A Peachy Christmas: Part Two

Today is boxing day, which means that Christmas is officially over. I hope you had a marvelous time with people who love you. My Christmas was amazing! I had a great time and I can’t wait to do it again next year.

We began our celebrations on Christmas Eve as per our family tradition. It was a very busy day from the moment I got out of bed. That morning daddy came to my room to get me ready for the day. After a diaper change I was ready to head downstairs for my breakfast, as I do every morning.

When I got downstairs, I quickly noticed that we had visitors. As usual, everyone wanted to see me and I had to begin my day by doing my rounds and visiting with each person in turn. I was being patient and friendly with everyone even though this was upsetting my morning routine

Next, everyone wanted to take pictures with me in front of the Christmas tree. I was being passed around and there was a lot of commotion as each person tried to get into position by the tree. I was beginning to wonder if breakfast was ever going to happen and I was starting to lose my patience.

That’s when mommy came to the rescue. She whisked me away into the kitchen and got me safely secured in my high chair. I knew this meant breakfast was moments away. Strangely, while I was eating people came over to say goodbye and wish me a merry Christmas.

By the time breakfast was over it was just me with mommy and daddy. Was that it? Was Christmas over? I was starting to think I missed most of it by getting up too late. That would have been disappointing.

When mommy started pulling out mountains of food from the refrigerator, I knew Christmas was just getting started. I sat in the kitchen watching my video on the tablet while mommy cooked and daddy cleaned. Sometimes mommy would get me to taste something she was making. I’m always the taste tester and I’m very good at my job.

Next it was time to get dressed. That’s when I realized that between getting up late and all the cooking and tasting, I had missed my nap. Surprisingly, I was feeling pretty good and ready for the party. Mommy helped me put my red Christmas dress on and I was all set.

Traditional Christmas Eve dinner

Dinner is served

Soon the food was ready and a different set of visitors had arrived. After our usual greetings, we found ourselves sitting around the table and ready to eat. I am now big enough to eat what everyone else is having. Mommy fed me bits of fish, cauliflower, brussels sprouts, carrot, and corn. Then I ate some green beans by myself. They were long and wobbly and I enjoyed playing with them.

After dinner there was desert. I ate a bit of cake but I was pretty stuffed already and after two mouthfuls I decided that I had enough. I sat in my high chair watching everyone else eat. Then the strangest thing happened. While listening to the hum of the conversation, I must have drifted off for a snooze because the next thing I remember, I woke up still in my high chair with a blanket wrapped around me.

That’s when mommy took me out of the high chair and we all went into the livingroom. We opened a couple of presents and then mommy put me on the floor to play. I demonstrated my standing abilities to everyone by walking along the edges of the furniture and visiting everyone I could reach. All the guests were amazed.

Baby girl in a red dress standing on her own

I’m a big girl

It was getting pretty late and people began to leave. Once everyone was gone, mommy changed me into my pajamas and I investigated the presents I got. While I was busy with that, mommy and daddy cleaned up. Soon after, it was time for my oatmeal, followed by some relaxing time on the couch. Then it was bedtime and since I was pretty tired, I didn’t fuss about it.

The next day was Christmas and although I was excited, I slept in pretty late. It was probably all the partying the night before. Luckily, Christmas day was much more relaxing. No visitors that day. Just mommy, daddy, and I hanging out at home.

When I got up, mommy dressed me in my special Christmas pajamas and we went downstairs. After a quick breakfast, it was time for the best part of Christmas. Presents! Mommy put me down by the tree and let me pick which present I would start with. I chose a flat looking rectangular one.

Baby opening Christmas presents

I want this one!

Daddy got it started for me and then I unwrapped it all by myself. That present turned out to be a book! I like books and it was fun to be surprised. I kept unwrapping present after present for at least an hour. There were a lot of presents to open. I got toys, books, and clothes. Once everything was unwrapped, I got to play with my new stuff until nap time.

When I woke up again it was time for dinner. We were supposed to have turkey but ended up eating leftovers instead. There was a lot to choose from but I was happy to have the same things that I had the day before. It was tasty and I ate everything that mommy put on my plate.

In the evening I got to play with my new stuff again. Then mommy, daddy, and I watched Christmas movies. I drifted off for a nap during one of the movies, but that’s ok. It was a laid back kind of day and all three of us found it very relaxing.

That’s how I spent my second Christmas. Although Christmas is technically over, there is still more fun to be had. The tree and decorations are still here and just as pretty as they were before. I’ve been busy all day with my new toys and the turkey is almost ready. It smells yummy. I already know that I like turkey because I had some for Thanksgiving. I can’t wait to have some again.

Christmas is a lot like Thanksgiving but bigger, and there are presents. Next year I plan on figuring out what Santa Claus is all about. I hear people talking about this Santa but I haven’t been able to figure out how Santa fits into Christmas. I have a year to formulate a plan. I better get to work.


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