Mother’s Day 2.0

Tomorrow is Mother’s Day and I’ve been giving it some careful thought. I really want to make mommy extra happy on her special day. I’m only 17 months old and my gift giving options are limited. What can I do for mommy on Mother’s Day?

I have no money and I’m not very good at arts and crafts yet. I could give mommy one of the treasures I find at the park but it’s impossible to surprise mommy. We’re always together and mommy keeps a pretty close eye on me most of the time. I don’t know that many words yet so I can’t even wish mommy a happy Mother’s Day.

Last year Mother’s Day was extra special for us because it was mommy’s very first Mother’s Day and that only comes around once in a lifetime. I was smaller back then and my gift giving options were more limited. I didn’t even know how to give mommy a proper snuggle. This year there will be lots of snuggles. I can give really good snuggles now.

Happy Mother's Day

My snuggling capabilities last year

Even though I was tiny, we did still celebrate Mother’s Day last year. I wrote a letter to mommy and published it on my blog. Of course mommy had to help me with it, but it was a fun project for the two of us to work on together. My letter to mommy will always be there so that we can look back on the year mommy celebrated her first Mother’s Day.

We did something else last year too. We used mommy’s first Mother’s Day to start a little tradition. When I was born, mommy bought several kits to make keepsakes of my hand and foot impressions. For the first couple months of my life my hands and feet were regularly being dipped in non-toxic plaster and ink.

One of the kits consists of five tins that get progressively bigger. It’s called the “tower of time” and it is designed to hold one plaster handprint in each tin. You’re supposed to use one tin every year and see how much bigger your hand gets over time. We decided that we will do a new print of my hand every year on Mother’s Day. Tomorrow one of my hands will be covered in plaster once again.

I’m excited to see how much bigger my hand got in the last year, but I’m worried that I’ll mess it up. Mommy says not to worry because we have several attempts at it before the plaster dries. I just hope it turns out well. I don’t want to ruin mommy’s Mother’s Day tradition.

Mother's Day 2.0

I hope these hands cooperate!

This year I learned something rather unbelievable about Mother’s Day. It’s not just my mommy’s Mother’s Day. It’s also Mother’s Day for both of my grandmothers! What are the chances that all three of these ladies would have their Mother’s Day on the same day?

Mommy took me shopping for Mother’s Day presents for my grandmothers. We picked up two sets of greeting cards, two pretty potted plant arrangements, and two bottles of premium moisturizer. We also bought two lovely gift bags to put these things in. Yesterday I watched mommy assemble the gifts with some tissue paper and they look very pretty. I’m sure my grandmothers will love them.

When we went shopping, we didn’t really know what gifts we were going to buy. We had to browse around for ideas a little. One of the ideas we had was to buy some jewellery. We went over to the jewellery section to see if we could find anything that either of my grandmothers would like.

There was nothing that really looked like their style, but one piece immediately drew mommy’s eye. It was a necklace and earring set and I could tell mommy really liked it. She picked it up and took a close look at the heart-shaped pendant. Mommy hesitated and then put the items back on the rack. My mommy doesn’t wear much jewellery but I could tell she really liked this set. I insisted that mommy treat herself for Mother’s Day on my behalf.

Mother's Day is coming

Mommy’s Mother’s Day kit

I may be too little for a really good Mother’s Day present, but my mommy still gets a special day. I will insist that she wear her new jewellery tomorrow when we go out to the park. I’m going to try to be on my best behaviour all day, but especially when I do my plaster handprint. I will also make sure to give mommy extra snuggles throughout the day.

I hope mommy has a great Mother’s Day and that she knows how much she means to me. I love my mommy and I’m going to tell her as soon as I learn the words. Until then, my little tokens of affection will have to do the talking.

Happy Mother’s Day


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