7 Ways a Toddler Can Keep Busy in the Kitchen

Every day Mommy spends time in the kitchen cooking up food and cleaning up after meals. Much of this happens while Daddy is at work which means that nobody is available to entertain me. Now that I’m a toddler I don’t require as much supervision while Mommy is busy, but that doesn’t mean I necessarily want to be left to my own devices.

Sometimes it’s nice to be able to do my own thing while Mommy is busy in the kitchen. I can play with my toys, watch TV, do some colouring, or play with the tablet. Other times I just can’t seem to think of any way to occupy myself. When that happens I hang out with Mommy and I try to be helpful in any way I can. Here are some ways that I like to keep busy in the kitchen.

Toddler helping in the kitchen

Are we cooking this box for dinner?

1. Parallel Cooking

Because I have shown such a keen interest in cooking, Mommy bought me my own cooking set. It consists of a pot, pan, plates, cups, and various cutlery. It’s brightly coloured, very pretty, and it even comes with a rack just like the one Mommy uses to dry the dishes. I’m very happy with my cooking set and I use it all the time.

Sometimes when Mommy is cooking up a storm in the kitchen, I fetch my own cooking set and join her. I put my dishes on the counter, pull up a chair, and practice my cooking skills. I don’t even require ingredients. It’s nice to have someone to cook with and It’s great to have a second mouth to taste test my creations.

2. Spice Rack Overhaul

Mommy has a wooden contraption that she uses to contain all her jars of spices. It sits on the counter and has a mechanism which allows it to spin freely. It holds small glass jars filled with various coloured powders and what appears to be a variety of crushed leaves that mommy sometimes sprinkles onto our food.

Toddler playing with a spice rack

Important work in progress.

I love the spice rack! I push a chair over to the counter, get up on it, and spin the spice rack again and again. Then I take all the little jars out and line them up on the counter. Next I put the jars back in the spice rack and give them another good spin. Then I repeat the process.

3. Stirring

Never underestimate the simple pleasure of stirring. It’s amazing how much fun you can have with a spoon, and if you add a bowl you’ve got yourself the tools for a real kitchen activity. The hard part is getting Mommy to give me something to put in my bowl that can be stirred. Most of the time I end up with rice and dried beans but if I’m really good Mommy lets me have some water too.

I pull up my step stool and stir my ingredients until they’re nice and blended together. After that, I continue stirring. I never really get tired of this activity and it just about always ends up in tears when it’s time to clean up and move on to something else. Maybe that’s why Mommy is generally so hesitant to give me ingredients to stir.

4. Drawer Diving

All of the kitchen drawers have locks on them but Mommy lets me investigate the ones that don’t have anything pointy inside. My favourite is the one which contains all of our gadgets and gizmos. This drawer is not new to me as Mommy has been giving me items that live in it to investigate since I was a baby.

Baby with a whisk

A younger me exploring the whisk.

Even though I have seen to contents of this drawer so many times, whenever I explore in there I find something new. It’s a good way to pass the time. If I get bored of utensils, I move on to the bottom drawer which contains dish towels and oven mitts. Mommy says that dish towels don’t belong on the floor and oven mitts don’t go on my feet but I insist on doing things my way.

5. Pass the Potato

The truth of the matter is that I generally just want to be involved in whatever Mommy is doing. Chopping, stirring, scrubbing, carrying around heavy pots full of water, everything she does looks like so much fun! Sadly, there aren’t that many kitchen activities that Mommy lets me get involved in. It’s always “That’s hot!”, and “That’s sharp!”, or “That’s not for Peachy.”.

One of the few activities that Mommy allows me to be involved in is peeling potatoes. I love it! I get on a chair right next to Mommy and I pull all the potatoes out of the bag one by one. This helps Mommy select which potato she wants to peel next. Then I put the unpeeled potatoes back in the bag.

Next I take all the potatoes out of the bag again and repeat the process until Mommy declares that we have enough potatoes peeled. That’s when I carry each peeled potato, one at a time, over to the sink and chuck it in. While I do that Mommy washes the potatoes. I’m a big help! Mommy says so.

6. Refrigerator Inventory

Here is a kitchen activity that I have been enjoying since I’ve been able to walk. When Mommy opens the refrigerator I push my way to the front and take inventory of its contents. I take stuff out, put stuff in, and generally move things around. I get free roam of the entire refrigerator, except for the eggs. Mommy always removes the egg carton before I can get good and in there.

Peachy is the kitchen helper

Back when I couldn’t open the deli drawer.

Sometimes I leave some toy blocks for Mommy to find in the fridge, and sometimes I squirrel away some cheese in the crevices of the couch. Occasionally I get hungry and eat a cucumber or some yogurt I find. I make a bit of a mess, and I often bruise the produce, but Mommy says it’s a small price to pay. Not sure what she means by that.

7. Being a Good Helper

Sometimes I’m a terror in the kitchen. I run around like a whirlwind knocking things over, being noisy, making a mess, and leaving chaos in my wake. Other times I’m genuinely a good helper and a pleasure to have around. It depends on my energy level, attention span, and mood.

When I’m in a helping mood I am the fetcher of dish towels, chooser of tomatoes, retriever of wayward cutlery, and quality control expert. Sometimes it’s surprising how helpful I can be when I’m given a task that’s within my means. I’m also skilled in the art of announcing that dinner is ready. Most importantly I am excellent company and when I’m in a good mood no task feels like a chore.

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Keeping My Feet Dry Under the Sea

I love visiting new places, exploring, and having amazing experiences. Mommy and Daddy are always trying to think of activities that I can do and places where I can go. Apparently not all locations are toddler friendly and finding suitable activities that are both safe and fun isn’t as easy as it sounds.

We have quite a bit of fun in our own neighbourhood just visiting local parks and playgrounds. I love going to these places but once in a while it’s nice to try something new and out of the ordinary. Last fall Mommy and Daddy had one of their best ideas and we went to the Ripley’s Aquarium. It really is fun for the whole family and they’re not even paying me to say that!

Toronto city skyline with CN tower

Right in the heart of the city

The Ripley’s Aquarium in Toronto is located right in the heart of the city. Sadly that’s a bit of a drive for us so we can’t make this a weekly visit but going every once in a while is certainly not impossible. It takes a couple of hours to tour the aquarium if you go at a leisurely pace and that leaves plenty of time to make it a day trip and enjoy some of the sights and sounds of the area.

The fun starts as soon as you get into the aquarium. You walk into a dimly lit world with floor to ceiling walls of glass. Most of the lighting comes from the tanks themselves which contain a variety of creatures. Each tank is beautifully designed and truly a habitat for the lifeforms that call it home, all 20,000 of them.

An exhibit at Ripley's Aquarium in Toronto

Just one of the amazing exhibits

There are, of course, fish of every shape, size, and colour that you can imagine. Ripley’s also has a number of other marine creatures. My personal favourite were the jellyfish and they had an entire section devoted to them. Mommy liked the octopus and the seahorses. Daddy’s favourites were the sharks and the stingrays.

Ripley’s aquarium also has several touch exhibits where you can interact with animals such as Daddy’s favourite stingrays as well as horseshoe crabs, sharks, and scarlet cleaner shrimps. I tried out the horseshoe crab touch exhibit but I was too distracted by the water itself to feel any crabs. Maybe I’ll have better luck next time. I am bigger now and quite a bit more mature.

Horseshoe crab touch exhibit at Ripley's Aquarium in Toronto

The water was very wet!

Nearby was a huge water table with all sorts of activities and I played there for quite a while. By the time I was ready to move on I was thoroughly soaked. If you’re anything like me I would strongly recommend bringing a change of clothes which I will certainly do on my next visit. Luckily the aquarium is quite warm and my clothes were dry before we made our way to the exit.

Mommy, Daddy, and I all agreed that our favourite exhibit was the underwater viewing tunnel. It is the longest of it’s kind in all of North America and a definite highlight of the aquarium. It consists of a moving sidewalk which transports you through a tunnel where you are surrounded by 5.7 million litres of water. This allows for a truly magical viewing experiences of all the creatures who live in the exhibit and if you want to take a closer look, you can step off the moving sidewalk at any point and get back on when you’re ready to move on.

Underwater viewing tunnel exhibit at Ripley's Aquarium in Toronto

It’s like being a part of the exhibit

Another fun thing to check out are the dive shows. People in diving equipment make presentations from within the tanks and you can learn all sorts of interesting facts and see the animals interacting with the divers. These shows are performed every two hours so each visitor is sure to see at least one during their stay.

It’s best to go during off hours as the aquarium can get busy and then you’ll have to wait your turn at the more popular exhibits. Ripley’s is open late and operates all year long so there are many opportunities to go when other people are less likely to be there. It’s also a good idea to order your tickets online since it’s hard to wait in line when you’re excited to get going. Time you’re not waiting in line can be time you’re exploring.

Toddler inside the underwater viewing tunnel exhibit at Ripley's Aquarium in Toronto

Amazing experience!

The Ripley’s Aquarium is incredible and I would recommend it to everyone, but especially to eager explorers and to families with curious toddlers. If you find yourself near the downtown Toronto area you really need to make time to check out this place. Otherwise you should find the nearest aquarium to wherever you call home and have an underwater adventure of your own.

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5 Activities a Toddler Can Do With a New Baby

In these past couple of months and I have been learning what being a big sister is all about. Babies are a lot of work but they can be a lot of fun too and my baby sister is certainly a little cutie. There are times when having a baby around can be challenging but it’s important for all of us to remember that she is a little person and a member of our family.

My baby sister might not be able to run and play the way that I do but that doesn’t mean we can’t have fun together. Family bonds are important and it’s never too early to work on those relationships. It’s only through our interactions that we can get to know each other and build those family ties.

Peachy accepting her Liebster Award Nomination

Family is important

Mommy feels that I can be a bit rough sometimes and that some of my attempts at interacting with the baby are too much for my little sister to handle. On occasion there have been some tears shed but no real harm done. Under Mommy’s watchful eye I have been learning safe ways to play with my baby sister that we can both enjoy. Here are a few of my favourite activities that we can do together.

1. Sing Circle

I have always been musically inclined and at only two and a half years of age I know the words to quite a few songs. I especially enjoy the songs that have animated hand gestures to go with the words and Mommy and I have added certain actions to our favourite songs to make them even more fun. Singing songs has always been something we have done every day.

Here’s a good one from The Wiggles.

With the addition of a baby to our family, we have another person to join in our songs. Granted, she doesn’t know how to sing just yet, but we all have to start somewhere. Mommy and I have been teaching my little sister our songs by the use of a song circle.

We put the baby in her bouncy chair so that we can all be at floor level. Then Mommy and I sit on the floor with the three of us forming a circle so that we can see and hear each other clearly. Mommy and I sing our songs while the baby watches. She seems to enjoy our animated gestures and the sound of our voices and we have fun with it too.

2. Story Time

Books have always been a large part of my life and for as long as I can remember Mommy and I have been reading together. Reading is part of our bedtime routine and a fun way to spend time snuggling on the couch together. The love of books is something that I am eager to share with my baby sister.

Peachy reading to her baby sister

Sister reading group

At bedtime I have Mommy all to myself and we have our routine reading time together but during the day the baby often joins us on the couch for a story. As long as I have my daily alone time with Mommy, I really don’t mind sharing Mommy with the baby during the day. In fact I like sitting next to my little sister and enjoying her company.

Sometimes when Mommy is busy I take it upon myself to be the storyteller. I don’t quite know how to read yet but that doesn’t stop me from telling stories. I pull up a chair to where the baby can see me and sit down with one of my favourite books. Then I talk about the pictures while my sister listens.

3. Toy Box Treasure Hunting

Turns out, there was a time when I was a baby. As unbelievable as that sounds I know it to be true because Mommy has shown me photos. There is also evidence in the form of an impressive collection of baby toys. Now it is time to pull those simple toys out of hiding and share them with my sister.

Baby in a nursing pillow

I used to be much smaller.

Babies don’t know how to play with toys so it’s up to me to teach my little sister what toys are all about. Mommy places the bin of baby toys on the floor and she puts the baby in her swing or bouncy chair. We sit around the baby where she can see us and we take turns pulling out toys from the bin. We show each toy to the baby demonstrating it’s use and making sure to point out all of fun and interesting features of that toy.

The first few times we did this my baby sister showed little interest in the toys. Now she looks at them much more attentively and lately she has been making some effort to touch the toys we show her. It’s very rewarding to watch my little sister learn and grow. I get a sense of pride knowing that I helped teach her how to play.

4. Dance Party

One of my favourite activities consists of dancing along with YouTube videos. I love it when we play my favourite songs on the big TV so that I can dance around the living room. It’s even more fun when Mommy and Daddy join in! Then the three of us twirl around the room together trying to invent new dance moves that we can all try out.

My favourite YouTube video.

My baby sister doesn’t know how to walk yet but that doesn’t mean she can’t experience the fun of dancing. While she sits in her bouncy chair I demonstrate some of my best moves for her. She seems to enjoy the music, the bright colours of the videos, and all the action and excitement of my dancing.

Sometimes while I’m dancing Mommy scoops my baby sister up in her arms and holds her tight while she dances. Then Daddy joins in the fun and the next thing you know the whole family is dancing together in the living room. Then we’re having a real dance party and that’s my favourite way to dance.

5. Mommy’s Helper

There is a time for fun and games, and there is a time for serious business. Babies are a lot of work and they require a great deal of attention. I take the job of being a big sister very seriously and Mommy has been teaching me how to take care of my baby sister. It’s important work!

Peachy and her baby sister

I’m here for you

Mommy has taught me that the baby cries because she is sad and needs our help. I know that my little sister likes her pacifier and I know how to get it gently into her mouth. My baby sister likes her soft blankie and I’m becoming an expert at tucking her in and making sure that her face isn’t covered. There is a lot to know when taking care of a baby and I’m still learning.

Whenever I hear my little sister crying, I immediately alert Mommy and Daddy to the fact the baby needs us. I am the bringer of tissues when Mommy is feeding the baby and I am the fetcher of dropped pacifiers. I have an important role in taking care of the baby and my little sister knows that she can count on me.

It’s never too early to start building family ties and my sister and I are well on our way. We’re going to be the best of friends!

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Twisted Tales Review and Giveaway

Now that I’m a big sister, I have to share Mommy and Daddy with our new baby. We have all had to make some sacrifices, change our habits, and alter our routines to accommodate the newest member of our family. Mommy and Daddy no longer exist solely for me. Sometimes the baby needs attention and I am left to fend for myself.

It has been an adjustment but most of the time I don’t mind. I truly do love my little sister and I am willing to make some sacrifices for her. Having to share the attention is hard sometimes but it also gives me more time to myself. Since there is less attention to go around, I can usually indulge in one of my favourite activities and get away with a bit more screen time.

Peachy watching her tablet

Five more minutes

I have just about claimed the tablet for my own and I know how to use it all by myself. Mommy and Daddy are amazed by what an expert I’ve become with the tablet in such a short time. I love to watch YouTube videos and my favourite shows on Netflix. I also have my own apps and games to play and I enjoy trying out new ones whenever Mommy downloads them for me.

I was very excited when we were asked by Sonnar Interactive to review their Twisted Tales series because I knew it meant a new app for me! The Twisted Tales combine the concept of an audio book and a game into a fun and interactive story. There are currently two Twisted Tales available, Red Riding Hood as well as Hansel and Gretel.

Twisted Tales Red Riding Hood

The first in the series is The Red Riding Hood. It is the classic story of a little girl on her way to grandma’s house. This app is more than just a book as it actually involves you in the story. You begin in the role of Red Riding Hood.

As the book is being narrated you can read along on the animated pages. You quickly come to the first of several interactive parts where you must make a decision. Do you eat some of the food in your basket or take all the food to grandma? The outcome of the story depends on the choices you make.

Get Red Riding Hood all the way to Grandma’s house and save Grandma from the wolf to unlock the bonus feature. This unique spin on the story we all know allows you to play from the perspective of the Big Bad Wolf! Red Riding Hood is FREE to play so why not try it out for yourself?

Twisted Tales Hansel and Gretel

If you enjoy playing the Red Riding Hood app, for just a few dollars you can buy the second story in the Twisted Tales series. In this game you must help Hansel and Gretel defeat the witch. Succeed and unlock the option to play as the villain! With more choices to be made in the paid version this story has even more possible outcomes.

Since there are so many twists and turns in these stories, there is a handy feature which allows you to see your progress at a glance. Click on any part of your path and jump back to that point in the story to make a different choice and unlock the path not taken. This feature is a very clever addition to this app.

Twisted Tales books path charts

These Twisted Tales are a great way to combine reading, problem solving, and entertainment. They take classic stories and add unexpected and often humorous twists. The illustrations are colourful and fun, while the animated reading sections are clear and easy to follow. Having an interactive component makes this app truly engaging while teaching decision making, problem solving, as well as cause and effect.

We are partnering with Sonnar Interactive to put together an amazing giveaway for our readers. If you enjoyed the free Red Riding Hood app, enter below for a chance to win the Hansel and Gretel edition of Twisted Tales. There will be a total of 5 winners selected at random. Each winner will receive a promo code to download Hansel and Gretel at no charge for either iOS or Android.

Twisted Tales Giveaway

Click here to enter.

Open worldwide. Must be 18 years of age or older. Winner will be notified by email. Accepting entries until August 31, 2018.

We were given a free download of the Twisted Tales Hansel and Gretel edition for the purpose of this review. All opinions are honest and our own.

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Guest Post: 7 Tips to Clean Your Sofa

A couch is a wonderful thing. It’s perfect for family snuggle time, a great place to watch tv, fun for tumbling around on, and it doubles as a bounce house. Home just wouldn’t be the same without our soft and comfy couches.

We get a lot of use out of our couches and it shows. You can see it in the stain where my ice cream dripped, the cracker crumbs that always seem to find their way into the crannies between the cushions, the crayon scribbles that didn’t want to be confined to paper, and the scuffs from that time when I forgot to take off my shoes before using the couch as a trampoline. These things can happen to the best of us.

Peachy on the couch

Cushy couch time!

With all the misfortunes that our couches seem to attract, it’s a wonder any of us are still willing to flop down on them after a long day. These comfy pieces of furniture are germ magnets and yet we snuggle up to them just about every day. Our couches, which we put our faces on, are among the most used and abused items in our home while also the least often to be thoroughly washed.

Once in a while Mommy and Daddy pull out the carpet washing machine and give the couches a good scrub with the upholstery attachment. It’s a long and tedious process that renders our couches not useable for about a day until they dry. This task is such a nightmare that it’s only done as a last resort.

The alternative to bringing out the carpet washing machine is spot cleaning as needed. Couch cleanup is an important part of our regular housekeeping routine. This week our guest post covers this topic with some easy tips on keeping those couches looking clean.

7 Short Tips to Effortlessly Clean Your Fabric Sofa

blue sofa

Clean and spotless sofas not only enhance your room decor but also keep your home germ free. Fabric sofas are cozy and the best place to cuddle up with your loved ones. But, the spills and stains can spoil the look of your sofas. Most people use covers for fabric sofas but you can clean it regularly if you do not use covers. Here are 7 tips to clean your fabric sofas, read on.

1. Use the cleaning tags

Your fabric sofas have cleaning tags that you should follow. ‘W’ means you can wash your sofa with water. ‘WS’ means you can wash your sofa with solvent cleaner and water. ‘S’ means you can only use a dry solvent to clean the sofa. ‘X’ means you just need to use a vacuum for cleaning.

2. Use a brush

Use a bristle brush that helps you to remove all the dirt and dust from the fabric sofa. A stiff brush can be helpful when there is no time to deep clean your fabric sofa. Use this brush in corners and other spots of your fabric sofa. This is the easiest way to clean your sofa.

3. Use a vacuum cleaner

vacuum cleaner

Vacuum cleaner is always handy for cleaning your sofa. Use a vacuum cleaner once every week to remove dust and debris from your fabric sofa. Always use a narrow attachment or hose attachment for cleaning your sofa. A vacuum cleaner helps to remove the long particles leaving your sofa spotlessly clean. If possible, use a full size vacuum cleaner for cleaning your fabric sofa.

4. Use a lint roller

Lint roller is handy if you have pets at home. Lint roller helps to remove pet hair on the sofa that even an ordinary cleaner cannot. Simply roll this in a systematic direction on your fabric sofa. Cover the whole area so that you remove all the dirt and pet hair from the fabric. You can use this roller once every week for sofa cleaning.

5. Use a dry cleaning solution

Don’t go by the name, this type of solution does not have water so you can use it to clean your fabric sofas. Just follow the instructions on the solution bottle to clean your fabric sofa in the most convenient way. The dry cleaning solution may be available at a local grocery store. If it’s not available, you can buy the product online. Use this solution once or twice a month for cleaning your fabric sofa.

6. Use vinegar

vinegar and baking soda

Use vinegar to remove stains from fabric sofa. Mix a part of vinegar and add warm water to make a solution. Now, use this solution to remove stubborn stains from your fabric sofa. Work on it quickly or else there might be discoloration.

7. Use baking soda

You can simply remove odor and smell from your sofa using baking soda. Sprinkle baking soda on your sofa and leave it for some time. Use a vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment to remove the baking soda. This will give a new look to your sofa.

This is a guest posts from Adriana Smith.

Adriana Smith is a creative writer by profession and hobby, currently working as a content executive at cleaning services nj. She aspires to help her readers get the best home care services by sharing personal tips learned through both years of experience and thorough research.

Do you want to submit your own guest post to Diary of a Little Peach? We would love to hear from you!

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Stuck Between a Rung and a Hard Place

When I was born I didn’t know that being mobile was an option. Once I discovered that mobility was within my power, I devoted all of my time to finding a way to make it happen. When I figured out how to get around, Mommy and Daddy put up safety gates to keep me out of certain areas. Ever since then I have been trying to circumvent the gates.

One of these gates happens to be at the bottom of the stairs. It’s a terribly inconvenient location for a safety gate. How am I supposed to get upstairs with this barrier in the way? I’m a persistent person and I don’t let anything get in my way so I’ve been working on a solution.

Most of the rungs supporting the handrail are evenly spaced and there is no hope of squeezing through. At the very bottom of the stairs however, I have found a spot where there is a tiny bit more space and when I scrunch myself in there it seems like I should be able to fit. So far I haven’t actually managed to get through but I feel like one day I’ll succeed.

Peachy trying to outwit the toddler safety gate

Just need to suck it in a bit more

When I really put my mind to it I can almost squeeze through to the other side but every time I get close I find myself a little stuck. That’s when I have to call for Mommy to come and get me out of a tight spot. It’s quite embarrassing and I would really prefer to not have to call for help.

In my experience, with practice and time things get easier. However, with this particular problem that doesn’t seem to be the case. In fact, as time goes by it only gets more difficult. It’s almost as if the space between the rungs is shrinking. These days I can’t even get in there far enough to get stuck anymore.

I’ve just about given up on this particular strategy of outwitting the safety gate. I rarely even try squeezing through anymore. I suspect it’s rather hopeless. If I’m ever going to figure out a way around the gate, I’ll have to think of a new approach.

When force and brute strength fail, it’s time to stop and think things through. It occurs to me that Mommy and Daddy have no trouble outwitting the gate so I’ve been observing carefully to see how they do it. Instead of squeezing through, climbing over, or crawling under the gate, they simply open it!

After watching Mommy and Daddy open the gate several times, I’ve realized there is a lock that needs unlocking before the gate can be pulled back and swung open. I can see where the locking mechanism is but I haven’t yet figured out how to unlatch it. It looks easy when Mommy and Daddy do it but appears much more difficult in my hands.

This time I’m sure practice won’t fail me. When I’m tampering with the lock there is no way to get stuck to the point of needing help. I am free to work the lock for as long as it takes without much interference and only minimal notice of Mommy’s watchful eyes. It’s only a matter of time before I figure this out.

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A New Chapter

One year ago I was publishing 2 or 3 posts every week and suddenly my activity dropped down to minimal and new posts became hard to come by. Some of my regular readers probably figured I have lost interest in my blog. I hope you haven’t given up on me and that I can prove to you that I’m still here and eager to share with you.

You see, I have a reason for being so quiet over the past year. I have been very busy taking care of Mommy. She had been struggling for some time and needed some extra attention from me. Mommy is now feeling much better but I am no less busy. Just a different kind of busy.

Peachy and her baby sister

This is new!

I’m a big sister! For all those months that Mommy hasn’t been herself, a new member of the family had been growing in her tummy. Now I have a little sister and our home is that much more chaotic, noisy, and full of love. It has been an amazing and bewildering experience.

Little sisters require a lot of attention and I have been doing my part to help out. I’m already an expert at putting the pacifier in her mouth when she is crying and I love tucking her in for her nap. I like to sit with her and I love to give her hugs and kisses even though she appears somewhat indifferent to my affection.

My little sister is almost two months old now and she has already grown so much. Now that she is bigger, Mommy lets me hold her when I’m sitting on the couch. She may look small but she is surprisingly heavy. I can’t hold her for very long.

Mommy spends a lot of time holding the new baby but I prefer it when my little sister is sitting on the couch beside me. This seems to be quite the struggle for her. She is getting better at controlling her head, but she still has a way to go before she can sit up all by herself. For now we prop her up on pillows.

Having a new baby in the house has been a huge adjustment for everyone. For the most part, I love being a big sister! I no longer get all the attention and that can be hard sometimes, and there are moments when I get annoyed by they baby’s loud cries, but overall this change has been a positive one. Mommy and Daddy make sure I get lots of attention while the baby is sleeping and when she’s awake I enjoy taking care of her.

Mommy and I have been doing a lot of thinking. The addition of a new person to the family creates a new dynamic in our lives and the changes this brings need to be reflected here on our blog. Therefore there will be a lot of big changes going on right here in the coming weeks and months. As Mommy and I settle back into our routine we will be sharing the ups and downs of the past year, and revealing a brand new online presence that better reflects our growing family.

I hope our dear readers haven’t strayed too far while we’ve been away. I am so very eager to rebuild those relationships and swap stories with all of you. Now that you know what we’ve been up to in the past year, let us know what exciting things have happened in your lives.

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