Peachy’s Big Day: Part One

Tomorrow is a very special day. It’s my birthday! I’ve never had a birthday before. This will be my very first birthday ever! Mommy says this means I will be one year old. I’m practically an adult!

A birthday is something that happens once every year. It is a day to celebrate one’s appearance in the world. A birthday is very special, but a first birthday comes only once in a lifetime. To celebrate my big day, mommy and daddy are throwing me a birthday party.

The party planning has been underway for a couple of months. As the big day approached, we got busier and our birthday arrangements became a part of our days. Now that we are only one day away, our lives have become a frenzy of birthday preparations.

Much of the party details have been accomplished during my naps. I suspect some aspects may have been deliberately withheld from me. It’s almost as if birthdays have an element of surprise to them. I will share with you what I know so far and the rest I will reveal on Sunday when I have all of the information.

Baby on a change table in Christmas pajamas

I used to be much smaller!

The Venue

Mommy and daddy rented a room at the community centre for my party. We went there last week to see the place and get a better feel for the room. It’s a large space with big windows and a glass wall to the hallway. Not very private but large, bright, and close to the front door.

The community centre is conveniently located within walking distance of our house. This is nice because we have a lot of stuff to bring over and multiple trips will be required. It’s also good to know that home is nearby in case I decide that I’ve had enough partying for one night.


Our venue has no restrictions as to what decorations we put up, as long as we don’t cause any permanent damage. I helped mommy and daddy on the many shopping trips for party supplies. We have a lot of decorations.

There are banners, streamers, and fancy paper decorations. We are getting a helium tank to blow up 100 balloons! I love balloons. Mommy said she is making a lot of the decorations, but I haven’t seen any of those yet. I guess those are part of the surprise.


We are expecting around 30 people consisting of family and friends. Our venue can hold a maximum of 45 so we should be fine even if more people come than we expect. The invitations that we sent included wishlists I created at a couple of my favourite stores. Apparently, guests are supposed to bring presents to a birthday party. I’m going to have a lot of presents!

The Food

Yesterday we went out to pick up all of the produce, bread, and a few items we previously forgot. Today is when the majority of the cooking happens. I have been very busy helping mommy in the kitchen. Right after breakfast mommy and I began prepping the food for my party. I took up my usual task of taste tester. It’s a very important job.

My Outfit

I have my outfit all picked out and ready to go. The dress was purchased first. It’s a very pretty party dress and I’m sure I’ll look like a little princess when I wear it. Mommy said that I have to wear stocking with my dress because it’s cold. I have never worn stockings before but I’m keeping an open mind. An outfit isn’t really an outfit without accessories. I have a headband and shoes to finish off my look. Can’t wait to show it off tomorrow!

Those are the party preparations that I have been able to observe. Mostly these involved outings to various stores. I have a feeling that there are more surprises behind this party than I am aware of. I’ll have to wait until tomorrow to find out what they are.


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