Peachy’s Beauty Routine

I’m a little lady and I like to look my best. More specifically, I like for people to notice how adorable I am. What’s even more important to me is for people to tell me that I’m fabulous. The problem is, looking my best requires a bit of time and I tend to be impatient when it comes to personal grooming.

I enjoy bathing as long as the water is warm and the bath doesn’t take too long. After every bath mommy slathers me in moisturizer. I would rather skip that bit and go straight to playtime. Although I must admit that the moisturizer does leave me silky smooth.

I don’t mind having my hair brushed, as long as there are no knots or tangles because those hurt. I don’t like it when mommy fusses about my hair for too long. Just a quick once over with a comb is all I feel to be necessary. I’m much too busy to spend more time than that on my hair.

I’m pretty good about brushing my teeth and I make sure to do it every day. Mommy helps me by giving all my teeth a good brushing before she lets me try. I don’t mind mommy’s brushing technique but I’m generally impatient for my turn. It’s my mouth and I should get to go first.

Baby girl sitting in bed

Time to get pretty

Proper nail maintenance is very important. Mommy prefers to keep my nails trim with the use of a nail file. I hear that it’s safer and believed to be healthier for the nails. I don’t find this an unpleasant experience, except that it takes a long time and I get bored. There are ten fingers and ten toes to get through. All that filing is enough to bore anyone to tears.

Mommy does her best to keep my interest on something while she works away. During the summer I got my mani-pedi on our front porch. This worked very well for both mommy and I. Mommy said she found it easier to see in the natural sunlight and I enjoyed observing people and watching the shiny cars drive by.

Now that it’s so cold we can no longer sit outside for this particular aspect of my personal grooming. These days there are few things that will keep me sitting still long enough. The only thing that really works is TV. If a good show is on, I can manage to get through my whole mani-pedi in one sitting.

Being a little lady is a lot of work. Sometimes I wonder if it’s even worth it. All this washing, brushing, trimming, and moisturizing is cutting into valuable play time. Maybe it would be easier to just skip all this grooming and have more fun instead.

Twin Mummy and Daddy
January 27, 2017

10 thoughts on “Peachy’s Beauty Routine

    • Hello Alice. It’s not that bad once you get used to it. The only part about having my hair brushed that trips me up is that I would really like to see what mommy’s doing back there, but I can never turn my head fast enough. The tooth brushing feels very peculiar but I kind of like it. Especially when it’s my turn to operate the toothbrush. Thanks for visiting my blog. I always like to hear from other babies.


    • Thanks. When Peachy was born one of the nurses at the hospital recommended that we use a file in the early months. It just kind of stuck and has become our routine. Thanks for visiting.


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