An Amusing Experience

One year ago I went on my very first amusement park ride. It was a carousel and I got to ride on a fancy horse. It was slightly frightening at first, understandable since I wasn’t even two yet, but I quickly got over my fear and by the end of the ride I was enjoying myself thoroughly. Now I understand what all the hype is about.

Toddler on a carousel horse at the Fantasy Fair

Getting over my fears

Although I have been on one other carousel ride since then, that was my only experience with an actual amusement park. It was all very exciting, although somewhat bewildering at the time. The place I went to is called the Fantasy Fair and it is Ontario’s largest indoor amusement park. Mommy promised to take me there again and I think a year is long enough to wait.

The Fantasy Fair is situated inside the Woodbine Shopping Centre. Although it is open to the mall, and there is no admission cost, it does have its own isolated section and you do have to pay for the rides. To get on a ride you will require tickets which can be purchased individually or in bundles. There are also various types of passes available. You can find specific information on the Fantasy Fair website.

The amusement park is not huge but it is packed full of rides and things to look at. In fact, it can be a bit overwhelming to the unsuspecting eye. There are plants, structures, rides, attractions, and a sprinkling of dinosaurs throughout the place. It takes a bit of getting used to but once your senses adjust it can be a very interesting place to visit.

Toddler on a boat ride at the Fantasy Fair

Navigating a sea of stuff

The best thing about an indoor amusement park is that the weather has no effect on the fun. Fantasy Fair is open year round regardless of rain, shine, or even snow. The place is climate controlled so it’s always comfortable. The only time you have to worry about the weather is during your walk between the mall and your car.

While we were planning our first visit, we were a bit concerned because the Fantasy Fair has some negative reviews. Now that we have seen it for ourselves, we know which complaints have merit and which ones do not. Some people simply expect too much from an indoor amusement park that is free to visit. It’s certainly not Disney World.

The fact that Fantasy Fair is located inside a shopping centre is really very convenient. You can purchase just about anything you might need and there are a lot of food options. Fantasy fair has food vendors right within the park where you can purchase a meal or traditional amusement park treats. Alternately, you can take a short walk to the food court of the mall for more options.

Funnel cake at the Fantasy Fair

Funnel Cake with the works!

We planned our visit for a weekday when it wasn’t busy and we are very glad of that. Many complaints were related to long lines and the place being crowded. The somewhat small space and abundance of stuff crammed into it might become very uncomfortable in the presence of large crowds. The park can’t be blamed for being popular and they are making the most of the limited space they have.

The Fantasy Fair can’t compete with the big amusement parks out there but it is just right for little kids like me. There is a lot to explore, several rides I’m big enough for, and plenty of things for me to occupy myself with. It’s the perfect place to get that first amusement park experience and I can’t wait for my second visit.

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