A Changed World

Now that I’m up and about on my own steam, I have a great deal more freedom. I have been using that freedom to discover new things about my surroundings. I have developed a great interest in exploration and I go on adventures every day. The more I learn, the more I realize how much is still unknown to me.

As I develop new skills, I am able to explore even further. I am always discovering and learning new things about my world. This new-found understanding of how things work has opened up new possibilities for me which allows me to explore in ways that have never occurred to me before.

I understand that if I stand on my tippy toes I can reach a little further. I have developed the ability to open and close things. I know that objects can often be moved if I apply enough force to them. I have learned that smaller objects can sometimes be manipulated into bigger objects. Most importantly, I have realized that persistence often yields results.

My surroundings have been opening up new opportunities every day and I was on the road to mastery over my world. Then something unexpected happened. Doors I was able to open were now unopenable. Objects I could reach were completely unreachable or simply gone. Things I could push over or slide across the floor would no longer budge.

Baby trying to open a cupboard with a child proof lock

This used to open!

Most disappointing of all, the flap on one of the boxes underneath the tv would no longer open for me. Just the day before it occurred to me that I could probably get one of my toys in there. If only I had acted on that thought one day earlier I would have been able to test my theory.

I can’t figure out what happened or where I went wrong. My persistence doesn’t allow me to give up and I still try to open those doors, push those unmovable objects, and reach the unreachable things. So far my persistence has been in vain. No progress has been made.

Along with continuous attempts at regaining control where it has been lost, I have also been exploring further and examining new things. Sometimes I find something brand new and other times I find a new way to play with something that I already know.

The setbacks didn’t stop after the initial event. Occasionally when find something new, it no longer works the way it did the next time I go back to it. Sometimes the discovery is still there but has been altered somehow. Other times the new thing is just gone.

This phenomenon has been quite the conundrum for me. I have gone so far as to resort to asking mommy and daddy for help. Inexplicably, they do nothing to remove these new obstacles for me. In fact, mommy and daddy appear to be completely accepting of this development. Their attitude in this regard has me baffled even more than the constant adjustments being made to my surroundings.


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