Becoming One of Them

Last summer I told you about my outings with mommy to the park down the street. That’s where the big kids play and I’ve always enjoyed watching them run around. I was always too little to join in. I was always in the stroller or on mommy’s lap, quietly observing and waiting to grow.

In the fall mommy said that I would be big enough this summer. We’ve had a bit of a cool spring but we have ventured to the park a few of times already. It’s still quite cool and as a result, the park hasn’t been as busy as it is during the summer months. It gets a lot more visitors once the water park is open.

Each time we’ve gone there have been only a couple of families sitting on a few benches. I don’t mind that it’s quiet. It makes it easier for me to keep track of things and we get a great bench every time. I have also noticed that when it’s not so busy is when the smaller kids tend to be there.

I can’t help but notice that even the smallest kids are still a bit bigger than me. They are not that much taller but they are stronger and much more stable on their feet. I can walk on my own now but I still go plunkers sometimes. These kids rarely fall down at all.

Most of them seem to be further along with their words too. I only know how to say a couple of words but these kids know how to make their needs and feelings known with words alone. I like watching them play but I have been hesitant to join in. It’s a bit intimidating.

Baby in a stroller enjoying the outdoors

Me at the park last summer

This week has been a particularly good week and we went out every day except for yesterday because it rained. I was disappointed by the rain because the day before was an extra good day at the park. Mommy took me out of the stroller and carried me around! I actually got to explore the play sets, swings, and slides!

Mommy let me touch stuff and look into things. I really enjoyed myself. At one point mommy set me down on the ground, but I got nervous and I quickly sat down. Mommy let me sit in one of the play sets and together we discovered the activities on the walls. There were letters, numbers, and shapes etched on one panel and a maze game on the other. They were fun to explore.

The last part was the best. Mommy brought me over to the slides and after letting me have a good look, mommy sat me down on it and I slid down. I would have been scared but mommy held me the entire time and I realized it was really fun. It made me giggle.

After a couple more trips down the slide, mommy said it was time to go. I wasn’t ready to leave. I wanted to do the slide some more. I cried when mommy stuffed me back into the stroller. A handful of Cheerios helped me calm down and we went home.

That’s why the rain yesterday was a big disappointment. I wanted to explore the park some more. Today I got my chance. After watching from the stroller for a while mommy let me sit on her lap. This was nice for a bit but I soon began to feel restless.

Mommy set me down on the ground and I stood there a while holding mommy’s hand. I took a cautious step but I didn’t want to go alone. Mommy came with me and she let me hold her hand while I walked around the play sets. There were some bigger kids playing there and I didn’t want to intrude so I stayed on the outside and watched.

Adorable baby girl

I felt a little shy.

Mommy stayed with me as I walked around exploring at my own pace. Then something caught my eye as it moved past me. I let go of mommy’s hand to chase it and I managed to successfully catch it. I suddenly realized I wasn’t holding mommy’s had anymore so I sat down in a hurry.

The object I captured was secure in my hand. I took a good look at it and after a thorough investigation I discovered that it was a dry leaf. I let the wind snatch it out of my hand and carry it away. Mommy gave me her hand again and I stood up for more exploring.

Mommy walked me over to the smaller play set where there were fewer people. I was just about to head for the slide when I spotted something sitting on the ground. I walked over to it and picked it up for further analysis. It turned out to be a rock.

I walked over to where the benches are and I sat down on the ground with my treasure. It was an extraordinary rock and I was fascinated by it. After a while mommy tried to put me back on my feet again but I was perfectly content sitting on the ground with my rock.

Shortly afterwards mommy picked me up and put me back in my stroller. I was very unhappy about that and I cried loudly. Mommy said it was time to go home and have a nap, but I wasn’t done having fun yet. Mommy told me we would come back another day and she offered me some Cheerios. That helped as I had worked up quite an appetite.

On the way home I realized that I had lost my rock somewhere. I think that in the thick of crying, I had forgotten it at the park. I hope we go back tomorrow so that I can go get my rock. Maybe I’ll even work up the courage to interact with one of the other kids. Perhaps they would like to see my rock.

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12 thoughts on “Becoming One of Them

  1. Oh wow – how exciting, I’m sure the big kids will look after you if you’re nice. And don’t worry about the rock, I’m sure it’ll be there next time – and the rain will have cleaned it! Thanks for sharing with #PoCoLo

    Liked by 1 person

    • I went back to get my rock but there were so many other rocks that I couldn’t remember which one was mine. I took as many as I could. Hopefully one of them was my special rock. Thanks for visiting.


  2. Hi Peachy – it sounds like you’ve had lots of fun at the park. I have a little boy who is also just discovering the freedom of the park and it really is exciting. I hope you have lots of fun in the sun over Easter. Oh and don’t forget to talk to some of those other children – I bet at least some of them feel shy like you. #PoCoLo

    Liked by 1 person

    • Mommy always tells me that I’m growing up so fast but I think it’s happening painfully slow. I guess it’s all a matter of perspective. Thanks for reading.


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