Father’s Day 2.0

Today is Father’s Day, or as I like to call it, Daddy’s Day. My daddy is the best! We have so much fun together and daddy is the best at making me laugh. He is full of surprises and always thinks up some way to put a smile on my face. I love my daddy.

This year is my daddy’s second Father’s Day. Last year I got daddy a card and mommy ordered a custom printed photo collage. We framed it and hung it up in the hallway to commemorate daddy’s first ever Father’s Day. It’s still there now and when I see it I’m amazed by how much I have grown.

When I think about what daddy was like a year ago, he’s not all that different. Daddy was always the silly one that brought out the giggles in me. That’s what daddy and I have always been about. The things that bring out my biggest giggles might have changed, but daddy’s ability to get those giggles out is the same.

I on the other hand have changed so much over the past year. I am much bigger and my sense of humour is very different. I still like being tossed in the air, and daddy’s tickles get me every time, but my other comedy preferences have matured. It’s a good thing that daddy is willing to put in the effort to figure out how to tickle my funny bone.

I have changed in other ways too. Not only do I no longer struggle with sitting upright by myself, I can actually walk and even run all over the house. I am much more aware of how my family works and I understand our routines. I get excited when daddy comes home and I run to him when he comes through the door. I can even say a few words and of course, dada is among them.

Peachy and her daddy in 2016

Father’s Day 2016

This year I got daddy a card for Father’s Day. Mommy made a few suggestions on which cards we should get but I knew which one was made for daddy the moment I saw it. We also picked up some chocolate because daddy loves chocolate, along with some new shirts, and a pretty gift bag to put it all in. Daddy was so surprised when he opened his presents!

Mommy and I also ordered a few photos of my favourite moments with daddy from the last year. There was also a custom card from me with my picture on the front and another picture of daddy and I taken last year on Father’s Day. Unfortunately, these items have not arrived in time for Father’s Day. Daddy will have to be patient.

Most weekends mommy and I convince daddy to join us on some sort of adventure, or we give him a project to work on. This weekend we’re letting daddy take it easy. We’ve been having a relaxing day at home as a family just the way daddy likes it. Daddy works hard all week and there is nothing he likes more than having a weekend to relax. It’s part of his Father’s Day present.

I know that daddy sometimes feels like he takes a second place to mommy since mommy and I spend so much time together, but that’s not true. Daddy has his own special place in my heart and it is no smaller than the place I have for mommy. We may have less time together but the time we do have is very precious to me. I hope daddy knows how much he means to me and what a huge part he plays in my life. I love you daddy!

Happy Father’s Day


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