Song of the Jailbird

I have been imprisoned! I sit alone within the confines of my jail cell wondering if I’ll ever be free again. To the best of my knowledge I have committed no offence. Is it a crime to be baby? I can’t help being what I am.

My only companions during my confinement are my stuffed animals and you, my dear readers. I am very grateful for your company. Knowing that you’re out there makes me feel much less alone and gives me hope that one day fate will bring me back among you again.

Perhaps I can do a little more than hope. Maybe fate needs a little push in the right direction. Could I possibly expedite my freedom and escape the confines of this prison? If I am to succeed, I’m going to need a plan.

First I’ll need to wiggle over to the edge of my cell and get a good look around. I need to be nonchalant about it as people do walk by somewhat frequently. I see daddy approaching and I quickly fake great interest in one of my toys. He walks by and I breathe a sigh of relief.

I get my hands up on the top of my cell and pull myself to my knees. I look right, then left, and then right again to make sure that the coast is clear. No sign of anyone. Time to make my move.

Baby trying to get out of a playpen

Just being a good girl over here.

The next part is a bit tricky. I need to get up onto my feet. I place one foot down and test it to make sure it is flat on the ground. It seems like it is making good contact although the sensation is peculiar. So far so good. I pull up with my arms and push with my foot and my tush starts to come up off the ground. It’s working! I’m going to get myself out of here.

My excitement gives me the wobbles and I plunk back down on my tush with a thud. Daddy comes rushing around the corner to investigate the source of the sound. I look up at him innocently and flash a smile. He looks sceptical but accepts my innocence and ducks back behind the corner.

I wait a moment to make sure that daddy is gone and the I get into position for a second attempt. I have a good feeling about this one. I push and pull and my efforts pay off. I find myself standing on my feet! I hold on to the side of my cell for support and bask in my triumph.

My elation is short-lived as I realize that I did not think out my plan in its entirety. I find myself without a clue as to what my next step should be. As I stand there thinking about my conundrum, I fail to notice the sudden appearance of mommy and daddy.

“Sweet Peach! Did you do that all by yourself?” Mommy asks.

I get startled a little and plunk back down again. I should be worried that mommy saw my attempt at escape but I am secretly happy to see her.

“It looks like it’s time to lower your playpen and crib.” Daddy exclaims.

Daddy takes a close look at the mechanism of my prison while mommy scoops me up in her arms. I voice my displeasure at being imprisoned for all that time. Mommy claims it was only 5 minutes but I’m sure it was at least 10.

Run Jump Scrap!
January 18, 2017

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