Guest Post: How to Deep Clean Your Refrigerator in 30 Minutes or Less

When you’re a toddler, the refrigerator can be many things. It’s a fun place to explore, somewhere to play, and if you’re creative it can even be a convenient place to hide. Of course, the refrigerator is also a wonderful place to find a snack when you’re feeling hungry.

In a busy family things tend to get a little messy and the refrigerator is certainly no exception. With all that food and those liquids things are bound to get a bit grimy in there. Grime leads to germs and we can’t have bacteria roaming around unchecked in the place where we store our food.

Toddler exploring the inside of a fridge

Looking a bit grimy in there.

The busier the family the faster that refrigerator tends to get messy and the less time there is to devote to cleaning. Luckily, today’s guest post is all about tidying up that refrigerator quickly and efficiently. Check out these handy tips.

Deep Clean Your Refrigerator in 30 Minutes or Less

When was the last time you took a moment to deep clean your refrigerator? Don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be a huge project! Giving your fridge a quick wipe down should be a part of your weekly kitchen cleaning routine. Just like you wash the dishes, your fridge needs some attention too. Even if your fridge looks clean, it could be hiding tons of mold, mildew and even dangerous bacteria.

In addition to normal wipe-downs, about twice a year your fridge will need a little extra attention. Giving your fridge a deep clean might sound like a hassle, but it doesn’t have to take all day. Thirty minutes is all you need to make sure your fridge isn’t a breeding ground for gross bacteria.

Woman cleaning a refrigerator

We promise that deep cleaning your fridge won’t take up your entire weekend. Here are five tips to help you get the job done in thirty minutes or less.

1. Remove Everything

The first step to effectively cleaning your fridge is to take everything out. Don’t try to wipe around bottles or containers, as you’ll likely miss key areas. If you’re worried about spoilage, transfer everything to a different fridge or a cooler. This process should only take thirty minutes, so nothing should spoil in that time.

Take this opportunity to clean out everything that accumulated in the fridge over time. Throw out spoiled condiments or leftovers that were pushed to the back. These items make your fridge smell, and these smells can be absorbed by the other food.

2. Clean the Inside

Once everything is removed, wipe down the inside thoroughly and be sure to hit every corner, shelf, and drawer. We recommend using a gentle cleaner made of baking soda and hot water.

vinegar and baking soda

Safer alternatives

As we mentioned earlier, food can sometimes absorb smells, so it’s best to use something mild. You also don’t want to use a heavy bleach, since you’ll be placing food back in the fridge later on and it could become contaminated with chemicals.

3. Organize Everything

An organized fridge tends to stay much cleaner, so be strategic as you’re putting items back into the fridge. Make sure everything has a place and that you can easily see the contents. This way you’ll be able to see if something has spilled or if an item is expired.

4. Wipe Over the Outside

Once you have the inside cleaned, don’t forget to do a wipe down of the outside as well. The handles of your fridge can collect a lot of harmful bacteria from raw food.

5. Don’t Forget the Freezer

Since you’re taking the time to give your fridge some TLC, don’t leave out the freezer. Many people avoid cleaning their freezers, unless a major spill occurs. Freezers need to be cleaned out about once a year as well. Take this time to wipe down your freezer and throw away items that have been in there for too long.

This is a guest posts from Jamie Alexzander

Jamie runs Homelization, a house cleaning blog that strives to provide readers with natural, simple and DIY tips to maintain the cleanliness and organisation of the home.

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