Peachy Celebrates Easter: Part Two

Today is Easter Monday, the day that brings our Easter festivities to a close. I’m spending the day at home with mommy and daddy. There was some talk of having company over but plans didn’t work out the way we thought. It turned out to be a relaxing day which I do enjoy.

The promise of the Easter chocolate that the Easter Bunny brings has been the part of Easter that I was most excited about. Chocolate is a rare treat for me. Mommy insists that I’m too little for chocolate but sometimes when I put on my sad face mommy can’t resist and lets me have a little piece.

My other source of chocolate is daddy. If daddy has chocolate I know he will share it with me. We just have to wait until mommy isn’t watching. Sometimes we get caught but mommy can’t be too upset because she only shakes her head and goes about her business.

I have been looking forward to meeting the Easter Bunny but he has proven to be an elusive creature. As I understand it, the Easter Bunny should be hiding chocolate eggs around our house. He is very good at hiding his chocolate treasure, but I know there’s bound to be chocolate eggs around here somewhere.

I spent the majority of the morning looking all over the house. All this searching for Easter eggs has got me thinking about this Easter Bunny. Who is he? Where does he come from? Most importantly, where is he getting all those chocolate eggs?

The story of the Easter Bunny bringing treats to children was first mentioned in 1682. The tradition began in Germany with the Easter Hare. The Easter Hare brought candy and small toys to those kids that he deemed to have been good.

I have been very good. Mommy tells me that I’m a good girl every day. Where is my Easter chocolate? Did the Easter Bunny forget about me? Why would the Easter Bunny bring eggs anyway? Why not chocolate bunnies?

Baby dressed as the Easter Bunny with an Easter basket full of eggs.

This egg is not chocolate!

Eggs are a symbol of birth and fertility and have been associated with spring for a long time. Some groups of people do not consume meat or eggs during Lent. It was once customary to boil the eggs to extend their shelf life. These boiled eggs were sometimes decorated and then eaten as part of the Easter feast. I guess the Easter bunny doesn’t want to deviate from tradition.

At my house we decorate our eggs and put them in a basket along with a piece of bread, some meat, salt, and pepper. On Sunday morning we bring our basket to church to be blessed by a priest. Then we come home and have breakfast. Each person is expected to eat at least one thing from the basket.

This tradition comes from my mommy’s side of the family and it is how she celebrated Easter ever since she was little. Now that I’m here, mommy tells me that we’re going to start some new traditions of our own. Mommy has been telling me about some of the fun things she has planned for the coming years.

Mommy’s best idea is the Easter egg hunt. She told me that when I’m big enough the Easter Bunny will hide goodies for me and I will have to find them. No wonder I haven’t been able to find any chocolate this morning. I’m just not big enough yet!

Mommy said that I will probably be big enough to start a proper Easter egg hunt next year. I can’t wait! I’m going to spend the whole year practicing my searching skills. Next Easter I’m going to find so much chocolate!

I may be too little for an Easter egg hunt but the Easter Bunny didn’t forget about me. After dinner mommy said she had a little present for me that the Easter Bunny left with her for safekeeping. Guess what it was. Chocolate! The perfect after dinner treat. I love Easter!

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