Every time I venture out people go out of their way to meet me and say hello. It happens every time I step outside of the house. It’s almost as if they are drawn to me by some invisible force. I must be famous!

Sometimes people go to extraordinary means to get my attention. Some people make funny faces or gestures just to amuse me. Others simply smile and wave. There are people who rush over to speak with me, and there are those who are happy to hang back and admire me from afar.

At the grocery store when I am shopping with mommy, people always wave at me as I go by and the store employees always make it a point to say hello. At the park people come over to me and strike up a conversation. Even when I’m in my own yard one of the neighbours is sure to drop by to see what I’m up to. People seek me out and flock to me. It’s the price I pay for fame.

When I ride in the stroller people often ignore mommy but stop to greet me as I roll by. There are those who acknowledge mommy in some way, but I’m sure they do so just to get mommy to stop. As soon as my stroller stops moving they swoop in and make a fuss over me while mommy stands by forgotten and ignored.

Once a person begins a conversation with me, they hardly ever speak about themselves. They ask questions about me, or make observations about me. Mommy answers the questions and I try to acknowledge the observations. People are very curious and want to know everything about me. I am always the central topic of the conversation.

Among people’s favourite observations to make about me are those related to my appearance. They love to tell me how pretty, adorable, or cute I am. I know it’s not just people being nice either. Nobody speaks that way to mommy and daddy when they go out. People must be enchanted by my cuteness.

Peachy the superstar

I’m ready to meet my fans

A close second on the list of favourite topics is my wardrobe. People seem love to my style and fashion sense. Everything looks good on me. From the brim of my hat to the Velcro on my shoes, I’m always well put together and downright adorable. When it comes to my look it’s mommy that deserves the credit. She is my stylist and personal shopper.

The life of a superstar may not be for everyone, but I generally enjoy the attention. I like to meet new people and I find social interactions fascinating. I’m an excellent listener but I like to contribute to a conversation too. I don’t let the fact that I know only five words stop me from participating in a discussion.

When I attend social functions and events, the attention lavished upon me is even more extreme. Groups of people rush towards me and everyone competes for my attention. Everybody wants to touch me, hold me, and have their picture taken with me. At times it can be overwhelming.

Big groups of pushy people are enough to shake even the most confident person. Most people are significantly bigger than I am and it can be scary to have a mob of giants engulf you. I don’t mind being social but in a crowded room full of people I barely know I need some time to adjust and get my bearings.

Mommy can always sense when I’m uncomfortable. She is my bodyguard and she does an excellent job when I find myself at the centre of a crowd. Whenever the need arises mommy swoops in and demands that I be given the time and space that I need. I know I am safe when mommy is near.

A superstar must always make time for their fans. Fame brings obligations and I take my responsibilities very seriously. With mommy by my side to keep me safe I can feel confident, fearless, and ready to interact with all of my fans. Get the party started, Peachy the superstar is heading out.

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