My One Year Checkup

Yesterday I had my 12 month checkup with my doctor. Most of the appointment went well. We didn’t have to sit around in the waiting room for very long. The last time we had a long wait and I was starting to get uncomfortable, but yesterday we were called in almost immediately.

As usual, my doctor was pleasant and friendly. I like her. She has different hair and I like to look at it. Mommy says that her hair is curly. I don’t have much experience with that. All I know is that I find her hair fascinating.

My weight and measurements were perfect as always. Up to my six month appointment I was always slightly below average in my weight and height. As of my nine month appointment I have been slightly above average in both regards. Mommy says that means I had a growth spurt.

Baby in a crib with legs crossed

This is me waiting to grow.

My development checklist shows that I’m doing pretty well. I’m a very physically active baby. My standing and crawling abilities are superb. My social skills are developing very well. I am friendly, playful, and curious just as I should be.

One area that I need to work on is my words. I talk a lot but apparently I’m not saying the right things. I know how to say “Mama” and “Dada” but I don’t always say them at the right time. I know what some words mean, such “food” and “no”, but I’m not very good at following simple commands such as “go get pink elephant”.

My doctor recommends that mommy and I read more. I like reading and I have no problem following this recommendation. Mommy, daddy, and I also need to talk more. I like that too. One of my favourite activities is sitting on the couch and having conversations. Especially now that I’m a big girl.

The worst part of the appointment was the needles. Once again those evil nurses attacked me with their sharp instruments. This time they poked me in the arms instead of the legs. There were three pokes! It was awful. I cried and screamed. Mommy seemed distressed by it too and that didn’t help me feel calm.

After this terrible ordeal mommy and daddy took turns comforting me but it took a while for me to calm down. I was frightened and my arms hurt. We were having such a nice visit with my doctor until that incident. Those nurses always ruin everything.

My next appointment is in three months. That’s a long time away. Hopefully those awful nurses will be gone by then. I can’t imagine them hanging around the doctor’s office for three months. I’m sure they’ll be gone home to their mommies long before my next visit.

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