Pitch Perfect Peachy

I’m starting my own band. It’s no secret that I love music and all things musical. My appreciation for music became apparent in the first few days of my life. When I hear music play, I stop whatever I’m doing and I listen. I can’t help myself. Music speaks to me.

It’s not surprising that at 18 months old I would be in a band. If anything, I’m surprised I didn’t think of it sooner. I guess it was for the best to wait until I matured a bit. My musical style is much more refined now and I have added several new skills to my repertoire.

One of the skills I have been working on is my ability to dance. At first I could only do a bit of a bounce on my tush when seated. Next I perfected the twerk while holding the coffee table. Then I mastered the side to side swivel. Now I get my shoulders in on the action while I do a whole body wiggle. It’s good exercise and lots of fun.

I play several instruments which is sure to come in handy for the band. I practice my piano skills every day so that I don’t get rusty. I play my drum because I love to smack things, be they actual drums or otherwise. I practice my tambourine whenever I can find it.

My latest instrument is the xylophone and I am really enjoying it. Mommy and daddy bought it for me a couple of months ago and I have already mastered it. I bash at the colourful bars whenever the mallet finds its way into my hand. Hitting the bars can be tricky but I manage to get at least one with almost every strike.

Peachy practicing the Xylophone

Practice makes perfect.

Sometimes I invent my own unique sounds by experimenting with some of the toys I have. Many play music or make noise. I like to combine the various sounds in unique ways. I’m sure this will be useful for my band. Being able to put various sounds together is sure to put me ahead of the game.

Of course I also sing. I have a great voice for singing. It carries well and I can make it be really loud. I prefer to sing the high notes and my favourite way to sing them is at full volume. My favourite time to sing is when we go shopping.

Grocery stores have amazing acoustics and I love to hear the sound of my own voice bouncing off of the various shelves and racks. Singing while we shop also allows me to practice my performance skills. I love to perform for an audience. That’s why I sing at maximum volume. I want to make sure everyone can hear how musical I am.

When pursuing a career in the spotlight, it’s important to remember that image is almost as important as talent. That’s why I have been developing my own signature style. I know what I like, and more importantly, what I don’t like and I’m not shy about expressing my thoughts and feelings.

That brings me to the final requirement for being in a band. A musician needs to have the right attitude. Passion for the craft is important, and a rebel mindset is a necessity. Luckily I am a natural rebel and free spirit. I follow no laws and avoid the rules.

I think I’m well on my way to becoming a band. I have the voice, the sound, the instruments, a good wiggle, the right look, lots of practice sessions, and the passion. Am I missing anything? I don’t think so. All I need now is my first gig. Anyone need a band?

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