Peachy Makes a Trade

Last week mommy, daddy, and I went out to the playground. It was a beautiful sunny day and I was excited to go out and play. As we neared the playground we began to hear the sound of children playing and once we arrived we saw that it was quite busy. Nevertheless, I was confused and disappointed as we passed right by the playground and continued on.

Our favourite playground is situated within a larger park area with grass, trees, and several fields for various sports. We looped around the playground and took one of the paths heading back towards home. I was sad at the thought of giving up on our outdoor adventures when suddenly, my stroller veered off the path and we went right through the grass!

Soon we found ourselves in a nice grassy spot with a hill on one side and a fenced in paved area on the other. It was a nice and sunny day but a little windy. Between the hill and the evergreen trees that surrounded the place, the wind wasn’t very strong in this particular location and the sun soon warmed us up quite nicely.

Mommy pulled a blanket out and placed it on the ground and I was promptly released from my stroller and placed on the blanket between mommy and daddy. The plan was to have a relaxing time sprawled out in the sun followed by a little picnic. I thought that was a terrible idea. I wanted to explore!

I hoisted myself to my feet and I was off. Once I got about halfway up the hill, mommy was in pursuit and I found myself being scooped up and carried back to the blanket. I was plopped back down in the same place with mommy on one side and daddy on the other. I could already tell this would take some persistence.

I was on my feet again within moments and heading for adventure. I was almost up the hill when I turned back to see daddy getting to his feet and heading in my direction. I picked up the pace but it was no use. Daddy had his hands under my arms and I was being lifted up into the air again only to be deposited back on the blanket. I sighed loudly. This was going to be one of those days.

Up again I went and off as fast as I could go when suddenly, I spotted something underneath one of the evergreen trees. I stopped in my tracks and turned to take a closer look. This was definitely something that did not belong here. I walked over to it and got good and close for a thorough investigation.

It was round and brightly coloured so I gave it a little poke with my poking finger. It rolled a little and I followed it until it settled down again. I poked it once more and it rolled again as expected. I picked it up but it was unexpectedly fuzzy causing me to quickly drop it. As it hit the ground it proceeded to roll away.

Peachy found a tennis ball

My fuzzy treasure

I did not anticipate that it would feel that way but I wasn’t about to let its fuzziness deter me. I went after it and picked it up once more. This time I was ready for its strange texture and I held it tightly in both hands. I examined it closely turning it over again and again in my hands. Clearly, I had found treasure.

I brought it over to the blanket where mommy and daddy were still sitting and proudly showed off my discovery. Mommy said it was a tennis ball and that it came from the fenced in paved area behind us where people play tennis. Sadly there was nobody playing tennis at the time so I was not able to observe how this treasure came to be underneath the evergreen tree.

Mommy invited me to join her on the blanket so that we could investigate the tennis ball together. I got comfy between mommy and daddy and the three of us took turns analyzing my treasure. It behaved much like all the other balls that I have except that it was bouncier and much more fuzzy. Mommy said that since nobody was there to claim the tennis ball, I could take it home with us.

Mommy pulled my snack out from the basket under the stroller and I ate happily while petting the strange fuzz on my tennis ball. I had banana pancakes with fruit and some water to wash it down with. I was too busy with my tennis ball to really know if I liked my snack but I was rather thirsty and found the water quite refreshing.

After I ate and quenched my thirst, mommy and daddy let me walk around a bit as long as I didn’t go over the hill. At that point I was more accustomed to the place and the sense of freedom it gave me. I was happy to explore between the blades of grass and underneath the trees in sight of mommy and daddy. Besides, I left my tennis ball in their care and I wasn’t about to lose sight of my treasure.

When it was time to go mommy realized I was missing one of my hair clips. Mommy and daddy searched in the grass for it as I wandered among them trying to figure out what we were looking for. The hair clip was never found. It was too small and the grass was too thick. The missing hair clip did buy me several extra minutes of outdoor time and a tennis ball so I think the trade was in my favour.

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16 thoughts on “Peachy Makes a Trade

    • I’m just happy that it was a relatively new tennis ball that clearly escaped from the tennis court, and not a dirty old tennis ball that has been chewed apart by a dog. Thanks for reading.

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