Aleva Naturals Review and Giveaway

When I was born we received a package of sample baby products from the hospital. Places that work with newborns and expecting mothers are often bombarded with samples. This is the manufacturer’s way of getting their products known and hopefully liked.

Mommy and I appreciated the bag of samples. I’m a first-born baby and mommy didn’t have any tried and tested products yet. It was helpful to have some different brands to try out. Some of the products did prove to be useful and a few we still use today.

The baby skin care products however did not work for me. I soon developed a rash on my chest and arms. It was horrible. I was only a few days old and had enough to deal with. I didn’t need itchy bumps to top it all off.

Mommy stopped using all those products on me and spoke to my doctor who recommended a few alternatives. It took some trial and error and a few oatmeal baths over the course of several months before we got my skin back to the kind of flawless that only babies can enjoy. I’m so glad to have that ordeal behind me.

Perhaps my sensitive skin was really a blessing in disguise. Many months later mommy read that some of those very products have been linked to cancer. I would have thought that baby skin care products would be safe, especially since these were probably among the most popular products around. It turns out that just because large-scale manufacturers have the means to invest in their products, it doesn’t mean they will.

Ever since then mommy is very careful about what she puts on my skin. We’re always on the lookout for gentle products made with better ingredients. Mommy always says that it’s only the best for her little peach.

When we were approached by Aleva Naturals to try out and review some of their products, mommy immediately did a search for their website to find out what this company was all about. It quickly became apparent that this brand was a perfect fit for us. At least it became apparent to me.

Aleva Naturals makes their products with all-natural, plant-based, and vegan ingredients. There are no harsh chemicals and no sneaky additives. As mommy and I perused the company website it became obvious that this is a manufacturer who cares not only about the wellbeing of babies, but also cares about mothers, animals, and the planet.

From biodegradable diapers and wipes, to cruelty free products that are never tested on animals, Aleva Naturals had won us over as a caring and responsible brand that we wanted to work with. There was only one more trial for them to pass. Would their products hold up to my vigorous testing? There was only one way to find out.

We replied to the manufacturer and agreed to do the review. Our box of products arrived promptly and contained a bottle of Sleep Easy Hair & Body Wash, Daily Soothing Moisturizer, and a pack of Pacifier & Toy Wipes. We were also given a Bottle & Dish Liquid along with a Stain & Laundry Bar from the baby safe cleaners line.

Mommy and I were very anxious and excited to try the products. I was feeling optimistic but I know mommy had some doubts and didn’t want to get her hopes up. We had found a company that we could really love and mommy didn’t want to be disappointed. I can understand her hesitation but I was ready to get started.

Baby with Aleva Naturals skin care products

What do you want to try first?

Sleep Easy Hair & Body Wash

The Sleep Easy wash and moisturizer are made with lavender and chamomile oils and are designed to sooth and calm for a better night’s sleep. I received the wash and decided to test it out before bedtime. I’m generally a good sleeper anyway, so I’m not sure if that part of it works. I did sleep very well and I felt quite relaxed at bedtime.

Mommy liked that this product is a hair and body wash. It makes it easier to not have to use a separate shampoo. I do like to move around in the bath a lot and mommy sometimes struggles to keep up. I guess she finds it easier to just lather me up from head to toe all in one shot. Mommy also liked that this wash isn’t overly bubbly as it makes it easier to rinse off.

Both mommy and I enjoyed the scent. It is not overpowering but there is the definite aroma of lavender. Mommy said it reminded her of the place we went for massage therapy when I was still in mommy’s tummy. It smelled quite nice during bath time and the scent remained on my skin for some time after my bath.

Daily Soothing Moisturizer

This moisturizer is unscented and is Aleva’s recommended choice for Eczema prone skin. It contains shea butter and oatmeal to soothe away any irritation and sweet almond and olive oils to soften skin. I always moisturize after my bath so I used this moisturizer after testing out the wash.

This is a nice light moisturizer suitable for daily use. It didn’t leave me feeling greasy and it absorbed quickly. It left my skin soft and supple without the discomfort of thick and heavy creams. I could even still smell the lavender of my wash after the moisturizer was applied so it really is unscented.

Those were the two skin care products that I received. After washing and moisturizing it was time for bed. The real test was about to begin. Would my skin be itchy in the morning or in the days to come? Only time would tell.

When I woke up in the morning I felt like my usual self and I had forgotten all about the previous night’s testing. Mommy came to my room like always and got me prepped for my diaper change. Mommy asked if I felt itchy and she unzipped my pajamas. That’s when I remembered the important work to be done. Was I itchy? No. Did mommy see any red bumps on me? No. The Aleva Naturals skin care products had passed the test!

Pacifier & Toy Wipes

For some reason mommy was most excited about these wipes. I don’t see what makes them special. These wipes come in packages of 30 in a flip top pouch. They are Eco-friendly and biodegradable in only 28 days. I guess that is exciting.

Mommy says they are perfect to keep in the diaper bag for when I drop my pacifier on the go. I don’t know what mommy is talking about. I never drop it. I only throw it to see what happens. I thought mommy knew that. She has even attached something called a pacifier clip to it which serves as a tail while it flies through the air.

Apparently I misread the situation. Mommy claims that the pacifier gets dirty when it hits the ground and these wipes will be perfect to remedy that, as long as they don’t leave any unpleasant residue or taste. I would have to test one out.

I don’t think we did a true test as mommy didn’t let me throw the pacifier like I usually do. Mommy pulled out a wipe, gave my pacifier a thorough cleaning with it, and gave my pacifier back to me. I popped it in my mouth and then mommy stared at me like I was supposed to do something. But nothing happened! Mommy said that means the wipes passed the test. I guess I didn’t understand what we were testing for.

Bottle & Dish Liquid

Even though I won’t actually be using the Bottle & Dish Liquid, I am kind of excited to have a dish soap of my own. The one I received to test is the fragrance free version but there is also a scented one available.

Up until now mommy has been washing all my dishes along with all the other dishes, but my stuff always gets an extra rinse. Mommy says she won’t have to do that with this soap as it is extra gentle. I guess that will save her some time. Mommy also likes that this soap is foamy but not overly so which makes it easy to rinse.

Stain & Laundry Bar

This product is made for tough stains and the instructions say to wet the fabric, apply the bar directly on the stain, scrub, then rinse. My most stained items are my bibs. Mommy washes them in my baby laundry liquid but the stains don’t get any better. Some of them have been there for a while and are really set in.

We thought we would test the bar out on one of my most stained bibs. We followed the instructions but instead of rinsing we just tossed it into the washing machine with the rest of the load. It took a bit of elbow grease but the stains disappeared.

Best of all the Stain & Laundry Bar is at least as mild as my regular baby laundry liquid. This is very important since harsh soaps can make my itchy skin come back. Just as with the Aleva skin care products, clothing washed with the Stain & Laundry bar did not cause me to have any sort of reaction.

That concludes the testing of my new favourite brand of baby products. I was convinced at that point but mommy still wasn’t sure. What more could we do? When would mommy be confident that Aleva really is a good company that makes great products?

Mommy said she had to take a closer look at those ingredients. Luckily one of Aleva’s brand values is a complete ingredient disclosure policy. Armed with the ingredients list for each of the products we tested, mommy and I went on the EWG Skin Deep website to get some additional information.

Mommy typed in each ingredient one by one to get its EWG score. Almost every ingredient had a score of 1! Not one of the products we tested would have scored above a 2 overall. That is fantastic news!

Finally mommy was able to admit that Aleva Naturals is an outstanding brand with good values and amazing products. If mommy would have just listened to me she could have saved herself quite a bit of time and effort. When I find something I like, I know it right away.

Aleva Naturals want to give you the chance to try out some of their products for yourself. They have put together a lovely selection which I am giving away to one lucky reader. The generous package consists of a Newborn Gift Set which includes a bottle of Sleep Easy Wash, Daily Soothing Moisturizer, 2 in 1 Hair and Body Wash, and a 80 count pack of Bamboo Baby Wipes. Aleva will also include two products from the Baby Safe Household Cleaners line in the form of your own fragrance free Bottle & Dish Liquid and the Stain & Laundry Bar.

Click here for your chance to win.

Contest open to Canadian residents only. Must be 18 years of age or older. Winner will be notified by email. Accepting entries until April 30, 2017.

*We have not been paid for this review but we were given the products free of charge. All views and opinions are honest and our own.

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82 thoughts on “Aleva Naturals Review and Giveaway

  1. Oh poor baby having a bad reaction to the first products. I did not realise how much stuff was in some things until I read a stretch mark cream review and my beloved Palmer’s is full of bad stuff. I love that you gave a really honest and thorough review, I love the smell of lavender btw. I never really used many products when Leo was a baby. I am glad you found a brand you like! Thank you for linking to #stayclassymama xx

    Liked by 1 person

    • Most stretch mark creams are among the worst culprits. I believe Aleva makes one too but I haven’t looked at their line of maternal products so I can’t say how good they are. Thanks for reading.


    • These are definitely better. But some people get no freebie bags at all so I guess we were lucky to get anything. At least we know what to avoid. Thanks for reading.


  2. This sounds like a fabulous range. I’m always on the lookout for products without nasties as I’m allergic to an ingredient that is found in nearly every shower gel / shampoo out there. When it comes to your baby’s skin, you want products that are as gentle as possible. Thanks for joining us at #SharingtheBlogLove

    Liked by 1 person

    • Aleva makes maternal care products too. I haven’t looked into these products as closely but maybe you can find stuff that would work for you. Thanks for visiting.


    • That is such a well known brand that is used by so many people yet many of their products contain some questionable substances. I’m very sorry about your mom. Thanks for visiting.


  3. This is a really well written review and has gotten me interested in the products. I LOVE lavender in bathing products so the hair & body wash would be perfect for us. I’m also excited about the pacifier & toy wipes. I didn’t even know such things existed! Thank for your linking up to #EatSleepBlogRT. Hope you join again next week.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you. When I first got the product to review, I was most excited about those wipes too. I didn’t know they existed either. Such a smart product. I think they make a lavender moisturizer to go with the wash. I bet the scent would linger longer if you used both products. Check out the website to find out where they are sold near you. I believe they are on Amazon as well. Thanks for reading.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. What a lovely review this is! Super cute! I have entered. Yes, please we have just found out that Evelyn has allergy to eggs and so she suffer from really bad eczema. So this sound like a wonderful product for her. Thank you for linking up with us on #FabFridayPost

    Liked by 1 person

  5. It’s appaling and scary when you realise the number of chemicals that go into so many baby products. It’s nice to know there are more natural products out there too. Thanks for sharing your review with #globalblogging

    Liked by 1 person

  6. It’s great that you’ve discovered something that works well on the skin. I would be interested to see whether these were more expensive than those you were using before. #globalblogging,

    Liked by 1 person

    • I noticed that the original brand that we got at the hospital has gotten much cheaper since the news of the cancer causing ingredients it contains went public. It’s always on sale now. You mean people don’t want to slather death onto their babies? No surprise there. I haven’t been using that brand since the original rash. The one I have been using is very comparable in price to Aleva’s products. If you check them out on Amazon, you can see how all their prices compare to other brands. Thanks for reading.


  7. This sounds like a brilliant brand, and ten out of ten for all the research you did on all the ingredients-it definitely makes the review incredibly trustworthy! I’ll have to look these products up-I always use Neals Yard for my children, but I like to try out different things! The only disappointment is I’m not in Canada, so couldn’t enter the giveaway…!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Sorry about the restrictions on the giveaway. The products are a bit heavy and the manufacturer wasn’t willing to ship internationally. If you’re interested, check out their website for places where you can buy them. I believe they are also on Amazon. Thanks for reading.


  8. That pacifier story is so cute! These sound like great products. I am always on the lookout for new things for my family, so thanks for reviewing and sharing your experience 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  9. Fantastic review! I’m all about all things lavender and chamomile.Thanks for linking up with us again this week at #ShowMeYours. We love having you and Peachy.

    Liked by 1 person

    • It’s been 15 months and I’m still very careful. I don’t want a repeat of that rash. Peachy was so small and I didn’t know what I was doing. It was so difficult to deal with a rash on top of everything. Thanks for reading.


  10. Great review! I’ve not heard of Aleva Naturals before, but the range looks really good. My son has always suffered with sensitive skin, so it would’ve been perfect for him!


    Liked by 1 person

    • I never heard of them before either and they’re actually located very near us. I’m so glad they reached out to us. I love their products and with I had known of them before. Thanks for reading.


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