Full of Holes

Now that I’m a big girl, mommy brushes my hair every day. She also styles it with a pretty hair clip or two. I love my hair clips! They come in various colours and sizes. Some even have pretty flowers on them. What I’m not a huge fan of is having them in my hair. I can’t even see them up there. What’s the point of having pretty hair clips if you don’t even get to see them?

Much to mommy’s dismay I take my hair clips out as often as I can. I pull them out, look at them, and give them a taste. So far I haven’t found a hair clip that has been nearly as delicious as it looks, but I’m remaining optimistic and hoping to be pleasantly surprised one day. Mommy doesn’t like it when I taste my hair clips.

Whenever mommy spots me pulling out my hair clips she comes to take them. This adds an element of fun and I giggle while I run away. Eventually mommy catches me and at that point I hand over the hair clips without a fuss. I’m a good girl. Besides, I know where to get more.

Peachy eating breakfast

First breakfast, then hair clips

Hair styles and hair clips are lovely but that’s not what this post is about. What it is about is the discovery I made because of them. One day while I was running my fingers through my hair in search of a hair clip, I found something I had never noticed before. Unexpectedly my finger ended up in a some sort of hole!

I immediately started exploring by poking around at my discovery. I found a definite hole with a flap of skin surrounding it on one side. It was right there on the side of my head! I tried to get my finger in the hole but it would only go so far and the flap of skin would not come off no matter how hard I tugged at it.

This bizarre encounter didn’t stop there. My other hand instinctively came up to the other side of my head and I discovered a second hole and flap of skin. It was pretty much identical to the first one I found. More tugging and poking yielded just about the same results. I could not make sense of this.

I had found two head holes! I wondered if I had been injured but they didn’t seem to hurt. Were these head holes always there? What could they be for? Did they even have a purpose?

With one hand on each side of my head, I tried poking a finger into each head hold at the same time. That’s when I realized that doing so made the world sound funny. I took my fingers out and the sound went back to normal. Poking my fingers back in there made the world sound strange again. Very bizarre indeed!

About a week later I was on my way home from the park. I was in the stroller and mommy was pushing the stroller down our street. Our house was in view by the time I heard the strange music coming out of our neighbour’s garage. It was very loud and I figured this would be the perfect time to experiment with my head holes.

As we approached the house I pulled out my fingers, got them into position on either side of my head, and shoved them into my head holes. Sure enough the sound changed immediately. I was quite proud of myself and made it a point to look into the neighbour’s garage to make sure my triumph was noted.

I spotted our neighbour in there with a group of people I had never seen before. We made eye contact momentarily and then the neighbour gave me a strange look. I guess he’s just as puzzled by head holes as I am. At that point mommy picked up the pace and rushed me up the driveway. Mommy must have been very tired and in desperate need of a break as I was inside the house in no time.

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