Cruising the Crib

I am an explorer. I spend my days trying to go wherever I haven’t been before and I’m making discoveries at every turn. I’m very inquisitive by nature and my curiosity leads me on many adventures. I’m very good at exploring. I’m so good that I even explore in my sleep.

You need certain qualities and traits to be a nighttime explorer. An insatiable desire to travel is a must. You have to posses the drive to experience new things and to discover the undiscovered. It helps if you’re a ball of energy by nature and you need to have a lot of wiggle.

A good wiggle is a necessity. Every night mommy puts me in the center of my crib with my feet near the bottom edge and a lot of open space around my head. This is where I fall asleep most nights. From there I use my wiggle to explore every corner of my crib before the morning sun even thinks about making an appearance.

I start by rolling onto my side. After a while I stretch and rock back and forth a little bit. Then I bring my knees up, roll onto my front, and give my tush a wiggle. I have a little break in this position as I drift into a deeper sleep.

Next I straighten out my legs and roll to my back, then over to the other side. I stretch, wiggle, and flop to my back again. Another break is then required with another period of deep sleep. Exploring while you snooze is hard work.

On my next wiggle the top of my head reaches the top side of my crib. Thank goodness for bumper pads. In my asleep state I try to push past the obstacle but it doesn’t work. I am forced to detour and make a turn following the crib rails.

Peachy on the baby monitor

Just a few of the places I’ve been.

After making that first turn, it doesn’t take much wiggle before I reach the next corner. At this point I find myself trying to fit my big girl body in the short width of the crib. I’ll sleep there all scrunched up for a while, but sooner or later the discomfort will wake me.

I sit up in my crib and take a look around me. My room is still dark and the house is quiet and peaceful. I search around for the pacifier I lost during my wiggle. It doesn’t take long to find it and it’s back in my mouth in no time. I see my fuzzy blanket in the middle of my crib and I lunge towards it, burying my face in its softness. I snuggle it close and within moments I’m asleep again.

This leaves me upside down with my feet on the head end, and my head at the feet end of the crib. I perform another series of rolls, stretches, flops, and wiggles until I find myself at the other short side of the crib. This time I manage to turn both corners without waking up and I begin my journey back up the crib once more.

With all this activity going on every night, you might think that I wake up more tired than when I went to bed. This is not the case. I’m very refreshed once I’m ready to get up. However I do sleep for a solid eleven to twelve hours, and that can certainly leave a person well rested. I highly recommend it.

Once I feel awake and ready for the day, I call mommy with my special morning coo. I never cry as there is no need. Mommy always comes promptly when I call her. When mommy arrives we say our good mornings, mommy tells me she loves me, and after a snuggle we start our day. I love mornings after a good night of crib cruising.

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Sweet Dreams for a Sweet Peach

Sleep has always been a priority for me. I know many babies like to stay up all night and drive their mommies and daddies crazy, but I prefer to get my sleep. I have always been a good sleeper. That’s just the way I am.

In my early days, sleep took up most of my time. Being born is hard work and let’s face facts, there aren’t that many things for a newborn to do. Now that I’m a big girl, I don’t sleep quite as much. I’m much too busy these days. There are things to discover and adventures to be had.

The other day mommy and I were going over some photos and videos from my early months. Not surprising, many of them were of me sleeping. Mommy noticed something I used to do when I slept that she forgot about. It seems unbelievable that mommy would forget since it wasn’t all that long ago.

Baby in a swing

A smaller me waking up from my nap

When I was little, every time I slept my mouth would move as if sucking milk. I did this frequently enough to allow mommy to get quite a bit of footage of me doing this. You can still catch me doing it on occasion but it’s now a rare thing. I am a big girl and my mouth isn’t just for milk anymore.

Mommy thinks my sleep sucking was very cute. When she watches the videos she wonders what was going on in my little head at the time. I say I must have been having sweet dreams. Mommy agrees and starts coming up with possible dream scenarios.

I find mommy’s stories interesting. I think mommy’s ideas are believable baby dreams. It took some work but we managed to put together a little video combining the footage of me sleep sucking, and mommy’s story.

The footage is a bit dark, but I was sleeping at the time and I always preferred to sleep with low lighting. All things considered I think it turned out pretty well. I hope you enjoyed watching it.

Mommy says she misses those days and the funny things I used to do. I remind mommy that although I am a big girl now, I am still a little peach and our journey together is only beginning. We have many things to look forward and many experiences to share. There are still plenty of videos waiting to be made.

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The Sleepy Song

Regular readers of my blog would know that I am a super sleeper and I have been sleeping through the night since I’ve been two months old. Nights in my crib pose no issue for a super sleeper like me. On the other hand, naps have always been more problematic. I don’t want to miss out on any daytime fun and everybody knows that big girls don’t nap.

The issue of naps has always been a source of disagreement between mommy and I. We are both rational ladies and we have approached this problem with diplomacy and negotiation. In the spirit of compromise, I take my first nap in my room, and mommy lets me take my second nap downstairs. I may not sleep as well or as long, but I am confident that fun isn’t happening without me.

I have accepted this arrangement, but I still need help falling asleep for those naps. It’s mommy’s job to get me comfortable and relaxed so that I can have a successful nap. First, I have a snack of milk. Next, mommy bundles me up in my favourite soft and fuzzy blanket. Then mommy gives me my pacifier, holds me close, and rocks me steadily.

Baby in crib with fuzzy blanket.

Is it nap time?

At this point I’m usually feeling calm and relaxed, but not necessarily sleepy. That’s when mommy sings me my special lullaby that she made up just for me. She sings it over and over again until I can’t keep my eyes open. I find the repetition soothing. Gradually the song gets softer and slower as I fall asleep.

I would like to share my lullaby with you. Maybe you can use it the next time you can’t sleep. Don’t forget your soft blanket to get the full effect. I also recommend a pacifier and a hug from someone who makes you feel safe and loved.

I’m a baby bundle.

A sleepy little bundle.

I just want a little snooze

to chase away the blues.

I need help from mommy.

She makes me warm and comfy.

Mommy sings a lullaby.

I close my eyes and sigh.

Sleep Aid

I don’t like feeling sleepy, and when I don’t like something, I fuss. That’s my solution for most things and it usually works. For some reason, it doesn’t seem to work for the sleepy feeling. I’m probably just not fussing hard enough.

Fussing is exhausting work and it takes a good deal of energy to fuss properly. This tends to add to my sleepy feeling, which makes the situation more desperate. I fuss even harder as the sleepy feeling gets more serious. This makes me even more tired and I find myself caught in a loop.

As this cycle continues, I begin to see the situation as dire, which makes me rather inconsolable. Mommy tries to help me relax and lay down, but how can I do that when I have such a serious problem to solve. I don’t want to be rocked or snuggled when I am in such urgent need. I don’t have time for such things. I need to fuss harder!

Mommy strips me down to my diaper and holds me on her lap against my will. I struggle, grumble, and scream. Then I see something in mommy’s hand. It’s my fuzzy blanket! I reach my hands towards it in desperation. I need that blanket! Mommy lets it drape over my lap and I dive into it face first. It’s so soft! Overwhelmingly soft. I don’t know what to do with all this softness.

Baby bundled in a fuzzy blanket in a crib

Bundled in my fuzzy blanket.

I come up for air. I get my hands in there and this time I bring the blanket up to my face, instead of my face down to the blanket. It feels so good and soothing. I start to feel funny. Like I’m drunk on fuzzy softness. I don’t mind that feeling.

Mommy bundles me in my fuzzy blanket from chin to toes. I’m surrounded by softness and it feels so good. She holds me close and rocks a little. What was making me furious before is making me feel so comfortable now. So soft, so warm, so wonderful.

As I sit there wrapped in fuzz, leaning against mommy, I begin to feel like closing my eyes. My blinks get longer, and the time between the blinks gets shorter. Very gently, mommy stands up and carries me to my crib. She plants a soft kiss on my forehead and puts me in my crib. I’m so comfy. Mommy strokes my hair as she tells me that she loves me and I drift off to sleep.

Big Girls Don’t Nap

I am so very grown up, and as we grown ups do, I get all my sleeping done at night. I am very good about my nighttime routine. Bedtime is no reason to fuss. I understand the importance of a good night’s sleep. I know that I need my rest to be at my best the next day.

Mommy forgets how grown up I am and she expects me to take naps during the day. According to mommy, I should have at least 2 naps every day. I keep telling mommy that I’m a big girl, and big girls don’t nap, but mommy doesn’t seem to agree.

My first nap is scheduled after lunch in the early afternoon and I’m expected to sleep upstairs in my bed. Mommy knows that if I have my lunch in my room, there’s a good chance that I’ll fall asleep in mommy’s arms. Then mommy can sneak me into my bed without me noticing. At least, not right away.

Sometimes when I wake up, I feel like some time has passed. I play for a bit and then it’s time for dinner. Other times I know that mommy just left and I quickly call her back again demanding that she let me out of my crib. Big girls don’t nap! Then mommy has no choice but to bring me into the kitchen while she gets dinner ready. I sit in my bouncy chair and observe.

Baby sleeping in a bouncer

Not napping! Observing with my eyes closed.

I am willing to compromise a little and keep an open mind to the second nap of the day. Mommy likes for me to have this nap either after dinner, or after my evening snack. It seems to depend on how successful my first nap was that day. I enjoy the flexibility.

I’m allowed to have this second snooze downstairs in the living room. I am more inclined to accept this arrangement because it’s not like a nap at all. I’ve seen daddy close his eyes when he’s resting on the couch. I guess we grown ups can allow ourselves a little bit of relaxing time in front of the tv. But I’m still a big girl!

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Beauty Sleep

Mommy says that I’m fussy if I don’t get my sleep. I think mommy gets fussy if she doesn’t get her sleep too. If we’re both sleepy, nothing seems to work out right and the only way to get the day back on track, is if we both have a nap. Then we wake up refreshed and ready for more adventures.

Everybody knows that sleep is important to our health, but so few of us make it a priority. I confess that I often get distracted with some activity and don’t realize I’m getting sleepy. Then I suddenly get overwhelmed by how tired I am and maybe I do fuss a little. At first my eyes feel a little funny, and then all of a sudden, I can’t sit up straight. You would be fussy too if sleep snuck up on you like that.

Baby having a nap with a pacifier

Time for a little snooze.

I would prefer to be having fun rather than sleep, but my body doesn’t want to cooperate. Sometimes I feel like I’m sleeping my life away. Is it possible that my body is just lazy? How much sleep do I really need anyway? Time to do some research.

Mommy helped me look into this matter and get some answers to my questions. We decided on two sources which seemed very credible, the National Sleep Foundation, and the American Academy of Sleep Medicine. Each of these two organizations have employed panels of experts to figure out how much we should be sleeping.

Although their conclusions vary slightly, they are surprising similar. Here are their recommendations for optimal sleep duration. The data is organized by age group and includes all naps.

National Sleep Foundation sleep duration recommendations

The National Sleep Foundation has organized their data into nine age groups. Most people in each group should be somewhere within the recommended range, but some may be somewhat outside of that window. They call this the “may be appropriate” zone.

0-3 months 14-17 hours (11-19)

4-11 months 12-15 hours (10-18)

1-2 years 11-14 hours (9-16)

3-5 years 10-13 hours (8-14)

6-13 years 9-11 hours (7-12)

14-17 years 8-10 hours (7-11)

18-25 years 7-9 hours (6-11)

26-64 years 7-9 hours (6-10)

65+ years 7-8 hours (5-9)

The American Academy of Sleep Medicine has their data organized into six age groups with only the recommended range being displayed on their chart. Compared with the above information, the similarities can’t be ignored.

American Academy of Sleep Medicine recommended sleep duration

4-12 months 12-16 hours

1-2 years 11-14 hours

3-5 years 10-13 hours

6-12 years 9-12 hours

13-18 years 8-10 hours

18+ years 7+ hours

There is no guideline for the 0-3 month age group. The 18-25, 26-24, and 65+ year age groups are bundled into the 18+ category.

Based on this information, I should be sleeping somewhere around 12-16 hours, but possibly as little as 10 hours or as much as 18 hours. Is that a lot? I’m not sure. I’m still working on my understanding of time. How many Itsy Bitsy Spiders is that?

6 Reasons Why I Sleep Through the Night

I am such a good girl. My mommy tells me so every night. She calls me her super sleeper because I have been sleeping through the night fairly consistently since I was 2 months old. No nighttime feedings or diaper changes required. I don’t mean just a few hours. I’m talking about a solid 8-10 hours each night. That’s how good I am! Mommy says she is lucky to have such a good baby. I agree. Mommy is lucky indeed.

I know that there are lots of mommies out there who wish they could be as well rested as my mommy. Everywhere we go, people ask us for the secret to our success. Today I will try to answer that question by sharing my top 6 reasons why I sleep through the night. Hopefully it will help other mommies finally get some sleep.

Infant in a crib

Super Sleeper to the rescue!

1. I eat enough during the day

We all need a certain amount of food every day to keep our engines running and babies are no exception. When I was in my mommy’s tummy, food was constantly delivered to me day and night. I didn’t have much need for a large stomach, and not much space for one either. Since then, my stomach has grown every day, allowing me to eat more at each meal. Mommy carefully monitors how much I eat by making a note in my feeding journal. Regular feedings help my stomach grow without making me sick.

My stomach and I are now big enough to eat all I need to during waking hours. Mommy uses my feeding journal to make sure I eat enough to last me through the night. I always get a good meal thirty minutes to an hour before I go to sleep. Close enough to bedtime to prevent hunger, but not so close that lying down will upset my stomach. I used to get a bottle of milk, but now that I’m eating solid foods, my last meal of the day includes my favourite oatmeal with that milk.

2. I keep busy

There is time for sleep, and there is time for play. The night is time for sleep. My nap time in the middle of the day is time for sleep. The rest of the time is for adventures. You can’t expect a baby that does nothing but stare at the ceiling all day to be sleepy at night.

Mommy likes to keep me busy. I play with my toys such as Clip Clop, Star Bright Symphony, and Pink Elephant. I have physical activities like the dreaded tummy time. I play games on the tablet or I watch TV. Mommy and I go outside for adventures, and I even help mommy in the kitchen. Sometimes I get tired and have a little snooze, but once I wake up it’s back to some sort of activity.

3. I sleep in my own room

For the first two months, I slept in a bassinet in mommy and daddy’s room. As soon as mommy started transitioning me to the crib in my room, I started sleeping longer at night. My room is nice and quiet and my crib is very comfortable. In the morning, my curtains keep the sun out, letting me sleep in longer. Sleeping in mommy and daddy’s room was fun, but mommy and daddy are noisy. Sometimes daddy snores! Mommy tosses and turns all night. The bed creaks. How is a baby expected to sleep with all that racket? Now that I’m in my own room, I can finally get some rest.

4. I have a wind down and bedtime routine

My wind down routine starts in the evening with my oatmeal. Once my tummy is nice and full, it’s time to wind down and mentally prepare for bedtime. Mommy and I relax on the couch together. I rest in my favourite spot on mommy’s lap. When bedtime rolls around, I’m either asleep or almost there.

Mommy takes me upstairs and we do our last diaper change for the night. Then mommy dims the lights, picks me up, and holds me for a bit. Mommy rocks me while she whispers in my ear about sweet dreams and the fun we’ll have together after a good night’s sleep. Then mommy puts me in my crib, gives me my pacifier, and strokes my hair. She wishes me a good and safe night. As I fall asleep, Mommy tells me that she loves me, turns off the lights, and leaves my room, closing the door behind her.

5. When it’s time for sleep, it’s time for sleep

When I was born, I had no concept of day and night and I slept on my own schedule. There was no bedtime where I came from. I had to learn when to sleep and when to stay awake. Mommy started teaching me right away.

From the very beginning, if I was awake during the day, mommy would play with me, or engage me in some sort of activity. If I was awake at night, mommy would tend to my needs and go into our wind down routine. It took me some time to learn what the routine was for. At first it would take me a while to get back to sleep, but mommy is patient and persistent.

6. Mommy gives me a chance to get back to sleep

These days I rarely need mommy during the night. If I do happen to wake up, I can usually get back to sleep on my own in just a couple of minutes. Mommy doesn’t rush into my room every time I make a sound. As long as I don’t cry, mommy leaves me alone until morning. If I do need mommy, it’s usually because I had a nightmare, and all I need to get back to sleep is my pacifier and a few calming words.

There you have it! My tips for sleeping through the night. Hopefully they will be of some use to tired mommies and fussy babies. Sweet dreams everyone.

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