The Thing I Found in My Mouth

There is something in my mouth and I can’t spit it out! It’s hard, sharp, and firmly stuck right in the middle of my lower gum. I’m not sure where it came from and I have no idea how it got in my mouth. I don’t know what it is but I’m sure it wasn’t always in there.

It all started back in September when I began to have a strange itchy feeling in my gums. The feeling gradually became more uncomfortable. Then one day, a small bump appeared right where the funny feeling was. Within a couple of days, the bump developed a sharp point. A few days later a second bump appeared right next to the first one.

By October I had two sharp bumps in there. At first I didn’t pay much attention to them. They were small and somehow they made the uncomfortable feeling in my gums feel better. However since then, the sharp bumps have been getting bigger.

I can feel them in my mouth every time I move my tongue forward. I do the sensible thing and I try to push them out, but the sharp bumps are really stuck in there. I have even resorted to getting my hands in there, but the sharp bumps don’t budge even when I use my trusty pincer on them. I’m running out of ideas and the two sharp bumps remain firmly wedged in my mouth and are growing bigger every day.

Baby smiling and showing two first teeth

Do you see them in there?

Lately mommy has gotten involved and she is trying to help me out. Mommy’s idea is to dislodge the sharp bumps with a bristly stick. Every night before bedtime mommy patiently works away at the two sharp bumps by rubbing the bristly stick all over them. I sit patiently with my mouth open while mommy does her best, but so far there has been no success.

When mommy gets tired, she lets me try the bristly stick for a bit. I swish it around left and right and then I try biting down on it. Next I swish up and down, and then side to side again. No change! The two sharp bumps are still in there and just as stuck as ever.

Now I’m getting that funny itchy feeling in my top gum. I’m afraid to even explore that area of my gums because I’m worried that I’ll find another invader in my mouth. Are more sharp bumps about to adhere themselves there? What’s going on in my mouth? Where are these sharp bumps coming from and more importantly, how do I get them to go away?

January 15, 2017

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22 thoughts on “The Thing I Found in My Mouth

  1. Aw bless! It must be so awful for them when they’re teething. My youngest is cutting a few right now, she’s really feeling it! That picture is so cute! Thanks so much for linking up to #Blogstravaganza, it’d be great to see you again next week xx

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    • Peachy is incredibly tough. She surprises me all the time. She rarely cries when something hurts. Mainly she cries when she doesn’t get her way.

      The only way I know she has a tooth coming is because she tends to lose her appetite around that time. Next thing I know, I see that bump forming on her gum and then a tooth pops out!

      Thanks for reading. I hope that tooth doesn’t give your little one too much trouble.


  2. Oh lovely. You can exchange them for cash one day. Have you met the tooth fairy yet? LOL
    I love seeing babies with their bottom two teeth, it’s the cutest. My son decided to sprout them all at once though. He had 8 teeth by 7 months! He keeps his mouth firmly closed tight when I try to clean them though! Hope he’s not having too much trouble with the teething xx #sharingthebloglove

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    • Have a way to go before Peachy can be introduced to the tooth fairy. But it’s going to be cute when the time comes.

      So far she has three teeth and we haven’t had much issue with the teething. Peachy is a tough girl. As for the brushing, I use a soft silicone brush. The first time I tried it, Peachy just figured it was food so the mouth opened. She was surprised by the brushing motion but now she knows what to expect. She’s very cooperative with the brushing, but the tongue tends to get in the way.

      Thanks for visiting.


  3. Aww, teeth are strange things, aren’t they? I love how babies look with just their two front teeth though, it’s so cute! Sounds like Peachy is much better about having her teeth brushed than my son ever was – we still battle with it now and he has a full set! Thanks for joining us at #SharingtheBlogLove

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    • Peachy has three teeth now and yesterday I spotted the fourth about halfway out. No wonder she has been so fussy about mealtime lately. Peachy is pretty good with her tooth brushing but these days she insists that she can do it herself. I keep insisting that I do the brushing first and then she can try, but she is getting more and more impatient for her turn. Thanks for reading.


    • The secret is to take a lot of pictures. I mean a LOT of them. I set my camera to take 10 consecutive shots every time I press the button. Then I keep pointing and pressing. After that it’s just a matter of sorting through the thousands of shots to find something useful. Thanks for reading.


    • Brushing is important. Peachy has been doing great with letting me brush her teeth but now she’s got a new tooth coming out and she doesn’t like me brushing around it. Can’t say I blame her. It would be a lot easier to be gentle if she wasn’t thrashing around so much. Thanks for reading.


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