The Sleepy Song

Regular readers of my blog would know that I am a super sleeper and I have been sleeping through the night since I’ve been two months old. Nights in my crib pose no issue for a super sleeper like me. On the other hand, naps have always been more problematic. I don’t want to miss out on any daytime fun and everybody knows that big girls don’t nap.

The issue of naps has always been a source of disagreement between mommy and I. We are both rational ladies and we have approached this problem with diplomacy and negotiation. In the spirit of compromise, I take my first nap in my room, and mommy lets me take my second nap downstairs. I may not sleep as well or as long, but I am confident that fun isn’t happening without me.

I have accepted this arrangement, but I still need help falling asleep for those naps. It’s mommy’s job to get me comfortable and relaxed so that I can have a successful nap. First, I have a snack of milk. Next, mommy bundles me up in my favourite soft and fuzzy blanket. Then mommy gives me my pacifier, holds me close, and rocks me steadily.

Baby in crib with fuzzy blanket.

Is it nap time?

At this point I’m usually feeling calm and relaxed, but not necessarily sleepy. That’s when mommy sings me my special lullaby that she made up just for me. She sings it over and over again until I can’t keep my eyes open. I find the repetition soothing. Gradually the song gets softer and slower as I fall asleep.

I would like to share my lullaby with you. Maybe you can use it the next time you can’t sleep. Don’t forget your soft blanket to get the full effect. I also recommend a pacifier and a hug from someone who makes you feel safe and loved.

I’m a baby bundle.

A sleepy little bundle.

I just want a little snooze

to chase away the blues.

I need help from mommy.

She makes me warm and comfy.

Mommy sings a lullaby.

I close my eyes and sigh.


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