The Thing That Wasn’t a Box

I found something! It was sitting on the coffee table and I grabbed it. Usually when I do that mommy takes my treasure away, but this time she let me hold on to it for a while. This gave me the opportunity to examine what I found.

I turned it this way and that way to get a good look from all angles. It was rectangular and covered in pictures. It was smooth and solid to the touch. It was not very heavy and I could easily wave it in the air over my head. It didn’t have a distinct flavour but when I chewed it for a while, it left a funny aftertaste in my mouth. Not very tasty. Probably not food.

I put it down in front of me and sat back to see what it would do. It doesn’t do anything. I gave it a good smack with the palm of my hand and it made a loud thwack. I liked that. I spent some time trying to see what kind of sound I could get out of it.

I was starting to think that this object must be a simple box. I must have smacked it too vigorously because at one point, it flipped over. That’s when I noticed that one side had a hole in the middle. I tried to stick my hand in that hole but something stopped me. There was definite resistance. This is no box!

Baby playing with a tissue box

That’s peculiar.

I took a closer look and realized this wasn’t just a hole. It was in fact a different kind of surface. It was not covered in pictures, or smooth, or solid. It had even less flavour and it didn’t make a thwack when I smacked it. I had never seen anything like it before.

It was almost invisible and kind of squishy. Not the kind of squishy like pieces of banana when I squeeze them in my fists. More like the plastic bags that my snacks come in. I poked at it for a while, and then suddenly, it ate my hand!

I flailed and I flailed but it wouldn’t get off my hand. It was definitely stuck in there. Mommy saw my struggle and she came over to help. With a bit of maneuvering my hand was free. I must admit that I was a bit relieved to have my hand back.

Sparkles & Stretchmarks Sunday Best
January 15, 2017

6 thoughts on “The Thing That Wasn’t a Box

    • She sure did. I spend so much money on toys for her but she gets more enjoyment out of random objects she discovers on her own. One of her favourite toys is one half of the plastic container inside the jumbo Kinder Surprise eggs.

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