Peachy’s First Word

Since my twelve month checkup with my doctor, I have been very busy with the homework I was given. I’m a little bit behind learning my words and so, with the help on mommy and daddy, I have been practicing diligently. Every day I set aside some time for learning.

It’s hard work which can sometimes be confusing and frustrating. I often feel that I would rather play instead. Mommy and daddy try to make it fun and we keep our learning sessions short. They encourage me to succeed and they seem so happy when I make an effort. We’re in this together so I feel obligated to try at least a little.

My mouth doesn’t seem to work the way I want it to and I’m not sure what to do with my tongue. Mostly it seems to get in the way. I hear the sound but when I try to replicate it, even I can’t understand what I’m saying. Other times I get my mouth to move properly but no sound comes out at all.

Then there is the issue of understanding the words and using them to communicate. There are some words that I know the meaning of, but I have trouble saying them. Every morning at breakfast, mommy asks me if I want my milk. I love my milk and I look for it on the table as soon as I hear the word.

Once I find my milk, I get excited to drink it. Sometimes mommy tells me I have to say the word “milk” if I want mommy to give me my bottle. I can make the M sound with no problem, but after that it falls apart. It’s a hard word to say and it’s even harder to say it when I’m anxious for my milk.

I can say “mama” and “dada” as those are fairly easy words, but I’m not really sure when I should be saying them. I think they have something to do with mommy and daddy but when would I need to say that? Mommy and daddy know who they are. They don’t need me to tell them.

Baby girl sitting on a couch with a big smile

Here I am practicing

If I really think about it, there is only one word that I can say which I am sure I know the meaning of. I have been saying this word for months and in all that time I have been using it in the proper context. The correct time to say this word is when something falls on the ground. That word is “uh-oh”.

When I first learned the meaning of this word, about six months ago, I was much too little to actually say it. I used to hum the melody it makes when mommy says it. Mommy thought it was very clever of me, so I kept doing it every time I dropped something.

As I got bigger I began dropping things on purpose just so that I could make the sound because I knew mommy liked it. Maybe because I like dropping things too. It was a win-win discovery. I would drop something, hum “uh-oh” and then look for the object on the ground. Mommy always made sure to tell me how amazing I was being and I like hearing that.

About a month ago I began to carefully observe mommy’s mouth when she says “uh-oh”. Now I can say it too and not just hum it. I can make my mouth take the shape it needs to be to say the word properly and clearly.

Every time I say “uh-oh”, mommy looks at me and says it too. Then we say it back and forth several times. I like that game. It shows me that mommy understand and that makes me feel proud of my accomplishment.

Mommy says that “uh-oh” is my first word. I’m glad that it’s my first word because it’s my favourite word of all. It’s my favourite not only because I can say it and understand it, but also because it has a melody to it that’s almost like a little song. I have always been a very musical little peach.

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28 thoughts on “Peachy’s First Word

    • Thanks. Peachy’s new favourite it “ba!”. In an attempt to teach her words, I’ve been flipping through her books with her, pointing stuff out, and telling her what the thing is called. Now she flips through the book herself, points at random things, and yells “Ba!”. It’s adorable but I think she’s missing the point. Thanks for visiting.


    • I think it’s more important that our little ones call us something. Sometimes Peachy looks at me and says mama and I feel so proud. But then she turns away and says mama at her doll, the cat, the lamp, her hand, and at the TV. Less than ideal.


    • Thanks. Peachy started saying Dada before Mama too. I don’t know if she has any idea what either of them mean but Dada was first. I think it’s easier and I say it every time daddy comes home. I guess I need to talk about myself more. Thanks for reading.


    • Thanks. I’m sure they know. It seems to be one of their favourite things to talk about. All day it’s mommy this and daddy that. Sometimes I wish they would talk about something else. Thanks for reading.


    • Thanks! It is difficult. I want to learn but it can be so frustrating when the words just won’t come out. Mommy says I have to keep trying. I would rather just play. Thanks for visiting me.


    • Peachy is a laid back baby so it’s not surprising that she’s taking her time. But I think I’m also part of the problem. I tend to dismiss the sounds she makes as noise but I think that sometimes she’s actually trying to say things. The other day she was babbling at one of our cats and I suddenly realized that she was actually saying the cat’s name. It’s just hard to pick out because she’s not pronouncing it very well. Thanks for visiting.


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