Cruising the Crib

I am an explorer. I spend my days trying to go wherever I haven’t been before and I’m making discoveries at every turn. I’m very inquisitive by nature and my curiosity leads me on many adventures. I’m very good at exploring. I’m so good that I even explore in my sleep.

You need certain qualities and traits to be a nighttime explorer. An insatiable desire to travel is a must. You have to posses the drive to experience new things and to discover the undiscovered. It helps if you’re a ball of energy by nature and you need to have a lot of wiggle.

A good wiggle is a necessity. Every night mommy puts me in the center of my crib with my feet near the bottom edge and a lot of open space around my head. This is where I fall asleep most nights. From there I use my wiggle to explore every corner of my crib before the morning sun even thinks about making an appearance.

I start by rolling onto my side. After a while I stretch and rock back and forth a little bit. Then I bring my knees up, roll onto my front, and give my tush a wiggle. I have a little break in this position as I drift into a deeper sleep.

Next I straighten out my legs and roll to my back, then over to the other side. I stretch, wiggle, and flop to my back again. Another break is then required with another period of deep sleep. Exploring while you snooze is hard work.

On my next wiggle the top of my head reaches the top side of my crib. Thank goodness for bumper pads. In my asleep state I try to push past the obstacle but it doesn’t work. I am forced to detour and make a turn following the crib rails.

Peachy on the baby monitor

Just a few of the places I’ve been.

After making that first turn, it doesn’t take much wiggle before I reach the next corner. At this point I find myself trying to fit my big girl body in the short width of the crib. I’ll sleep there all scrunched up for a while, but sooner or later the discomfort will wake me.

I sit up in my crib and take a look around me. My room is still dark and the house is quiet and peaceful. I search around for the pacifier I lost during my wiggle. It doesn’t take long to find it and it’s back in my mouth in no time. I see my fuzzy blanket in the middle of my crib and I lunge towards it, burying my face in its softness. I snuggle it close and within moments I’m asleep again.

This leaves me upside down with my feet on the head end, and my head at the feet end of the crib. I perform another series of rolls, stretches, flops, and wiggles until I find myself at the other short side of the crib. This time I manage to turn both corners without waking up and I begin my journey back up the crib once more.

With all this activity going on every night, you might think that I wake up more tired than when I went to bed. This is not the case. I’m very refreshed once I’m ready to get up. However I do sleep for a solid eleven to twelve hours, and that can certainly leave a person well rested. I highly recommend it.

Once I feel awake and ready for the day, I call mommy with my special morning coo. I never cry as there is no need. Mommy always comes promptly when I call her. When mommy arrives we say our good mornings, mommy tells me she loves me, and after a snuggle we start our day. I love mornings after a good night of crib cruising.

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