The Pitter-Patter of Peachy Feet

Yesterday I had an extraordinary adventure. Not only was I permitted outside of the confines of my baby zone, I was actually allowed to roam around with only limited supervision. Usually when I’m roaming free, mommy or daddy follow me around closely. Yesterday both mommy and daddy were busy and could only keep an eye on me as I walked around among them.

The downstairs floor of our home consists of a living room which has been transformed into the baby zone, a small dining area behind the couch, and a large eat in kitchen. Mommy was in the kitchen putting dishes into the dishwasher, while daddy was sitting on the stairs and talking on the phone. I’m not allowed to go on the stairs and I suspect daddy was sitting there to make sure I didn’t get any idea.

Between mommy and daddy they were able to see the entire downstairs of our house and I knew they could see me wherever I went. It was still good to have a bit of freedom and I made the most of it. I ran around the kitchen island for a while and then pushed my high chair around. Then I headed into the other room and explored there for a bit.

By the time I got back into the kitchen mommy had the dishwasher open and I was eager to get involved. First I helped mommy take everything out of the dishwasher. Mommy seemed a bit concerned when I started reaching for the glasses but I didn’t drop a single one even though mommy was snatching them out of my hands. Mommy worries too much.

Once we were done and the dishwasher was nice and empty, mommy started putting things back in there! I proceeded to empty the dishwasher again. Mommy told me not to do that and she rolled the bottom rack into the dishwasher and out of my reach. I tried to climb in there after it but mommy stopped me.

I gave up on the dishwasher. Clearly mommy didn’t know if she wanted dishes in there or not. I left mommy alone to sort out her thoughts on the matter. There was still plenty more to explore and a lot of things that I wanted to get my hands on.

toddler with questioning expresision

Do you need help with the dishes today?

While I was exploring our kitchen table, something caught my eye. Sitting there by the patio door was some sort of bowl-shaped object. I walked over to it and got down on all fours to take a look. There was something in there and I suspected that I knew what it was.

I reached my hand into the bowl and splashed it around real good. It turned out to be water just as I suspected. Then I noticed an identical bowl sitting next to it so I put my other hand in there and gave it an equally good splash. Right around the time that I noticed the second bowl mommy started getting excited about something and tried to get daddy’s attention.

Daddy jumped up and ran for the paper towels while mommy attempted to find a safe place for a stack of dishes she was holding. I don’t know what mommy and daddy were up to. I was way too busy discovering and experimenting.

While mommy and daddy were causing their own commotion a thought occurred to me. There were two bowls and I have two hands. Of course! They must be hand bowls! I plunged a hand into each bowl and splashed with as much vigour as I could muster.

Suddenly daddy’s hands were under my arms and I was being hoisted up into the air. I got handed to mommy and carried off to the washroom where my hands were thoroughly washed. By the time we got back to the kitchen daddy had most of the water mopped up and the hand bowls were on the counter and out of my reach.

This morning at breakfast I noticed that the hand bowls were back on the floor again and there were two other bowl as well. Imagine my surprise when Daisy came over and drank from one of the hand bowls. Silly Daisy doesn’t know a hand bowl from a sippy cup. Next time I’m let loose in the kitchen I’ll have to show Daisy how to use a hand bowl correctly.

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42 thoughts on “The Pitter-Patter of Peachy Feet

    • There are definitely pros and cons to pet ownership. The hand bowls incident was a low point. But one of the cat’s names was Peachy’s second word so it’s not all bad. Thanks for reading.


    • Exploring is the best. Today I learned that kitchen cupboard open and contain all sorts of treasures. Unfortunately mommy scooped me up before I could really get in there. My freedom is still limited. Thanks for isiting.


  1. Ha ha – re the dishwasher comment – it does seem like that doesn’t it – a bit like the hokey cokey, you’ll have to get mummy to show you that one one day. And watch out for those hand bowls, they may not be all you think they are! Thanks for sharing with #PoCoLo x

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  2. What a sweetie! Our littles now take turns with the dishwasher and stacking, cleaning and what not. I do have to go back in and straighten them up a bit so they will actually get washed. They have obtained may more cracks and chips, oh well. The price of learning. Peachy, she’s a keeper! ❤ #KCACOLS

    Liked by 1 person

    • Peachy tries to be helpful. Today while I made dinner she brought me books and DVDs from the other room two at a time, one in each hand. Now they’re all stacked up on the kitchen counter. At least it kept her busy. Thanks for reading.

      Liked by 1 person

    • I truly am. I just wish we didn’t have baby gates and locks on everything. These things are really restricting my ability to explore. Thanks for visiting.


    • So far we have been remembering to pick the hand bowls up off the floor before releasing Peachy. But I’m sure it’s just a matter of time. Thanks for reading.


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