Klipeasy Review and Giveaway

Have you heard of Klipeasy? It’s a bit like a cross between a clothespin and binder clip. Don’t feel bad if you’ve never heard of Klipeasy before. It’s a brand new product that’s just about to make its debut. This is insider information folks!

Klipeasy was invented by Bernard Derely. Its original purpose was to prevent socks from going missing in the wash by clipping them together before throwing them in the machine. When Bernard gave the clips to family and friends for testing, they came back with different ways to use Klipeasy. Bernard realized he had come up with more than just a sock clip.

Klipeasy Logo

This strong and versatile little clip is made of quality materials. The clip body is made of polycarbonate. This strong material is heat-resistant and can withstand the washer and the dryer. The single piece spring is made of chromed manganese steel that will never rust.

Klipeasy is designed with a flat head so that it won’t damage your belongings. It has a textured grip for easier handling. The clips will be available in 8 pretty colours. Best of all, one of the features of Klipeasy are the hanging holes designed for use with the suction cup hooks. Here is a cute video that has been put together by the people who make Klipeasy demonstrating some of the uses for these mighty little clips.

Mommy and I received a package of 64 clips along with 3 suction cups to test. We spent a week going around our home looking for ways to use Klipeasy. The possibilities are truly endless and there really is no limit to what these clips can do. Here are a few of our favourite ways to use Klipeasy.

Our home office is mommy’s domain and it often looks like a filing cabinet exploded in there. Maybe one did. I don’t always know what goes on in there. Mommy clipped bundles of paper together with the Klipeasy. Then she inserted a thumbtack through the hanging hole and stuck them to the cork board. Now bundles of paper that were too thick for thumbtacks can go on the cork board too.

Mommy paired a Klipeasy with a suction cup and stuck it to our hallway mirror. It’s the ideal place for small objects that need to be brought along on our outings. Perfect for outgoing mail, empty shopping bags, or mommy’s keys. Especially useful when mommy is trying to get out the door loaded up with my diaper bag, her purse, and of course me. Now our hallway mirror is an organization center.

We used a few Klipeasy clips to organize our winter gear and put it away for when the cold weather returns. Klipeasy is great for socks but works just as well with mittens and gloves. As an added bonus, matching scarves and hats can easily be added for complete sets. Now our closet is neat and tidy and we’re all set for next winter.

Mommy made each of us a closet organizer out of a plastic hanger and some Klipeasy clips. Mommy put a narrow ribbon through the hole of each clip and wrapped the ribbon around the long side of the hanger. Then we clipped the small items we had sitting around to the hanger and hung it up in the closet. Perfect for scarves, belts, and ties. I even put my slippers on there because my slippers are small to match my little feet.

Peachy with a Klipeasy

Let’s try another one!

Mommy found a nice fabric bag for my bath toys. She used a Klipeasy clip and a suction cup to stick the bag to the tiles above the bathtub. Now all my toys are easily accessible to me when I’m in the tub. They can also drain and dry in the bag preventing germs and mold.

We loved the idea of using Klipeasy to close opened bags of food. It keeps them fresher longer and prevents spilling. No more stale Cheerios! Mommy has clipped together like items such as gravy mixes, spices, and miscellaneous baking supplies to keep things organized. Klipeasy has also done a great job of keeping our tablecloths and matching napkins together, as well as sets of place mats.

The mess of cables behind our TV has always been a dust magnet. We gave a few Klipeasy clips to daddy and set him to work. Now the area behind the TV is clear and dust bunny free. It has even allowed us to move the TV stand closer to the wall. More room to play!

Mommy found some small nails that fit through the hanging hole in the Klipeasy clips. She hammered the nails into the wooden wall on the inside of our garden shed. Now all the small items that have been tumbling about the shed are clipped to the wall. Packets of seeds, plant food, gardening gloves, and even some bags filled with other gardening supplies.

All these ideas after only a week with Klipeasy. I wonder what we’ll come up with in the coming months. Want to see how you can use Klipeasy around your home? Check out the Klipeasy Kickstarter campaign page to reserve your own set of Klipeasy. There are several options to choose from and don’t forget to check out the accessories.

We are partnering with Klipeasy to bring you a fabulous giveaway. You could win the same trial pack that we got. The winner will receive the 64 clips, 3 suction cups, 1 folding storage box, and 1 soft box. Click here to enter.

Klipeasy giveaway prize

Click here for your chance to win.

Open worldwide. Must be 18 years of age or older. Winner will be notified by email. Accepting entries until June 12, 2017.

* We were given a free set of Klipeasy for the purpose of this review. All views and opinions are honest and our own.

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    • They are very handy. The company is in need of funding and you can help them out by picking up a pack of these on their Kickstarter page. The link is in the post above. Thanks for visiting.


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