Mommy Worries

My mommy is a worrier and her favourite focus of worry is me. When it comes to my well-being, there isn’t a day when mommy doesn’t feel some sense of worry. Mommy always worries about me. That’s just the way mommy is.

Mommy worries if I’m eating enough, if the food I’m eating is what my body needs, and if I’m eating too fast she is afraid that I’ll choke. She worries if I’m sleeping enough or perhaps too much and if I’m comfortable in my bed. Mommy worries if I’m too hot or too cold and wonders if I’m dressed appropriately for the weather. She worries if I’m getting enough hugs and snuggles and if she told me that she loves me enough times that day.

Sometimes mommy worries that I’m not getting enough exercise. Other times mommy worries that I’m moving around too much and not spending enough time focusing on the books mommy is trying to show me. There are days when mommy is afraid I’m not getting enough activities to keep my mind sharp, and there are other days when mommy feels I’m getting overstimulated and not having enough quiet time.

Mommy spends a great deal of time worrying about all of my ouches. When I fall she worries that I am hurt and rushes over to investigate. When I’m growing teeth she worries that my mouth hurts and she tries to convince me to take it easy when I just want to run around in circles for no reason. If I am sick mommy is constantly sticking a thermometer in my ear and worrying over if and when I should have some medicine.

Mommy likes to worry about my rambunctious activities. She worries when I climb all over the couch or tumble about recklessly in her bed. Mommy worries when I walk around with a blanket over my head, if I run too fast, or if I stop paying attention to what my feet are doing. When I am being loud mommy worries that I’ll give myself a sore throat. When I am quiet, mommy worries that my busy hands are getting me into some sort of trouble.

Peachy thinking about eating a camera lens


The outside world presents a whole new set of worries for mommy. When I’m walking about on my own mommy worries that I’ll fall on the pavement or that I’ll run out in front of a moving swing, the bottom of a busy slide, or out into the road even though there is no road in sight. Mommy worries that someone will cause me harm, hurt my feelings, or even steal me while mommy is blinking.

Mommy worries about my development all the time. Am I growing at an appropriate pace? Should I know more words by now? Are my social skills developing as they should be? Is my self-awareness improving fast enough? Are any of my quirks a sign of an underlying problem that needs professional attention? Mommy has a lot of questions!

Some of mommy’s worries are endearing, others are rather tedious, and some are downright silly. Sometimes mommy worries that someone will break into our house at night to harm me or take me away. There are nights when mommy has nightmares about losing me in one way or another. In moments of weakness mommy worries that I don’t love her. Silly mommy!

My mommy is a bundle of worry and it’s a wonder that she’s even functional at all. Sometimes her worries get in my way of exploring, but mommy says that it’s her job to keep me safe. I know her worries come from a place of love. Although I often defy mommy’s rules and demand my freedom, it’s nice to know that mommy is there to make sure that I am healthy, happy, and unharmed.

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