Peachy’s First Sniffles

Today is the latest that I have every published my regular post. I feel the need to apologize to my regular readers but please, hear me out. For the first time ever, I am sick. Mommy and daddy are sick as well. The flu has invaded our home!

It all began about a week ago when mommy started feeling a bit under the weather. The following day, daddy began to exhibit symptoms as well. With both mommy and daddy not feeling well, it’s been up to me to hold down the fort.

Two days ago, the flu caught up with me as well. I haven’t been sleeping well because of a dreadful cough and my nose is all stuffed up. Mommy has been giving me orange juice and chicken soup but she tells me only time will make me good as new again. I have been waiting but it hasn’t been easy.

The flu is a dreadful thing to experience, especially for someone who has never had to deal with one before. The fever was hard to cope with but luckily that symptom has subsided this evening. The cough and runny nose are still giving me a great deal of trouble and I must admit that they are putting me in a bad mood.

Worst of all, because mommy and daddy are sick with the flu right alongside me, there is nobody around to take care of us. We’re all doing only the essentials until we’re back to our old selves. Mommy complains that the house has become disorderly, daddy has been unable to go to work, and I’m falling behind in my playtime activities.

We have been cooped up in the house and mostly curled up on the couches. That part hasn’t been all bad. I like it when the three of us are together and I love to watch tv. Under normal circumstances mommy and daddy limit my tv watching to just the evenings. The flu outbreak has made all of us too tired to do much of anything else. It has given me the rare opportunity to catch up on my shows.

I hope you will be able to forgive me for this post. Both in regards to the delay and the content. I usually prefer to post something helpful, humorous, or insightful. Today I am simply too exhausted to put in the required effort.

Baby dressed up in yellow dress with purple flowers

A photo of better days

To compensate I am including one of my favourite recent photos. Soon I will be this cheerful baby again and I can get back to my usual mood and my writing. I will work on a speedy recovery so that I can be back as my usual self on Wednesday. Take care of yourselves dear readers so that you don’t catch anything this cold and flu season.


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