Better Than Chocolate

Did you know that inside of every box of chocolate there is a toy? I wouldn’t joke about something as serious as playtime. There really is a toy inside every box! I discovered this only recently when we finished off one of our many boxes of chocolate left over from Christmas.

For the last three months I have watched countless boxes of chocolate be opened, consumed, and then thrown away. So many lost opportunities to play. Luckily there is still a small stack of Christmas chocolate left and I have high hopes for those boxes. No box of chocolate will be tossed on my watch.

The toy inside each box is a game. Before you can play with the toy, someone needs to get rid of the chocolate. Most of this task goes to mommy and daddy but I have been known to help on occasion. I think it would be faster if we just dumped the chocolate out on the floor but mommy and daddy disagree. They never want to try things my way.

Once the chocolate gets removed, the playing surface is revealed. What you are looking at is actually the underside of the game board. The next step is to pop the toy out of the box and shake out all the chocolate crumbs. When you accomplish this, your game is ready to play.

Next you will need a flat surface to place the game board upon. I like to use the tray of my high chair. It’s big enough and I can sit comfortably while I play. I’m sure you could use a table or even the floor if you prefer. Any surface that is firm, flat, and big enough for your entire game board will work.

Place your toy on the flat surface with the bubbles pointing upwards. Now you’re all set to have some fun. Ready to play? The object of the game is to press down all the bubbles. Try to make the game board as flat as possible. Don’t worry. It’s not as hard as it sounds.

Baby playing with packaging from a box of chocolates

It takes a bit of concentration

You can take your time and press each bubble carefully with your preferred pressing finger. Or you can speed things along by mashing the bubbles down with the palm of your hand. You could use both hands if you’re feeling adventurous. Or you could even use another object by holding it tightly and smashing it down on those bubbles. A wooden block works great for this.

Whatever method you decide on, each attempt to flatten the bubbles will be rewarded with a delightful crinkling sound. That’s how you know you’re playing the game correctly. If it crinkles you’re on the right track and you should keep up the excellent job. If it doesn’t crinkle you might need to reevaluate your strategy and try a different approach. Don’t give up.

Once your game board is thoroughly flattened, you might think that the game is over and playtime is finished. No need to worry. Simply ask either your mommy or your daddy to pop the bubbles out for you and the game is reset back to the beginning. You can play forever! Or until you get bored. Whatever comes first.

Every box has a different game board inside. Collect them all or swap with friends. With a stack of boxes you could get the whole family involved. Smash your bubbles and then trade game boards and smash bubbles some more. It would make a great family night.

The next time you have a box of chocolate lying around, hurry up and get rid of that chocolate. Before long you will be able to give this fantastic game a try. You won’t be disappointed. It’s a great game and is sure to provide hours of fun. You’ll like it even more than the chocolate.

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