The Tickle Monster

One of my favourite games to play is the tickle monster game.You are probably familiar with it. It’s a very popular game. That’s not surprising seeing how much fun it is to play.

The rules of the game are pretty simple. The tickle monster comes to tickle me and I have to try to stop the tickles from happening. I can try to prevent the tickles, or I can try to stop them once they have already begun. It’s much easier to prevent them. Once the tickles have started it’s difficult to keep your wits about you.

This is a two person game. One person is the tickle monster and the other person is me. The tickle monster can use its hands to do the tickling, but it’s much more fun when the tickle monster uses its mouth. Those are the tickliest tickles of them all.

Giggling baby

The tickle monster is coming!

Both mommy and daddy have played the role of the tickle monster at various times. Mommy is pretty good at it but daddy’s face scruff makes it so much more tickly! Whenever I play the game with daddy I giggle, shriek, and kick my feet.

It’s not just the tickles themselves that make it fun. It’s also the anticipation of the tickles. The tickle monster goes left but I block with my arm. I let out a bit of a giggle. The tickle monster goes low and I launch a foot. I’m having fun and I giggle some more.

The tickle monster fakes right, then up high, and finally goes in on the left and nibbles my rib. I shriek and try to wiggle out of the way. I kick my feet and roll onto my tummy but the tickle monster plants a raspberry on my back. That tickles!

The tickle monster backs off to catch its breath. I roll onto my back again ready for the next wave of tickles. The tickle monster looks at me and I know it’s coming. I giggle as I bring up my arms and get ready to defend my tickly bits. Here come the tickles!


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