A Peachy Christmas: Part One

It’s almost time to celebrate Christmas. I am so excited! The buildup to Christmas has been busy, intense, and filled with anticipation. Just the finishing touches left now. We’re in the home stretch and I can’t wait to see how it will unfold!

We have a very busy weekend planned. It will be full of family gatherings and an equal helping of relaxing family fun at home with just the three of us. I will not be writing a new post this weekend as I need a bit of a break with mommy and daddy.

I will be celebrating with my family at home, but I also want to include my blogging family this holiday season. Therefore, I am doing a two-part post starting today. The second part will be posted on Monday and I will be sharing all of my experiences with you. This post is all about our holiday preparations.

Baby asleep in a car seat

Christmas preparations are exhausting!


Christmas requires a surprisingly large amount of decorations. I couldn’t begin to describe the countless bins that daddy has been bringing down from the attic. It all started with the outdoor decorations. Then it spread inside throughout the house.

There are garlands, bows, and lights all over the place. Everywhere I look I see something that wasn’t there before. We have stockings on the mantle with a garland above. Garlands on the railing going upstairs with lights buried underneath red and gold decorations.

There are Christmas tablecloths, napkins, and towels. Christmas cards displayed with care. Even Christmas inspired dishes have shown up. Centerpieces on every table along with figurines, candles, and trinkets in every empty space.

Of course the most dramatic change is the Christmas tree in the living room. Mommy, daddy, and I bought a real tree on Monday. Since then it has been adorned with lights, ribbons, and glass ornaments. It’s very pretty but mommy won’t let me touch it.


It has come to my attention that there is music made specifically for Christmas. I didn’t notice it at first but it seems that it has been playing on the radio since the beginning of December. Every time mommy and daddy decorate we listen to Christmas music.

This music has also been plying in the car. In the last couple of weeks we have been driving around a lot. There are many places that need to be visited for Christmas to be successful.


One of the main reasons for all this driving has been all the shopping. It started with buying presents, then the tree, and today we began shopping for food. Almost every day this week we have been out and about for one reason or another. Seems to me that everyone else has been doing the same as everywhere we go we see a lot of people.


On Saturday we will be hosting dinner. That requires food which we started buying today. Mommy says we can’t buy it any earlier than that or it won’t be fresh. Tomorrow we will buying more food. I wonder what we will be making.

Mommy says she has the menu all figured out and that all the cooking will be done on Saturday. If Thanksgiving is any indication of what’s coming, it will be a busy morning. I’ll probably be required to do the taste testing again, but I don’t mind. It’s a fun job even though it’s very important and a great deal of responsibility.


All this time that we’ve been shopping for presents, I never realized that some of those presents will be for me! Not only are mommy and daddy buying me presents, other people will be bringing presents for me as well. I know because I heard mommy telling people to buy me gifts from my Toys R Us gift registry.

There’s more! Apparently, there is a person called Santa Claus who will be bringing presents for me too! Mommy said that we could go to the mall to meet this Santa Claus but we didn’t go this year. It has simply been too busy. Mommy says we will definitely go next year. I’m not sure how I feel about this but at least I have a year to prepare for the encounter.


This weekend we have all sorts of parties and gatherings planned. I have a special Christmas dress picked out so that I can look extra pretty. I’m not sure where I’ll be going, or who I’ll be seeing, but I know family and friends will be expecting me to make an appearance. It makes sense that people want to see me since they will be showering me with presents.

These are some of the preparations that have been made so far. Tomorrow is a busy day full of finishing touches and last minute planning. It’s sure to be a full day. After that is Christmas Eve and the celebrations begin. I can’t wait!

Join me on Monday and I’ll let you know how my Christmas turned out. I hope you and your families have a joyous Christmas season. Happy holidays to you all.


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