with my cooking set and I use it all the time.

Sometimes when Mommy is cooking up a storm in the kitchen, I fetch my own cooking set and join her. I put my dishes on the counter, pull up a chair, and practice my cooking skills. I don’t even require ingredients. It’s nice to have someone to cook with and It’s great to have a second mouth to taste test my creations.

2. Spice Rack Overhaul

Mommy has a wooden contraption that she uses to contain all her jars of spices. It sits on the counter and has a mechanism which allows it to spin freely. It holds small glass jars filled with various coloured powders and what appears to be a variety of crushed leaves that mommy sometimes sprinkles onto our food.

Toddler playing with a spice rack

Important work in progress.

I love the spice rack! I push a chair over to the counter, get up on it, and spin the spice rack again and again. Then I take all the little jars out and line them up on the counter. Next I put the jars back in the spice rack and give them another good spin. Then I repeat the process.

3. Stirring

Never underestimate the simple pleasure of stirring. It’s amazing how much fun you can have with a spoon, and if you add a bowl you’ve got yourself the tools for a real kitchen activity. The hard part is getting Mommy to give me something to put in my bowl that can be stirred. Most of the time I end up with rice and dried beans but if I’m really good Mommy lets me have some water too.

I pull up my step stool and stir my ingredients until they’re nice and blended together. After that, I continue stirring. I never really get tired of this activity and it just about always ends up in tears when it’s time to clean up and move on to something else. Maybe that’s why Mommy is generally so hesitant to give me ingredients to stir.

4. Drawer Diving

All of the kitchen drawers have locks on them but Mommy lets me investigate the ones that don’t have anything pointy inside. My favourite is the one which contains all of our gadgets and gizmos. This drawer is not new to me as Mommy has been giving me items that live in it to investigate since I was a baby.

Baby with a whisk

A younger me exploring the whisk.

Even though I have seen to contents of this drawer so many times, whenever I explore in there I find something new. It’s a good way to pass the time. If I get bored of utensils, I move on to the bottom drawer which contains dish towels and oven mitts. Mommy says that dish towels don’t belong on the floor and oven mitts don’t go on my feet but I insist on doing things my way.

5. Pass the Potato

The truth of the matter is that I generally just want to be involved in whatever Mommy is doing. Chopping, stirring, scrubbing, carrying around heavy pots full of water, everything she does looks like so much fun! Sadly, there aren’t that many kitchen activities that Mommy lets me get involved in. It’s always “That’s hot!”, and “That’s sharp!”, or “That’s not for Peachy.”.

One of the few activities that Mommy allows me to be involved in is peeling potatoes. I love it! I get on a chair right next to Mommy and I pull all the potatoes out of the bag one by one. This helps Mommy select which potato she wants to peel next. Then I put the unpeeled potatoes back in the bag.

Next I take all the potatoes out of the bag again and repeat the process until Mommy declares that we have enough potatoes peeled. That’s when I carry each peeled potato, one at a time, over to the sink and chuck it in. While I do that Mommy washes the potatoes. I’m a big help! Mommy says so.

6. Refrigerator Inventory

Here is a kitchen activity that I have been enjoying since I’ve been able to walk. When Mommy opens the refrigerator I push my way to the front and take inventory of its contents. I take stuff out, put stuff in, and generally move things around. I get free roam of the entire refrigerator, except for the eggs. Mommy always removes the egg carton before I can get good and in there.

Peachy is the kitchen helper

Back when I couldn’t open the deli drawer.

Sometimes I leave some toy blocks for Mommy to find in the fridge, and sometimes I squirrel away some cheese in the crevices of the couch. Occasionally I get hungry and eat a cucumber or some yogurt I find. I make a bit of a mess, and I often bruise the produce, but Mommy says it’s a small price to pay. Not sure what she means by that.

7. Being a Good Helper

Sometimes I’m a terror in the kitchen. I run around like a whirlwind knocking things over, being noisy, making a mess, and leaving chaos in my wake. Other times I’m genuinely a good helper and a pleasure to have around. It depends on my energy level, attention span, and mood.

When I’m in a helping mood I am the fetcher of dish towels, chooser of tomatoes, retriever of wayward cutlery, and quality control expert. Sometimes it’s surprising how helpful I can be when I’m given a task that’s within my means. I’m also skilled in the art of announcing that dinner is ready. Most importantly I am excellent company and when I’m in a good mood no task feels like a chore.

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Keeping My Feet Dry Under the Sea

I love visiting new places, exploring, and having amazing experiences. Mommy and Daddy are always trying to think of activities that I can do and places where I can go. Apparently not all locations are toddler friendly and finding suitable activities that are both safe and fun isn’t as easy as it sounds.

We have quite a bit of fun in our own neighbourhood just visiting local parks and playgrounds. I love going to these places but once in a while it’s nice to try something new and out of the ordinary. Last fall Mommy and Daddy had one of their best ideas and we went to the Ripley’s Aquarium. It really is fun for the whole family and they’re not even paying me to say that!

Toronto city skyline with CN tower

Right in the heart of the city

The Ripley’s Aquarium in Toronto is located right in the heart of the city. Sadly that’s a bit of a drive for us so we can’t make this a weekly visit but going every once in a while is certainly not impossible. It takes a couple of hours to tour the aquarium if you go at a leisurely pace and that leaves plenty of time to make it a day trip and enjoy some of the sights and sounds of the area.

The fun starts as soon as you get into the aquarium. You walk into a dimly lit world with floor to ceiling walls of glass. Most of the lighting comes from the tanks themselves which contain a variety of creatures. Each tank is beautifully designed and truly a habitat for the lifeforms that call it home, all 20,000 of them.

An exhibit at Ripley's Aquarium in Toronto

Just one of the amazing exhibits

There are, of course, fish of every shape, size, and colour that you can imagine. Ripley’s also has a number of other marine creatures. My personal favourite were the jellyfish and they had an entire section devoted to them. Mommy liked the octopus and the seahorses. Daddy’s favourites were the sharks and the stingrays.

Ripley’s aquarium also has several touch exhibits where you can interact with animals such as Daddy’s favourite stingrays as well as horseshoe crabs, sharks, and scarlet cleaner shrimps. I tried out the horseshoe crab touch exhibit but I was too distracted by the water itself to feel any crabs. Maybe I’ll have better luck next time. I am bigger now and quite a bit more mature.

Horseshoe crab touch exhibit at Ripley's Aquarium in Toronto

The water was very wet!

Nearby was a huge water table with all sorts of activities and I played there for quite a while. By the time I was ready to move on I was thoroughly soaked. If you’re anything like me I would strongly recommend bringing a change of clothes which I will certainly do on my next visit. Luckily the aquarium is quite warm and my clothes were dry before we made our way to the exit.

Mommy, Daddy, and I all agreed that our favourite exhibit was the underwater viewing tunnel. It is the longest of it’s kind in all of North America and a definite highlight of the aquarium. It consists of a moving sidewalk which transports you through a tunnel where you are surrounded by 5.7 million litres of water. This allows for a truly magical viewing experiences of all the creatures who live in the exhibit and if you want to take a closer look, you can step off the moving sidewalk at any point and get back on when you’re ready to move on.

Underwater viewing tunnel exhibit at Ripley's Aquarium in Toronto

It’s like being a part of the exhibit

Another fun thing to check out are the dive shows. People in diving equipment make presentations from within the tanks and you can learn all sorts of interesting facts and see the animals interacting with the divers. These shows are performed every two hours so each visitor is sure to see at least one during their stay.

It’s best to go during off hours as the aquarium can get busy and then you’ll have to wait your turn at the more popular exhibits. Ripley’s is open late and operates all year long so there are many opportunities to go when other people are less likely to be there. It’s also a good idea to order your tickets online since it’s hard to wait in line when you’re excited to get going. Time you’re not waiting in line can be time you’re exploring.

Toddler inside the underwater viewing tunnel exhibit at Ripley's Aquarium in Toronto

Amazing experience!

The Ripley’s Aquarium is incredible and I would recommend it to everyone, but especially to eager explorers and to families with curious toddlers. If you find yourself near the downtown Toronto area you really need to make time to check out this place. Otherwise you should find the nearest aquarium to wherever you call home and have an underwater adventure of your own.

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Peachy’s Nautical Adventure

Now that the cold weather has asserted its intention to stay, I find that I am missing the warm days of summer. Gone are the days of throwing on a pair of sandals and heading outdoors. Now getting ready to go out is a process involving boots, sweaters, hats, mittens, and winter coats. It’s quite the ordeal.

When I start to feel the winter blues, I look back on the summer I’ve had and the memories I made with mommy and daddy. Today I want to share with you another instalment of “things I did this summer” to bring a bit of sunshine into your day. This time I want to tell you about my adventures at sea.

It was a warm and clear morning when mommy got me out of bed early, stuffed into a clean diaper and change of clothes, and bundled into the waiting car with my bottle of milk. That’s not how most mornings go and I was somewhat surprised while I drank my milk on the go. A short while later I found myself at a coffee shop trying to eat an early breakfast while watching mommy and daddy discuss what they may have forgotten to pack over coffee and sandwiches.

Soon we were on the road again and I knew it would be a long trip when daddy strapped my tablet to the seat and mommy turned on my favourite show. Too excited to sleep, I happily watched my show while the car sped along the highway. About an hour later the car began to slow down and shortly afterwards we pulled into a gravel parking lot. I was ready to get out, stretch my legs, and explore.

I was very surprised to find that my grandma and grandpa were waiting for me to emerge from the car. Of course there was a big fuss made over me and lots of hugs and attention lavished upon me. That’s just the way it is when grandparents are around. I generally don’t mind but this time the attention was keeping me from exploring my strange surroundings.

I soon managed to wiggle free and set off to investigate everything I could get my hands on. Mommy didn’t let me stray far from her but I soon discovered a huge pool of water nearby. I desperately wanted to dunk my hands in there but mommy wouldn’t let me get close enough and I had to settle for nothing more than a good look.

While mommy worked hard to stop me from exploring too much, everyone else was busy carrying things, talking, and making a great deal of noise around me. It was somewhat distracting and I didn’t get that much exploring done before mommy stuffed me into a strange vest and fastened a hat on my head. I wasn’t a big fan of the vest as it was very bulky and made sitting cumbersome.

Peachy's first time on a boat

This is different!

I didn’t have much time to object the existence of the vest before mommy brought me over to a wooden walkway that she called a dock. Soon we were standing next to a very peculiar vehicle that seemed to be bobbing on the surface of the water. Mommy called it a boat as she lifted me over the edge of the dock and into daddy’s waiting arms.

I sat with daddy in the front seat and soon the boat began to glide away from the dock. We proceeded slowly along the pool of water and from inside the boat I noticed that the edge of the water was surrounded by trees. A couple of minutes later the pool opened up into a larger body of water where the trees were much further away. Mommy said we were on a lake and that the boat would take us across the water to our destination.

Once we were on the open water the boat picked up speed and we flew along while I looked out the window in amazement. I wanted to get a better look around me and I insisted that I stand in front of daddy instead of sitting on his lap. It was a much bumpier ride than in our car and I was thankful that daddy kept his hands around me to help keep me on my feet. I was still in awe when the boat began to slow down and creep along towards a large clump of trees.

The boat stopped and I was once again hoisted over the edge into a pair of waiting arms. Before I knew it my feet were back on solid ground again and the dreaded vest was finally removed. With only a quick look around me I knew we were in a forest but unlike all other forests I had seen, this one had no trails or paths, only trees, grass, and bushes.

Peachy in the woods

Where am I?

Mommy insisted that I hold her hand the entire time, but I still managed to do a bit of looking around while everyone else took our cargo out of the boat and set up a sitting area among the trees. Next the coolers came out and lunch preparations were underway. Soon we were all sitting around having a well-earned meal.

Even though I was anxious to resume my exploring, I was hungry after all of the morning’s activities and I did take a small break for a bit of food. After a refreshing drink of water I was ready to get back to the business of having adventures. Since we were surrounded by water, mommy didn’t think it was safe for me to explore on my own but luckily there were four people there that took turns trying to keep up with me.

I ran around in circles and tugged on the arm of the adult designated to keep me safe at the time. I saw birds perched in trees and squirrels that chattered away at each other. There were many small objects on the ground for me to pick up and examine. I climbed over rocks and fallen trees. I tried to get my hands in the water but that was a bust so I gave up on the idea. There were plenty of other things to explore.

Once all of the adults were thoroughly exhausted from trying to keep up with me, we packed up our stuff and got back into the boat. I didn’t object to leaving and I was even patient with the horrible vest that was once again strapped to me. I like the boat and I was looking forward to going for another ride on the water.

Peachy sitting on a fallen tree.

Getting the hang of things now

The second time around was just as amazing as the first. This time I was slightly less shocked at the experience and this allowed me to absorb more of what I was seeing. The water splashed around us and the trees on the shores appeared to speed by. Most of the boat was covered but the sections that were open let a refreshing and misty breeze to come in.

Much too soon we were back at the dock where we started our adventure and the commotion of getting all of our stuff transferred back into our car began once more. While that was happening I explored and played with a dog that belonged to one of the other boats. It was a very friendly dog and we had a lot of fun together.

Once all our gear was packed into the car, it was time to go. Since dinnertime was approaching, instead of beginning our long drive home, we went to my grandparents’ house which was only a few minutes away. I played while dinner was prepared and by the time it was ready I had a good appetite.

After dinner there was a bit more time for play and then it was time to hit the road and head home. I had a pretty exciting day and I made no objection to being strapped into my car seat. I didn’t even need the tablet and I was happy to sleep the entire way home. Even though it was exhausting, I had a great day.

Dry Leaves and Flashy Trees

Autumn brings us fickle weather. This year we have had unseasonably warm temperatures. Up until a week ago it has felt like summer was never going to end. Then, suddenly and without warning, the cool weather has descended upon us and it really does feel like a different season now.

The green trees have suddenly changed colour and dry leaves have appeared on our lawn overnight. Mommy, daddy, and I spent the week visiting some of our favourite parks to enjoy the fall colours while they last. The show that the trees put on every autumn is spectacular and we managed to take some very nice photos.

Peachy posing for a photo

I’m ready for my closeup

I was somewhat surprised to be stuffed into a sweater and warm pants for our first outing, but by the time we arrived at the park I was glad to be bundled up. There was quite the nip in the air and I could feel the cold on my hands and face. I had grown accustomed to the warm air of the summer months and this new development was not something I was expecting.

Luckily I was much too busy to allow the cold to bother me. There is no time to be cold when there is exploring to do. Our first stop was one of my favourite wooded areas which we frequently visited in the summer to feed the ducks. It is full of trees and there are a couple of small ponds which I love to explore. I am forever tempted to stick my hands in the water but mommy is always watching closely and she is there to stop me in time.

Peachy at her favourite park

I’m so close to the water!

Even though I didn’t manage to get near the water, I still had a lovely time with mommy and daddy. We took a nice stroll and there were plenty of things to catch my attention as well as plenty of opportunity for running around. I was a very good girl that day and I paid attention to mommy and daddy while straying off the path only a couple of times.

Since I was so well behaved and I always came back to the path when asked to do so, I was allowed full freedom to explore without having to hold anyone’s hand. I loved it and after such a positive experience I was quite inclined to be a good girl more often. On the way back to the car we walked near a road and of course both of my hands were firmly wedged in the palms of mommy and daddy, but I didn’t mind since at that point my hands were quite cold.

The next outing was to another park area with a large grassy field surrounded by trees. It was getting later in the day and the sun was beginning to set. The lighting only served to bring out the orange colours in the trees. It was very pretty and the open field gave me a lot of space to run around.

Peachy running at the park

Look at those colours!

Since I was being a very good little Peach once again, mommy and daddy brought me over to a little playground around on the other side of the trees. It’s tucked away and not many people seem to know that it’s there. I had the whole place to myself and I made the most of it by going down the slide as many times as I could.

It was another chilly day and mommy put my hood up to keep my ears warm. The hood helped but by the end of it my hands were cold once again. Even though they were cold, I wasn’t quite ready to leave and I was very glad when a bunny popped out of the bushes causing mommy and daddy to stop and watch for a while.

Peachy sitting on a rock

I could stay here all day

I could have continued to play well into the night as the park is well lit but I must admit that my cold hands were glad to be back in the warm car, even if the rest of me was less enthusiastic to be leaving. On the way home my tummy began to complain of hunger but luckily dinner was ready for us when we walked through the door. All that fresh air had worked up quite the appetite and I ate a good piece of roast along with a decent helping of potatoes and some vegetables too.

The trees are shedding their leaves every day and it looks like autumn won’t stick around for very long. Soon the rustling of dry leaves under my feet will be replaced with the crunch of snow. It’s a shame the fall doesn’t last longer. I’m glad that we are making the most of this beautiful time of year.

I have a little gift for you which I hope will remind you to get outdoors and relish the colourful trees while you can. It’s a fun activity that you can download, print, and enjoy. I hope you like this autumn themed printable.

Autumn Maze

Click here to receive the Autumn Maze download.

This activity was sent to us by our friends at Fall into learning with this fun Autumn Maze worksheet! For more activities for preschoolers, go to

A Day at the Beach

Although we’ve had an unseasonably warm September and October, the signs that summer is turning into autumn can’t be ignored. I’m generally an optimist and I don’t mind the changing of the seasons. It gives me an opportunity to experience something different and the changing landscape keeps things interesting. Green grass and heatwaves are giving way to cool mornings and rustling leaves.

As much as I am interested to see the trees change colour and I’m looking forward to going hiking in the woods and stomping through piles of dry leaves, there are things about summer that I will certainly miss. Those hot days were the perfect excuse to venture to the water park and pool days in the backyard aren’t very likely to happen now.

What helps leave summer fun behind is the fact that I really did make the most of the summer months. Mommy, daddy, and I had plenty of summer activities on our calendar and we squeezed as much fun as we could out of the warm weather. One of my favourite days was my first ever outing to the beach.

Peachy's sand castle

The beach awaits!

It happened in August during our summer holidays. Mommy and daddy had been planning our beach adventure since the beginning of summer. On a beautiful summer day we packed up the car and hit the highway in search of adventure. The drive was over an hour long and I was very thankful to have my tablet in the car so that I could watch my favourite shows.

Thanks to the on-board entertainment, the drive didn’t seem all that long and before I knew it the car pulled into a parking lot and mommy and daddy began unpacking the car. We parked right next to the beach and soon I had my toes in the sand for the very first time. It was a bit difficult to walk on at first but I quickly learned how to compensate for the sand shifting under my feet.

A short walk later and I was on the beach with the water stretching out before me and glistening in the summer sun. The water that I could see is part of Georgian Bay. The name of the beach is Wasaga and it is located in Simcoe County. Stretching for 14 kilometres Wasaga Beach it is the longest freshwater beach in the world. It was beautiful!

We found a good spot on the sand and set up our little camp with a blanket, a small tent in case I wanted shade, my stroller, and all of our beach gear within easy reach. Mommy got me changed into my bathing suit and as soon as she released me I jumped up and ran down the beach to explore with mommy in pursuit behind me.

Peachy at the beach

Splashing in the shallows

I ran up and down the beach for a while before heading for the water. I dove right in with no hesitation and splashed in the shallows. Then I took off to where the water was deeper but mommy stopped me insisting that I don’t know how to swim. How do we know that I can’t swim if I’ve never tried? Maybe I’m an excellent swimmer. Mommy was insistent that I stay in the shallows and I eventually agreed.

After a good deal of splashing about mommy and I played with a ball for a bit. After more running around and visiting our beach neighbours I sat down to play with my bucket and shovel. I have a good assortment of buckets, rakes, and shovels so mommy, daddy, and I were able to build some sand castles together.

Peachy playing in the sand

Sand castle in progress

Then more running around and back in the water. This time daddy came with me and I brought my surfboard. It was impossible to stay on it and the surfboard seemed determined to escape. I spent a fair bit of time chasing after it. It’s a very good thing that it floats and is bright coloured for easy retrieval. Next came more running around and then mommy said I had enough sun for a while and that it was time for some food.

I sat in my stroller to eat and mommy put the top down so that I was in the shade. I had a grilled cheese sandwich with potato wedges and a refreshing drink from the cooler. I’ve had this meal before but somehow it tasted better than ever and I ate a lot. After a good meal it was time for a little break and I leaned back in my stroller and watched the people walk by on the boardwalk.

Peachy relaxing at the beach

People watching

After letting my tummy settle I was ready for more running around. Mommy said I could have a bit more fun in the sun but that I had to make the most of it because it would soon be time to head home. I didn’t waste a moment and packed in as much running around, splashing about, and playing in the sand as I could.

Then daddy took me down to the water and gave me a good rinse. He carried me back to the blanket where mommy was waiting with a towel, a clean diaper, and a fresh change of clothes. Soon I was clean, dry, and ready to go. We headed back to the car to prepare for our departure.

Peachy going surfing

Hitting the waves once more for the road

I got comfortable in my car seat and watched while mommy and daddy loaded our stuff back into the car. Mommy said that she would get my tablet out so that I could watch my shows on the way home. I never did see that tablet. I was asleep before the car started moving and the next thing I remember daddy was carrying me into the house.

I loved my beach day! Sand is fun to play with, water has always been one of my favourites, and the beach has ample space for running around. I can’t wait for my next beach adventure.