Peachy’s Camera Care Tips

Bloggers are inclined to take a lot of pictures. If you’re a blogging baby, you tend to find yourself the subject of those pictures rather frequently. Most days I spot mommy with the camera pointing straight at me. It’s something I have become accustomed to.

Mommy has always taken a lot of pictures of me, even before I became the blogging baby. It’s something I have been aware of since the day I was born. Living my life in front of the camera is what I am used to. It doesn’t bother me at all. Sometimes I even kind of like the attention a little.

My blog needs good quality photos to add visual appeal to my posts. Some people use their cell phone cameras but mommy and I prefer our Sony camera. It takes better quality photos and has more features. Of the thousands of images with my face in them, only a handful make the cut to publishing. My blog requires the very best.

There are two components that I couldn’t do without when it comes to blog worthy photos. I need mommy and I need a good camera. I really couldn’t get my blog photography done without mommy’s help and the camera’s functionality.

It makes sense to take good care of that camera. If something were to happen to it, my blog would surely suffer. Not to mention the possibility of losing countless priceless photos. That is why today’s post is all about taking care of this piece of equipment. Here are my five tips on how to take care of your camera.

1. Keep It In a Camera Bag

When you are out with your camera, transporting it, or simply storing it at home, you should keep that camera in a camera bag. Not only does a well designed camera bag conveniently house all of your equipment and accessories, it also keeps your camera clean, dry, and safe.

2. Put a Cap on It

If you’re not taking a picture, put the lens cap on. The lens is the most delicate part of the camera and it needs to be kept clean and scratch free. A dirty or scratched lens will greatly affect the quality of your photos. Take good care of your lens.

Baby putting the lens cap on a camera

Let me help you with that

3. Clean It Properly

If you do get the lens dirty, you will need to use a lens cleaning kit. Do not use tissue, paper towel, or your shirt to clean smudges off your lens. These items are too abrasive and too dusty. You need a microfiber cloth for the job. Don’t be tempted to use canned air on your camera either. That air comes out with chemicals that can damage components of a camera.

For bigger job, you will need a specially designed cleaning liquid to clean the lens and screen. You could also use a good quality isopropyl alcohol. Never use any household glass cleaners on your camera. These can be damaging to a camera and they will remove the anti-glare coating on your lens.

4. Turn It Off

Before you do anything to your camera, turn it off. Whether it’s taking out the memory card, plugging it in, or giving it a cleaning, always power off first. Better safe than sorry.

5. Remove the Batteries

If you’re planning on not using your camera for a little while, it’s a good idea to take out the batteries and store them separately. Batteries can corrode or even leak acid all over the camera. To safely store your camera, give it a thorough cleaning, remove the batteries, put it in a camera bag, and keep it in a safe place.

These are my camera care tips. Do you have any of your own? Share yours in the comments.

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