Peachy’s Newborn Essentials

The warmer weather is finally beginning to assert itself. With that come longer days, shorter nights, more time outside, and a change of wardrobe. At our house, we use this time to get our home a bit more organized and to clear out some clutter.

Much of that clutter is the pile of my stuff which I am now too big for. There are stacks of clothes, baby gear, and supplies which I have outgrown. Mommy and daddy have decided that it’s time to go through my belongings and pack away the things that I don’t use anymore. It’s being washed, boxed up, and put in the attic for storage, making space for the brand new things that I have acquired.

After going though the house, the stack of boxes going to storage turned out to be quite impressive. Most of these items were purchased by mommy and daddy before I was even born. Others were bought hastily in the first week after my birth. A fair amount were acquired in my first year of life.

Some of the things going to storage got a lot of use and proved indispensable. Others were barely touched and turned out to be unnecessary purchases. My needs today are very different from what they were when I was brand new. It got me thinking about the things that newborns really need.

Many of the things mommy and daddy bought before I was born were among the things that I never used. It’s not surprising. How were they to know what to expect? Before I came along, they had never been parents before.

Those first few weeks of parenthood are chaotic. Mommy and daddy were just trying to be prepared. They were thinking too far ahead and preparing for something they didn’t know anything about. I’m sure that if mommy and daddy were to do it over again, they would have waited until the got to know me before buying all these things.

If other mommies and daddies expecting their first babies are anything like mine, well-intentioned but unnecessary purchases are probably being made right now. They don’t have the benefit of experience to know that they only need to buy the essentials for the babies that are about to join them. This a confusing and overwhelming time for them.

Baby in a nursing pillow

I used to be much smaller

So what are the essentials for a newborn? Who better to answer that question than a baby? I’m here to help. Here is my shopping list of essentials that expecting parents should buy before their baby is born.

Newborn Essentials Shopping List

1 bassinet or Moses Basket
2 bassinet sheets
6 swaddling Blankets
1 baby blanket
1 newborn size baby bottle (for breastfed babies)
1 small tub of formula (for breastfed babies)
6 newborn size baby bottles (for formula fed babies)
2 different types of formula (for formula fed babies)
1 contoured change pad with safety strap
2 change pad covers
2 large boxes of newborn size diapers
2 bags of wet wipes
1 tube of petroleum jelly or equivalent
1 tube or diaper rash cream
1 baby bathtub or equivalent
2 towels
4 wash cloths
1 bottle of 2 in 1 baby wash/shampoo
4 one piece long sleeve footie pajamas/sleepers
4 short-sleeved legless bodysuits
2 pairs of pants
2 sweaters or long-sleeved shirts
4 pairs of infant socks
1 hat
1 hooded bunting bag (for winter baby)
1 dress up outfit
1 infant car seat
1 stroller
1 bottle of baby laundry detergent
2 pacifiers
1 diaper bag
1 baby hairbrush and comb
1 baby nail clippers
1 baby Emory board/nail file
1 baby thermometer
1 pair of no scratch mittens

There are many other things that a baby requires. The above list consists of the essentials to get through those early days while everyone settles into their new roles within the family. Parents who do not buy these things ahead of time are likely to find their overwhelmed and sleep deprived selves at the store with their newborn.

I have a second shopping list for first time parents. These things could be purchased before the baby arrives, or within the first couple of months after the baby is born. Here are the other baby gear items that parents are likely to need for their little ones.

Essential Baby Gear

1 crib
1 crib mattress
2-4 crib sheets
1 waterproof mattress pad
1 change table
1 diaper pail
1 dresser
1 rocking chair or glider
1 baby monitor
1 wet wipes warmer
1 bottle warmer (for bottle fed babies)
1 sterilizer (or dishwasher with sterilizer setting)
1 nursing pillow (for breastfed babies)
4 bibs
1 bottle of infant acetaminophen
1 bottle of infant vitamin D drops(for breastfed babies)
1 high chair
1 play pen
1 baby gym
1 swing and/or bouncy chair

That’s my list of items which I found necessary. What other items do you consider a must have? Leave a comment.

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20 thoughts on “Peachy’s Newborn Essentials

  1. Great list! It’s so easy to get carried away with baby stuff, especially with your first but with consequent babies, I’ve realised there’s so much that’s not necessary (saying that it was still fun to try it all out 😂). Thanks for linking up to #MarvMondays. Kaye xo

    Liked by 1 person

    • If we have a second we’ll pull all that stuff out and see if we can get more use out of the previously unused items. Every baby is different. But it would have been smarter to wait until after Peachy was born to buy that stuff in the first place. I don’t know why we thought we had to buy everything in advance. Maybe we just didn’t realize how little newborns actually do. Thanks for reading.


    • I had never heard of a top and tail bowl until today. Actually had to Google it to find out what it is. You learn something new every day. Thanks for reading.


  2. It’s too easy to buy too much. I agree keep it simple then you can top up. The only thing I would add is a breast pump, electric if you can afford, they are way more efficient. #globalblogging xx

    Liked by 1 person

    • This was definitely a must have for me but it is very expensive and not everyone likes them. It’s such a pricey piece of equipment that I thought it might be a better idea to make sure you’re the kind of woman who will use if before forking over such a large chunk of money. That’s the only reason I didn’t include it on the list. I did wrestle with the idea because it was a definite essential for me. Thanks for reading.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. This is such a useful list for parents to be. Its definitely an overwhelming time and there is so much out there its difficult to know what you really do need versus what you dont need. Lots of these were essentials for us too and would be on our list if we wrote one! Fab post, thanks for linking up Emily #MarvMondays

    Liked by 1 person

    • I know that for me, the combination of wanting everything for my baby, and worrying about my ability to go out after giving birth, made it very easy for me to buy way too much stuff. I am glad that I was able to stay home for those first few weeks and recover, but I wasted too much money. You want to be prepared for everything but not go overboard. Thanks for reading.


    • I packed mine only days before going into labour and I was still throwing in some last minute stuff while my husband got ready to drive to the hospital. Thanks for visiting.


  4. Funny enough, I bought some brand new pacifiers for both of my kids, but they didn’t take it at all! Weird! lol! I also didn’t have a dresser and a rocking chair for my first, but I made sure that I had them for my second. Such a life saver! Great list! Thank you so much for sharing this with us on #FabFridayPost

    Liked by 1 person

    • Pacifiers are inexpensive and it’s better to have and not need than need and not have. A comfortable chair is definitely a must have. The chair we started out with wasn’t very comfortable at all. It made those middle of the night feedings a nightmare. When you’re exhausted you really want to be comfortable. The chair we have now is much better and we’re all happier because of it. Thanks for reading.

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