Peachy’s Big Day: Part Two

It’s official. I am one year old! I am truly a big girl now. Strangely, I feel no different today than I did last week. With all the build up to my birthday, I was expecting a major life change.

The day of my birthday was very busy for mommy and daddy. This means that for a large part of the day, I was left to my own devices. Right after breakfast, mommy and daddy went to work in the kitchen and I got to watch my favourite video.

The next order of business was my bath. Mommy washed me in the kitchen while daddy continued with the birthday party preparations in the living room. After my bath it was time for a snack and my first nap. I slept in my crib for a couple of hours and woke up feeling very refreshed.

When I came back downstairs, I discovered that we had visitors. Everyone looked very busy but each person took some time to come over to me and wish me a happy birthday. My playpen got moved to a central location between the kitchen and living room. I don’t particularly like to be in there by myself for prolonged periods of time, but it wasn’t so bad because there was a lot to observe and someone would come over to talk to me for a bit quite often.

As my party drew near, it was time for mommy and I to get ready. We went upstairs and I watched while mommy got dressed. Then it was my turn. After a diaper change, it was time for my stockings. Mommy and I were both surprised at how easy they went on and at how comfortable they were. I had no issues with them at all. Next I put on my fancy dress, then my flower headband, and finally my dress shoes.

Baby in a party dress, headband, and shoes.

I’m ready for my party!

Mommy and I went back downstairs and I discovered that there were now balloons floating in the air everywhere. I like balloons and I enjoyed watching them. There was also a lot of commotion as people were carrying boxes and bags out of the house.

I observed all this activity while mommy got my jacket on and strapped me into my car seat. Next I watched a parade of balloons pass by and float out the door. Finally, it was my turn. Mommy, daddy, and I got into our car and we travelled to our party venue. I could sense the excitement in the air.

When we arrived some of our guests were already there and they were helping to set out the food and put up the decorations. After greeting my guests I took a look around and I noticed something familiar. There were ducks everywhere! My party theme was based on The Five Little Ducks which is my favourite song. I saw lily pads, water lily flowers, and the ducks of course.

Lily pad and flower birthday party decorations made out of tissue paper

Mommy made the decorations!

Once everyone arrived, and I greeted them all, it was time to eat. Mommy and daddy had prepared a pasta buffet with a salad bar, along with fruit and birthday cake for dessert. Mommy fed me my dinner and then I ate some small pieces of fruit.

After dinner there was some time to socialize. I was the centre of attention and it didn’t bother me one bit. Since I was feeling social, mommy let other people hold me and I didn’t mind. Best of all, I got to meet a few other babies. I found that very exciting and the other babies seemed excited to see me too.

At the end of the evening it was time for birthday cake. Daddy held me and mommy lit the candle. That’s when a very strange thing happened. Everyone started singing! They were all standing around the table and singing right at me. I found it peculiar but it didn’t upset me.

After the song, mommy and daddy blew out the candle together and they said they each made a wish for me. Apparently, you’re supposed to blow out the candles on your cake when it’s your birthday, but I don’t know how to do that yet. Good thing that mommy and daddy were there to help me out.

Bear for guests to sign and ducky centre pieces.

Guests signed a bear instead of a card.

Everyone ate some cake, including me, and shortly afterwards the party began to break up. Mommy said I was a very good girl and that she was proud of me because I didn’t cry or fuss all night. I was however starting to get tired, so mommy and I left while daddy stayed behind to clean up and bring our stuff home.

When we got home mommy changed my diaper and dressed me in my comfy pajamas. I had some milk and I was ready for a nap. I slept for a long time. Partying is exhausting. By the time I got up the house was pretty much back to the way it usually is.

After a little while I noticed that the balloons were back and still hovering in the air. Beneath the balloons was a large pile of presents! In all the excitement of the evening, I had forgotten about my gifts. I got to open a couple of them that night before bedtime and try them out. The rest had to wait for the next day. A little Peach can only do so much playing in one day.


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