Furry Feet

Warm summer days have been replaced by cold days of autumn. No more playing in the sun on my blanket in the backyard. No more watching the big kids splash around at the water park. Our walks to the store have been replaced by drives to the store.

The effects of the changing weather don’t stop at our activities. With colder weather comes a brand new wardrobe. My sleeveless one piece suits and strappy sandals have been replaced with long-sleeved tops, pants, and fuzzy slippers. That’s what this post is all about. My brand new fuzzy slippers.

Does anyone like having cold feet and toes? I doubt that anyone does and neither do I. On those really chilly days when socks alone won’t do the job, I wear my favourite fuzzy slippers. They keep me toasty warm in comfort and style.

Baby wearing Claw Boot Style Slippers by George

I have furry feet!

My favourite slippers are the Claw Boot Style Slippers by George. They are white and super fuzzy with adorable brown felt claws. They transform my tiny feet into big and fluffy paws. Mommy tells me they look very cute on me. I rather like them too.

My slippers have a loose elastic around the ankle which makes them really easy to slide onto my feet. Mommy doesn’t have to wrestle my kicking limbs into these slippers. They go on easier than socks. That’s a feature that both mommy and I enjoy.

These slippers have several others nice features. They are quite roomy with ample space for all of my toes. Nobody likes to have their feet squished. They are just as soft on the inside as they are on the outside which I certainly appreciate. The soles have clever non-skid grip which comes in very handy for me these days. Perhaps most importantly, these slippers really do keep my feet very warm.

Mommy bought my slippers at Walmart for less than $10. I don’t know if that’s a lot but mommy tells me that it’s a fairly good deal for a slipper that I can get some good use out of. I do use them quite often these days. Mommy likes that these slippers can withstand machine washing. I have a talent for making things grimy.

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