The New Year: Part Two

The new year has officially begun. It is now 2017 and we must put away our 2016 calendars, replacing them with the crisp pages of a brand new calendar. It is hard to believe that a year has gone by so quickly, but it is true. I checked the paper this morning to make sure that New Year’s did happen, and it is indeed 2017.

Today we recuperate from all the celebrating we did last night. I hope you had a wonderful New Year’s Eve with just the right amount of celebrating, and that your New Year’s Day is a pleasant one. I spent my morning with mommy and daddy and we had company over in the afternoon.

My New Year’s Eve did not go as planned. We were supposed to spend the evening at my grandparents’ house but we ended up staying at home. The area where they live got a fair bit of snow last night. It would have been an hour drive in good weather and it was decided that it would be better to stay home, rather than risk a long drive in bad weather.

I personally would have still made the trip but mommy and daddy are more cautious than I am. I like car rides and I’m always up for a good adventure. However, I don’t have a driver’s license yet so the decision wasn’t mine to make.

Baby girl sitting without assistance

So, we’re not going?

Since our plans fell through, we opted for a quiet New Year’s Eve at home. The day was spent like any other. We did our usual routine and we even managed to squeeze in a trip to the grocery store, so I still got to enjoy a car ride.

In the evening we watched a movie and then I had a nap so that I could stay up late. I woke up refreshed and we snacked on homemade banana bread while we watched the New Year’s festivities on tv. There are so many to choose from, but we eventually decided on the one from New York. That’s where we watched the countdown.

We counted along with the tv and then yelled “happy new year”. That part was very exciting. Mommy and daddy gave me big kisses and then we watched the people on tv do their celebrating. They were noisy and very messy. Making noise and making a mess happen to be two of my favourite activities.

That's where it all happened!

That’s where it all happened!

Mommy was right all along. My worrying about making the new year feel welcome was for nothing. It turns out that you don’t really have to do anything to welcome the new year. It will come whether you’re ready for it, or not.

New Year’s isn’t about bringing about the new year. It’s about being there to witness its arrival. No matter where we are or what we do, we are not participants but rather spectators. The only thing left for us to do is to reflect on the past year while looking forward to the next.

I had a great year and I hope that you did too. I gained control over my unruly limbs and figured out how to use my voice. I learned how to eat solid foods and how to drink from a sippy cup all by myself. My manual dexterity has greatly improved and I can even pincer grip objects. I learned how to sit by myself and how to stand and take my first steps. My year was a productive one.

This year my goal is to learn how to speak using real words so that I can tell mommy and daddy what I want. I would also like to figure out how to walk without holding onto furniture so that I can be free to explore the whole house. Another one of my goals for the new year is to finally catch up with the cats so that I can touch at least one of them.

New Year card with fireworks

I have a good feeling about the new year. It is my wish that you all have a marvelous year filled with sweet and brilliant things. I hope that you reach every goal that you set for yourselves and that doing so brings you a great sense of fulfilment and joy. May 2017 be the year that you shine brighter than ever before.

Happy New Year!


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